The Old Church – First Pass

The past couple of nights I have been working on another of Gnomesby’s oldest structures, the Old Church.


The Old Church has been around for as long as the Gnomers (as they like to call themselves) can remember. There is evidence that a smaller, much older structure preceded the current one, and some of the markers in the cemetery go back several ages.


The town historians believe that the church has played host to quite a few different religious groups over the years, and so when the church was refurbished recently, the aldermen and alderwomen voted to open it up to people of all faiths.


One of the aldermen, Myron Luxton, lives in the church itself and is the caretaker of the building and grounds. People think he’s a little cuckoo because he’s often seen mumbling to himself and having grand conversations with no one in particular. Perhaps he’s just having a little chit-chat with a ghost?



25 thoughts on “The Old Church – First Pass

  1. Yeah ! First to post ! This church is awesome ! I just cannot wait to see you entire hood in action, though you better take time because you’re doing great job by taking time to built things the good way ! Brava !

  2. Hey! I noticed another statue! eh!
    Maybe thats the ghost! The statue may depict a beautiful medievil woman who Myron talks to.
    Is it?
    Its a good guess if i say so myself.
    I was wondering if we could send in requests for a certian type of person to move in. We could specify hair and clothes, gender and skintone. Even religon!
    Will you please take my requests seriously.

  3. Thanks, gab75 and Belinda!

    Fraser – Myron has already been created, but if you mean other residents, then there is a possibility I might have a contest at some point, and the winner would get to create a Sim to live in Gnomesby. But as far as the other inhabitants, I enjoy making my Sims too much to give other people the job. ;-) Thanks for your feedback, though! I appreciate it.

  4. Ahhh, Jen. Another brilliant building. You really make me wish I could build, LOL! I have no idea how you do it, but I’m content to sit back and watch nonetheless.

  5. Hi jen!
    Another cool building, your so good!!

    Cant wait to read about myron !! :)

  6. Just a question, I wanted to know how do you do to find surnames for your sims. It is always so difficult for me…

  7. Thank you, Mao, Yasmin, and Lisa! My buildings aren’t very complicated to build — it’s the custom content that makes all the difference. But I’m so glad you like the end result!

    chloe – LOL, I was wondering if anyone would find it scary! It’s supposed to be a little creepy, so that’s good. :-)

    gab75 – A few great places to find surnames:

    Kleimo’s Random Name Generator
    I found almost all of my surnames by using this generator. I usually punch in a number between 25 and 35 for rarity, but it’s fun to jump around and see what comes up.

    One Great Family Surname Index
    This one is great if you have a particular letter you want the name to start with — just click on the letter and peruse the list! TONS of names listed here.

    Kate Monk’s Onomastikon
    This one is great for finding surnames (and first names!) of different nationalities. Also good for more historical-sounding names.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Thanks for those links! I knew about the first one, but not the last two.

    And wow. WOW! What a church! Man, you make me want to rebuild Tyme. Though I just could not do the same awesome job you do…

    You are such a good builder! And the alderwoman/man is a great idea. Super.


  9. Wow, all of your buildings are amazing! I’ll definitely be back here again. I could look at these pictures for hours! :)

  10. That is one gorgeous church! That last picture almost looks like a real cemetery snapshot from real life! Very quaint and full of history! I loved it!

  11. Beautiful church! The only problem with having a live-in caretaker is that its harder to go visit, thats why I generally make my churches as owned businesses.
    Will you do weddings and such here?
    There was a funeral mod up at MTS2, (by cathair, here: )
    I had it installed for a while but took it away because I think it conflicted with some other phone hack so I couldnt invite people to other parties or weddings. It was a good idea though.
    And SimDesignAvenue ( has some tombs and other useful stuff :)

  12. The church is simply amazing, the spire makes the whole building!

    I always find something new and interesting in your credits, that’s really cool of you to take the time to do.

  13. The steeple indeed is lovely, the graveyard too! So full of old stories and history, I like how they’re all different.

    And thanks for showing this beautiful custom content.. You’ve inspired me to rebuild my medieval Church. :)

    I like what you’re doing with Gnomesby, it is truly inspiring. Good luck and keep up, but take your time! It wouldn’t be half as gorgeous if you would rush it, and this way, we’d enjoy this longer and be even more satisfied when it’s all done and running, wouldn’t we? ;)

  14. I love the neighborhood so far.
    it’s beautiful. I haven’t played the sims in the longest
    because I basically need a new computer, but hopefully when I do
    get one I can be patient and learn to build nice comfortable hoods like yours.

  15. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab……. my mate!!!

    is it so difficult to find surnames for your little puppies? I thought that you were a great creative artist, doing incredibly high art studies…

    c’mon bro, stand up, and show us your amazing talents…..

  16. Hmm… so that’s how you say Spammer in French. Learn something new from you all the time, Gab! :-)

    Jen, time to install a spam filter? *grin*

  17. Yeah, sorry, I shouldn’t have answered, but that guy insulted me on my sim blog telling me that I should let his friends post that were telling me I was a mental playing at the sims and posting sims related story because it was useless. And since I deleted their comments, he chased me everywhere. Sorry Jen… BTW, I can’t wait for the next update. Is everything ok in Gnomesby ?

  18. Gab75 – It’s no problem, I wouldn’t have approved his comment, but I thought he might be a friend of yours. Sorry about that. If you want me to delete it, just say the word!

    And thanks for asking about Gnomesby. I am working on my story…I keep changing my mind, so it’s very slow-going. :-P But I am working on it!

  19. It’s not a problem, it’s only not related with your blog… And I’m glad to learn your working on it ! I will patiently wait untill the next update ! ^^