More 109 Cypress Avenue

Hey folks, I’ve been having fun downloading retro stuff and working on my midcentury ‘hood, Holiday Hills. I finally finished decorating the living room/foyer and kitchen/dining room of my “modern” house at 109 Cypress Avenue, which took me forever and a day because I have too dang many downloads. Seriously — I can spend a whole hour just trying on curtains to see which ones look best. It’s a sickness. But I have to say, I enjoy it immensely.

Anyway, since I’m having so much fun with it I thought I’d share more pics of my progress. I’m slowly working on a credits page, but it’ll be awhile before it’s up and running, so please feel free to ask me where I found something if an item strikes your fancy.

And now…Jen attempts 1950s interior decorating!

Holiday Hills

Holiday Hills
Dining Room

Holiday Hills
Living Room

Holiday Hills
More living room

Holiday Hills
Yet more living room (with a little bit of the foyer beyond)

Holiday Hills
Living room with a view of the foyer

Next I want to try a downtown building with an upstairs apartment — basically a home business. And maybe I’ll build some ranches that I can upload (ones that aren’t dangling over cliffs). Aaaannnd I want to work on Fran. I need more hours in the day. Either that, or I need to figure out a way to sleep while Simming…

15 thoughts on “More 109 Cypress Avenue

  1. I’m speachless. Jen, your decorating skills blow me away, these rooms (and this house) are fantastic! I’m so glad Mt. Geneva is back. I have a confession, I’ve been lurking (ok fine, stalking) your site since way back in the Shanley legacy days, but never commented. It’s the only Sims blog that has held my interest for so long. So let me just say I LOVE everything you do, Fran is the greatest, and I’m glad to see you having fun simming again.
    Btw – with all those downloads how do you organise your catalogs in game? (I deleted most of my content because I got annoyed searching for things).

  2. Jen, this is absolutely amazing!!
    I’ve never seen a Sim house looking so fantastic and un-sim-like like yours! I’d love to have your skill and eagerness (and patience) to build things like these on my own ;).
    Pleeease keep it up!

  3. It’s so nice to see you still simming Jen!
    I just adore your ’50s decorating. It looks just fab. The colors work so well together and I look forward to any homes you build!
    Can’t wait for more updates!

  4. Your building & decorating has always astounded me. You’re amazing. Looking forward to the credits page so I can snag some of the things you have. Great job, as always! ;o)

  5. Linda – Wow, thanks for all your kind words. I’m glad my sporadic postings have held your interest for this long! As for organizing my downloads, it’s an ongoing process, but Loverat’s descriptive icons for collections help quite a bit. So far after my latest downloading spree I only have three folders sorted: rugs, exterior deco, and kitchen – wall. Sorting them can be a little bit of a pain, but I’ve found that if I create the collection folder, move it to the front of the group (in “Organize Collections”), and then just go through and fill that one folder, I can click through prettily quickly (rather than having to search for the folder every time I bring up my collections). Hope that makes sense. By the way, I love what I’ve read of your legacy so far! Your Sims have a cool, unique look about them, and you take fantastic pictures. I also appreciate your sense of humor. :-)

    EvaH – Hi there! Great to hear from you, as always. Thank you for your comment!

    cpowell – Thanks, and good to see you! I’ve visited your site; it looks awesome!

    AmyG – Thanks so much, Amy — I will get to work on that Credits page! Your Asylum Challenge is very amusing. :-D I like that it’s in first-person point-of-view. And that ninja guy cracks me up.

  6. I absolutely love those curtains that you have in the dining area. Man … this whole thing just reminds me of the Brady Bunch … and I’m seeing afros and bellbottoms and wild colors … :O) This is really great, jen. I’m loving the tour! Can’t wait to see more!

    Where’d you find that tea kettle? Does it actually pour tea?

  7. OMG those orange circle curtains remind me of the kitchen wallpaper in my first rented apartment! Memorieeeeessss
    I love it.

  8. Well, I dunno if you’re a decorator in real life, but you have such an eye ! I love this interior, it looks like Bewitched ! And I love the fifties for interior design, (that and the seventies too). I think it was such a modern period. And I love the way you mix Maxis stuff with downloaded stuff, though your computer must be so powerful (or so lagging, lol) with all the things you download ! Anyway, I’m really impressed by your work and the patience I’m sure you put in this work ! Bravo !

  9. Jen! I’m so glad your back, and the house is one of your coolest, I think. I love old retro furniture, because of all the shapes and colors. So are you posting more pics of 109 Cypress Avenue? because I would LOVE to see your idea for a bedroom!!

  10. Hey Jen i love the house and by the house i mean anything and everything in it but mostly the dinning room. My mom and i would like to know where u got it please and thank you.


  11. It’s gorgeous! It’s such a throwback. You’re the Queen of Details; everything you finish looks so realistic and finished and put-together. It’s a treat to see what you come up with. Looks like you’re having fun! :)

  12. All I have to say is “WOW”!. I love it especially the DR, the curtain’s are sooo pretty and so is the wall. Keep up the great work. =P

  13. Thanks, guys! I’m glad you’re enjoying my retro decorating. To answer a couple of questions —

    Angelia – The tea kettle is from the Lara Kitchen Set at Sims Design Avenue. It’s a donation set but can also be found in the booty. And it’s just a deco item, not usable. However, I did a search on the Sims 2 Community WCIF forum for tea kettles and found a thread on usable ones if you want to check them out.

    Meg – Hi there, the dining room consists of Maxis chairs and table with custom recolors. I’m trying to track down where I got the recolors from, but I’m having a tough time — I packaged the house so I could look at the what it contained and figure out where it came from, but those recolors don’t seem to be listed! I will keep looking for them. The drapes are Dazzle Drapes by CTNutmegger, but again, I’m not sure where I found the recolor. The Dazzle Drapes take their textures from bedding, so it was probably a bed first! I’ll keep hunting for that one, too…stay tuned.