Plaid and Ruffles

Franchesca Diaries

Day 10, Wednesday, 8:15 PM

So how’s this for freaky? I was taking a brief jaunt around the yard last night when I saw a shadowy figure moving slowly through the trees. It appeared to have a large upside-down suction cup attached to its chest and a strange appendage emanating from its head. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was also wearing a truly hideous sweater.

Franchesca Diaries


“Shhh. I’m listening.”

“To what?”

“Them,” he said, pointing vaguely skyward.

“Oh,” was all I could manage to say. As I wandered back into the house, I mused that some things in life simply cannot be explained. One of those things happens to be my dad.

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24 thoughts on “Plaid and Ruffles

  1. Fran returns, and she’s as sassy as ever! I loved her commentary, it’s always so whacky and funny. Awesome job, Jen. I really loved the shots, too!

  2. I don’t think I read this blog in the past, but glad i’m reading it now. I really like Fran. You’re really good with this writing style, very entertaining, and of course keeps a person wanting more. ;)

    Thatcher just hasn’t a clue. I wonder if Alicia only wants to be his girlfriend, since Thatcher doesn’t seem to be paying her nearly as much attention as he was paying to Fran. Looking forward to the next entry ;)

  3. Franchesca!! How I’ve MISSED you! *tackle-huggles* I guess I’ve missed you, too, jenba. ;O)) Hehe. SO … what got you posting again? I must know?! :O)

    I wonder how sassy she’s gonna be as an adult. Teehee!!! And what IS Ms. Ambassador up to I wonder? :O)

  4. That was so great ! I discovered your old-Fran the other days, and I am so happy that you continue with her. She’s such a funny character. I wondered, will she go to university or will she became an adult instantly ? And I hope we’ll have news about Wheezy whom I love so much ! Bravo !

  5. I’m so glad that Fran is back! I hope her boss isn’t trying to brake Thatcher up with Alicia using poor Fran…And yes Fran as an adult would be quite interesting..:D

  6. Horray for the return of Fran!!

    I don’t like Alicia. Fran hasn’t done anything, so she shouldn’t be so nasty to her. But, I guess a girl can’t help it when the green-eyed monster takes over. Fran is made of awesome!

  7. A new Fran story! I needed to do some remembering, but I know who everyone is again! Thatcher is adorable, and I love Fran’s little outfits.

  8. Yeah! Fran is back! I love her swimsuit and believe it she look nice in her new outfits! Alicia and Thatcher? Not so matchy!

  9. I didn’t know Fran before, but I love her now. She has a great inner commentary and her vintage…I mean, retro…style is adorable.

  10. Ah, dads are, beyond a doubt, the strangest beings on the planet, aren’t they? Still, Fran’s seems kinda normal compared to mine! Welcome back Jen and Franchesca!

  11. Yes!

    Fran is back, and with a splash! :D

    Can’t wait for more, she always seems to get in sticky situations!

  12. Jen!
    This is Mieko.
    From a loong time ago.
    I missed your stories, I’ve been reading the old ones for something to do/inspiration.
    I actually started my own blog – though it’s not the most unique thing in the world.
    But I do like Fran’s stories. :P

  13. Yikes – I never read Franchesca back on your old blog (what a shame ;) – but since you now updated it here, I just went back to Mt Geneva and spent 2 hours yesterday reading it from scratch ;).
    And I liiiiike it! Fran ist definitely cool (and *whoot*, I’d fall for Joel too) and I’m extremely excited to see what will happen next!
    SO good work, as always!

  14. Welcome back Jen! I’m so glad to see you back to simming and writing your fabulous stories. The pictures look great as always, and I love the Fran stories! Can’t wait for more.

  15. YAY! I love Fran. She’s probably my favorite of all your stories.
    The concept, commentary, visuals, and characters are so unique! I can’t wait for your next post. :D

  16. Wow! You’re writing again! HOORAY! There must be something going around… or it must just be that time again… I’ve been bitten by the writing bug as well. It’s so great to see Fran, and even better to read your witty stories that inspire me so.