More Retroness

Whew, I finally finished decorating 109 Cypress Avenue! Pics below.

A quick note first — even after packaging the lot so I can figure out what CC I used (recolors aren’t identifiable in-game), I still can’t find some stuff. I will keep trying to track it down, but in the meantime, if you get tired of waiting for me, you can always try the WCIF forum at the Sims 2 Community, either by doing a search or starting your own thread. If you do start a thread, however, make sure you upload my pics to a place like Photobucket instead of linking directly back to my pictures (also known as hotlinking). The Sims 2 Community gets a ton of traffic, as I learned the hard way when I posted some pics over there and the combined hits from that and Mt. Geneva drove up my resource usage and got my web account suspended. Eeep.

OK, now for pics! The first one is for Maddy, who wanted to see what a bedroom at 109 Cypress Avenue would look like:

Holiday Hills
Master Bedroom

Holiday Hills

Holiday Hills
Girl’s Bedroom

Holiday Hills

Not pictured: the nursery and two other bathrooms, because they’re a bit on the dull side!

15 thoughts on “More Retroness

  1. Just lovely Jen! I especially love the master bedroom and how the painting matches the bedding. I can already see myself going on a downloading spree! Where do you get your inspiration from? Btw, thanks for telling me about those collection folders, they’re a lifesaver, really make things alot easier to find.

  2. Jen- Love the house! So nice. Are youn ever planning on uploading it for others to use? Also, how do you get such great quality pictures? Im planning on starting my own story and was hoping for some pointers =)I cant get any good pics when i just use the in-game camera. Thanks! And lovelove the new ‘hood.

  3. Hey Jen!
    i was really glad too see you back! & i just got to say that your decorating skills are great!
    can’t wait for more (:

  4. Totally awesome! Where’s the download? ;) Hehe. Neat that someone attempted a typewriter. The girl’s room is WAAAAAAAAY to girly for me (Pink … *shudder*). I’m loving the office and the master bedroom. EXCELLENT job, jenba. :D

  5. Wow, the house looks AMAZING! Once again, i would love to live there, i love the girls bedroom, and the bathroom too :]

  6. Wow, great work! :) I love your decorating skills. Your pictures are always awesome and enjoyable.

    If you do not mind me asking, what graphics card/chip do you use?

  7. Where do you get all this retro cc!
    My 6 gig downloads folder isnt even quarter full yet! :P

  8. I want to stare at that house for hours. Actually, I want that house. Not for my Sims. I really want it. Especially the pink and blue bathroom!

  9. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. :-) To answer a few questions:

    Linda – For building retro stuff, I’ve been getting my inspiration from browsing the web. There are some great Flickr sets and a lovely web site called Retro Renovation which has a ton of pictures of midcentury stuff. Plus I’ve been watching Mad Men! Glad the collection folders are working for you!

    Rose – I would love to upload 109 Cypress Ave, but there are a couple of problems – the lot is so steep it doesn’t fit on the usual shoreline terrain (I’ve tried it on a few), so it would muck things up on most people’s terrains. Also, it is FULL of CC (hundreds of items) and would take me forever just to make the shopping list. However, since I want to rebuild it anyway (to put on a regular shoreline), I will likely make a version with much less CC and put that one up for download. So stay tuned! As for my pictures, check out the first question in my FAQ.

    jacqueline – I believe that cork flooring is by Living Dead Girl @ The Sims Resource, but now I can’t find it! I wonder if she took it down for some reason?? Hopefully it’ll come back up soon…(she has some excellent stuff, and all of it is FREE!)

    Nic – I have an Nvidia GeForce 8800 card. I forget my other computer stats at the moment, but I can check when I get home!