The Great Hall – First Pass

Hey, folks! I thought I’d give you the scoop on what I’ve been up to with Gnomesby lately. Mostly I’ve been researching cool stuff and downloading even cooler stuff, but tonight I finally fired up the game and did some building. I’ve decided to do what I’m calling a “first pass” of all the buildings in Gnomesby. That means exteriors only – no interiors (which is usually what takes the most time, at least for me). I have a list of all of the buildings I want in Gnomesby, but I don’t know where they’re going to be or how they’re going to fit together. So this is just a way to get a feel for how things are going to look eventually.


Tonight I worked on the heart of Gnomesby, the Great Hall. The name may change, but that’s what I’m calling it for now. It’s basically the government center of town; the aldermen and alderwomen have offices here, and there are town meetings in the Assembly Room. I may also put the Chamber of Commerce, Post Office, Historical Society, and a gift shop somewhere in here, too. Not sure how much I want to cram in there. Anyway, here’s The Great Hall:


The Great Hall is full of history. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Gnomesby, and in a former life was the palace for a noble family. Why that family abandoned the hall and left it to decay for many moons is a complete mystery to the inhabitants of Gnomesby (although many of them have their theories).


Some say the statue of the woman in front of the hall is a clue to what happened, but as the town historians spend most of their time arguing over who the heck she is in the first place, no one has been able to make much progress.


Of course, the building has been mostly renovated since its palace days and is one of the most popular destinations for Gnomesby’s many visitors.

More sneak previews on the way…(not that I’m making any promises, mind you!) ;-)

Classical Window and Door Set – macarossi @ MTS2
Rejal Set (balconies and fence lighting) – Murano @ TSR (Arrr, matey)
Old Mason Set (windows, pediments, fencing) – Holy Simoly (Donation Pack #3) (Arrr, matey)
Plastic Two-Tone Roses – Chrissy @ TS2 Creations
Banners – tiggerypum @ MTS2 (recolor of mesh by lethe_s)
Exterior Brick – konwallia @ MTS2
Outdoor Light – Avenida Sims

Still tracking down the flooring…

20 thoughts on “The Great Hall – First Pass

  1. Wow I love it. It’s old and weathered, yet still stately and elegant. If I made something old looking like that, it would end up looking like ruins.

  2. OMG ! This is amazing ! I LOVE the bronze statue and the mystery about it ! Great great work ! I can’t wait to see the other buildings but it’s a great idea to have older buildings. It gives history to your town !

  3. I always love to see what your creative brain churns out. Always a treat!
    I agree, the statue idea is intruiging.
    The flags with the blue and gold, are those Gnomesby’s colors?
    Excited to see your ideas develop!

  4. My God, Jen. Your buildings AMAZE me! The exteriors are always so life-like. I love it. The whole stone work is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  5. Looks absolutely fabulous! And the right way to do it, create some centerpieces for the hood, thats what I like to do as well. :D

  6. That’s amazing. I almost thought it was a photo of the building you may have based the Gnomesby building on, until I saw the Simmy sky in the background. Well done.

  7. Wow, Jen! Do I detect a ghost story or two lurking within the Great Hall of Gnomesby? Your building skills make me incredibly jealous ;) Oh, and Happy Easter!

  8. That’s fantastic! I love it! I also love the style you used, makes me think of the British manors we passed when we drove through Britain this summer :)

    I also love the mystery sculpture, very intriguing…

  9. Wow, thanks for all of the nice comments, you guys! I’m glad you like The Great Hall. It’s really the custom content that makes the building, I think.

    I finished the first pass of another Gnomesby landmark but need to track down the credits, so look for that one soon!

    And Katie, you asked if those were Gnomesby’s colors — they most likely will be unless I decide to customize the banners a bit. But that would be a huge project in itself since I’ve never recolored anything!

  10. Simply beautiful Jen! I love the overall design of the building! It always amazes me how you can create such versatile and distinctive buildings! I can’t wait to see the next one!

  11. The building is amazing Jen! Its really, cool, your building skills always impressed me, and they continue to. Wow, I’m in awe! Great work!

  12. You really really have the magic touch with building. I have sooo many buildings just like this, but none of them look real and yours just look *perfect*

    p.s. the arrr, matey made me laugh