Hey, folks. I spent most of the day downloading stuff, deleting stuff, creating brand new Sims, and giving my old Sims some makeovers. I decided to get rid of the Rensim skintones and go back to the Maxis defaults since I’ll be moving in some even older Sims, and they’d look weird mingling with skintoned Sims. And when I say “older”, I don’t mean elderly — I mean Sims from the past. I’ll keep the question of “who?” a mystery for a little while, but you can probably guess at least one of them.

So here are the new and improved versions of the Cliffes and the Pells. What do you think?

Adrian Cliffe, Professor of Literature and Aspiring Novelist

Zara Cliffe, Coffee Connoisseur and Free Spirit

Lucky Cliffe, Cat of Leisure

Cody Pell, Artist and Musician

Maureen Pell, Aromatherapist

Cherish Pell, Sullen Teen (her old hairstyle has migrated to another Sim)

River Pell, Happy That He Isn’t Named Liberty or Silver

Sunshine “Sunny” Pell, Young Scientist

And here’s a bonus for you…this young man looks like he’s morphing into a surfboard:


So it seems we’ve gone from Levitating Hair Disease (tm Mandie) to Stretch-itis. :-P

20 thoughts on “Do-Overs

  1. Wow. Just wow. I think you need to beat that video card of yours.

    Your Sims look more like what I am used to from you. I mean, they have your “signature look” now and I like them very much.

    Good work!

  2. I Agree With Shaera, Fran!!!

    I Like Those Sims better Without The Costom Skins. :)

    Looks Like Gnombesbys Going Ok Now.

    Good Luck!

    Yasmin x

  3. They look great! I mix mine, shamelessly, lol – thinking that people come in all shapes in reality so they will in my game too. If there were a consistent set with like 15 variations and I was to start over (oh, I hope not..) I would probably go the same road as you. Mine are all genetizised and everything..

  4. Oh my goodness… what the heck is up with you and meshes?? This is insane, haha. Wow. You poor, poor lady.

    If River Pell were wearing sunglasses, I think he’d look a lot like that Aussie kid who threw the party that turned into a riot. He was the one who refused to take off his sunglasses because they were ‘famous’. Ha!

    I can’t wait to see the familiar faces you plan to have popping up. ;)

  5. “River Pell, Happy That He Isn’t Named Liberty or Silver”

    Haha. XD

    The makeovers look great, Jen! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  6. hey, Jen.

    Do you know how to make cutom headers for blogs?
    lol Great work! Keep it up!

    I can’t wait to see all the new faces :-)

  7. i’d have to say that my favorite character so far
    is Cherish Pell, I just love her EYES!!.

  8. Hmmm, so a new disease runs rampant in Gnomesby. I’ll have to consult with my scientists and doctors to figure out what causes this disease and how it can be cured. However, my professional opinion (as a pre-req nursing student!) is that it is not that serious of a disease. You’ll just have to make the doorways and ceilings a taller height in Gnomesby. Heehee!

    As for your new-redone simmies, I think they look great. I actually didn’t recognize those skins as the Maxis skins! They looked really good, lol. I like the sims better now I believe. And glad to see you got the LHD under control! They look much better with their hair on their heads. =)

  9. Jade – Yes, I need to give my video card a good ol’ fashioned smackdown. Glad you like my Sims!

    Shaera – Yep, Fran is one of them! Good guess. ;-)

    Yasmin – Cool, glad you like my Gnomesby folks! As for custom headers on blogs, if you’re using WordPress, you can go to Presentation –> Custom Image Header and upload an image. It doesn’t look like your template has an image built in, though, so you might want to find one that does, or add the appropriate coding to your template so that you can have an image. Mine already had one built in, so I just changed it using WordPress. I’m not sure what the coding would be to add one — probably something in the CSS (stylesheet template).

    ingeli – Heh, you are right, it is nice to have the variety. I don’t see anything wrong with mixing the skintones up a bit. I just personally felt it would be weird to see my default-skinned Simmies next to some shiny people! Heh. You sound very organized, though, with everyone all geneticized!

    Chloe – Thanks! Lucky is very flattered by your praise.

    Mao – OK, I have no idea who that Aussie kid is, but now I’ll have to look it up! Famous sunglasses, indeed. Hah! :-)

    Audrey – Thank you! :-D

    jacqueline – I like Cherish’s eyes, too. And I’m glad you like her, because you’ll likely be seeing a lot of her!

    Mandie – LOL…I’ll just have to learn how to mesh so I can create some tall doorways. ;-)

  10. I just started up a new hood and I didn’t even realize that you had a River and Sunny as siblings too when I named mine, LOL. I think your Sims all look great! I’m looking forward to reading about them and learning more about the families. :)

  11. Glad to hear Fran is making her way to Gnomesby! She’s such a colorful character.

    I’m liking the new(old) sim skins on this bunch. Maureen’s look reminds me a lot of a high school friend’s mother. Very new-agey. (But that wasn’t so unusual back in the 80s I suppose.)

    If it isn’t a bother, could you tell me where you got the hair for Adrian and the fellow in the last picture? I’ve got plenty of styles for the ladies but not so much for the guys. I’m too picky and conservative for my own good.

  12. Hey Jen I am back!!!! I didn’t notice that link on your old site for ages!!!! Will the Ravelos be coming back??? I loved the Ravelos!!!!!!!!!!! Nice sims by the way I support you all the way by redoing them cos you know “i’ll make a family!” *get sims 2 freetime* next day “man!!!! that would’ve fitted perfectly!!!” Yeah i’m gonna do the same thing with one of my families good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you never know strech-itis could be a new cat walk trend! ;p

  13. Gemma – Thanks much!

    S. – LOL on River and Sunny! I guess great minds think alike? Your site looks awesome!

    Vince – Hi there! Adrian’s hair is from Garden of Shadows. As for the hair in the last pic, I’m having trouble finding it. I’ll boot up my game tonight and see if I can figure it out. Stay tuned. :-)

    kitty – Heyyy! Good to see you! I am almost 100% certain that the Ravelos will be back in some form or another. And new catwalk trend? LOL…that’d be hilarious!

  14. I really like your sims. Adrian looks a bit like Hugh Grant ;).

    I like using maxis skins too (with hairy bits :) ). I often feel that custom skins make my simmies too pretty, especially male sims are a problem. Custom skins also seem to soften away their characteristic features.

    Where have you got the eye lids you use for males? I have been trying to find eye stuff for my males but everything I have found is too girly for my taste.

  15. maria – It is definitely tough to find good eye stuff for guys. Here’s what I use the most:

    Natural Lids from Lyran (Page 2 of Make-up –> Eye Make-Up)

    Eyelids from Mermaid Cove (halfway down the page; I also use her eyebags and middle-age mask to give my faces more character/age)

    HystericalParoxysm at MTS2 has a set called Natural Elegance which is nice, but it sometimes doesn’t blend as well with the Maxis skintones. So I tend to use that more for women, but it can work on some guys, too. It just gives the eye area some more definition.

    She also just released a Simple Eyeliner that looks pretty good on guys, IMO.

    Hope that helps!

    Oh, and if you don’t mind my asking, where do you find the Maxis skintones with hairy bits?

  16. Oh, thank you. I had found mermaidcove’s stuff, but other ones were new to me. (at least for males). But I have found some others you might be interested:

    Zephyr zodiac’s clear eyes:
    You should really check out this site, if you haven’t found it. There are some Simenroute’s aging masks I really like. It’s ridiculously easy to make yours sims gorgeous and so difficult to make them look middle aged.

    Sometimes I use bruno’s asymmetric eye shadow. It has the best eye area I have seen, but it’s an eyeshadow for ladies and that’s why it doesn’t always fit for males.

    Then there is atomicspacekitty’s eyes. I haven’t use them yet but maybe you have a right sim for them:
    She has made wonderdul lips for males though.

    The hairy skins I use are AllanABQ’s and you can find them from Insimadult. I believe they are maxis skins with hair. Males have just hair. Girls have also nipples and really nice natural look (and no hair on legs:)). I use brown haired skins as default for lighter skintones. Most natural blonds have probably brown haired legs anyways…

    I can’t tell you how much I love my hairy males. They look so much better than all those barbie dolls you see everywhere.

    Have you found any other wrinkles than mermaidcove’s? And Onah’s?