Town Square Preview

I spent some time this past weekend working on Gnomesby’s town square, so I thought I’d share a few pics. It doesn’t have an official name yet, so it’s just “Town Square” for now. Exciting, eh? It’s also unfinished, but that’s OK, because this is just my first pass — I’ll go back later and tweak everything to my heart’s content. (And I can already tell this lot is going to need a TON of tweaking. Oy.)

Myron Luxton enjoys a cup of hot cocoa

So far this community lot includes a rollerskating rink (which will be switched over to an ice-skating rink in winter), espresso bar, drinks bar, vending machine (which dispenses hunger-satisfying snacks, woot!), hot chocolate machines, chess tables, numerous places to sit, restrooms, and a bandstand/stage for summer concerts and plays.


It looks a little weird now with no buildings around it (except for the Great Hall), but that will change in due time. Also, I apologize if the pics are a little dark — I fast-forwarded the game to see how the lighting would turn out and had only taken a few pictures before nightfall.

Shelter/restrooms/espresso & cocoa bar

Here I was experimenting with the fountain to see if I could light up the water with different colors. Hee.

The lonely stage.

I plan on building another 5×5 park right across the street from this one — it’s working name is Memorial Square, and it’ll be much less busy. More for quiet strolls and contemplation than activity. On the other end of Memorial Square, facing the Great Hall, will be Gnomesby’s college. Surrounding the two squares will be mostly retail and stuff like the police station and fire hall. That’s the plan, anyway.

16 thoughts on “Town Square Preview

  1. The band stage in front of the City Hall is such a great idea ! We could really have that in real life (in fact, we do have that in front of Paris City Hall sometimes). This park is perfect for young people to wander after school and try to ask someone out. But I agree that you should built a quieter park for the elder to walk quietly on Sundays afternoon. Great work !

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you managed to put to rink on an angle and build a fence around it! Does it work in live mode? Anyway, everything looks great :)

  3. gab75 – Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

    Belinda – The rink does actually work! I had Myron skate around for a bit. I forgot to take a picture of it, though. :-P

  4. Looks great Jen! I can just picture the Town Square full of simmies sitting at those cute little tables, sipping espresso and listening to a band perform! Very exciting!

  5. Oooh, very cool. I love how it looks like an extension of the Great Hall. The diagonal rink is a nice touch!

  6. Very cool Town Square! If I was a sim I would definietly want to live in Gnomesby, its absolutly goregeous!

  7. Hi Jen, I’ve been meaning to leave a comment, but I’m always to airheaded to remember. I just wanna say that your new hood is looking awesome, and I especially love the Great Hall. You have great building technique, I’m so jealous.

    Glad to see your still blogging about your simmy adventures.

  8. Oooh, this looks awesome! ^^
    Out of curiousity, the terrain and the buildings you’re making-will they be up for download sometime? They make me drool with envy with your skills and I just thought they’d look nice in my game…eh he….xP
    I absolutely LOVE the rink….squee :D

  9. I love how it looks so cozy.
    I love how you build, I don’t think I have the skills,
    Or the patience. =]

  10. wow, its really nice and beautiful. you must have spent a long time building it. anyway, i can’t wait to see more!