I Think I Can, I Think I Can

OK, so I’ve decided to go in a slightly different direction with Gnomesby. Again. ;-) Big surprise, right? ‘Hood evolution in action!

I’ve completely redone the terrain, which took me several hours but was well worth it. It’s less scenic, perhaps, but it’s more like the slightly rolling farmland I had originally envisioned. I’m using a couple of mods which will give it a completely different look, and I’ve integrated the new railroad deco from Free Time into the hood. Woot! As soon as I saw it, I knew I HAD to work it into Gnomesby. So here’s a little sneak preview pic of my choo choo train. ;-)


(The tunnel is totally fake, by the way — I painted it in. My barn/billboard/torii gate tunnel opening didn’t look very much like an opening, I’m afraid. I need to learn how to retexture…)

So there you go. Just a little sampling of the new and improved Gnomesby.

For those of you asking about when I’m going to update or give tours and such, all I can say is…I’m not sure. I don’t mean to be mysterious, but I really don’t want to make any promises about anything. That’s what got me burned out with Mt. Geneva! So I’m trying to go at my own pace and work on whatever I feel like working on. I know that’ll drive some people nuts, but it’s what I need to do in order to keep my sanity and continue to update this site. I hope you understand, and I thank you for your patience. :-)

17 thoughts on “I Think I Can, I Think I Can

  1. Nice, Jen! Do you mean tunnel as that little black thing in the background of the picture? If so, it looks good! :D

    How’s Free Time working out for you? It does sound cool! :)


  2. Nice, Jen. :D

    And don’t worry, and update/etc whenever you feel the need or desire to. :) We certainly don’t want you to burn out, and that becomes hard not to do once you start telling people, “Oh, I’ll have X done by Y! I promise!” And then you feel the need to actually try and DO an update or whatever by that given time, but if you’re not ready or not feeling it, then you just feel rushed and pressures and.. burn out. So no worries there. I think we’ll all happily eat up updates whenever you toss them at us. :D

    Free Time! How are you liking it? I just picked up my copy yesterday, and only got to fiddle around with the actual game a little bit (that thing was a witch to get installed, for some reason). But that toddler/child activity table = totally worth it.

  3. Free Time comes with trains? Gah, Jen! What are you trying to do to me? I have Free Time waiting to install… but I need my hacks. You’re killin’ me here. :P You, too, Audrey. It’s a conspiracy… but I won’t bend! I can’t install Free Time until I get my hacks. ;D

    Don’t worry about being mysterious, Jen. Who doesn’t love a little mystery? It’s always fun when I’m checking my RSS feeds and I see you’ve updated!

  4. I’m really looking forward to playing Free Time! Any chance that you’ll make a report-thingy like you did with BV? I love those!

    Anyways, from what I can see, Gnomesby looks great. :D

  5. Its okay Jen, we will all wait for whenever you need to! I can’t wait to get Freetime, gah, I’m so jealous! ;)

  6. I am also waiting for the hacks to be updated before I get FreeTime.. especially Inteen and SimEnhancer.
    Love the train! That will be so great once my hood reaches Victorian Times, if ever, lol.
    And just do what you feel for, its a game, not a job ;)

  7. Once again I’ll pop in with a notice of CC! You could download a tunnel from MsBarrows on TSR, however it’s a decorative object in lots. I thought I saw a neighbourhood deco tunnel somewhere but can’t seem to find it; however! Neighborhood 99 Forum pack has some neighbourhood objects ( like pediments or big concrete blocks) that could be placed around the point of entrance to look like a tunnel and have the trees kind of block the top like overgrowth. Wow that sentence was really rambling, but I hope it helps :D

  8. Mao – Hee. Conspiracy! Actually, the reason I didn’t rush out and get Free Time the very first day it was available (or order it online) was because I wanted my hacks to be updated first. Luckily, 99% of those are from MATY, so they got updated quicklikethis. The only one I’m left waiting on is InSim.. but I mainly use that just to get the pets pregnant, so I can live without it for a while. XD

  9. ” I know that’ll drive some people nuts, but it’s what I need to do in order to keep my sanity and continue to update this site. I hope you understand, and I thank you for your patience. :-)”

    You are so very NICE, Jen! I am NOT. I would have said:

    “Listen. I do this for fun. Do not bug me in any shape or form about when I will update. Get it? If not, begone!”


    Me soooo mean! *grin*

    I totally understand, though. I feel the same about Thyme, but luckily no one ever leaves comments like that. Perhaps that is because they know I would smack them silly?

    Your train looks lovely! Good job on that hood, Jen – you are kicking butt!

  10. Wow, I must really be behind in the Sims world. Lol, I didn’t even know Freetime was due to come out anytime soon. I don’t really know anything about it at all really…other than hobbies. Guess I’ve gotta go to the store now! Heehee. Just from that one picture of Gnomesby, I really like the way you’ve changed it. It looks rural and quaint, not to mention cozy in a storybook kinda way. I really like it and can’t wait to see more. And don’t worry about taking your time with updates. I’ll check here forever, until you tell us not to anymore! So, take your time!

  11. hey Jen, i really like gnombesby so far.

    I have tried to start a site again. Not sure if i will carry it on though!

  12. Yasmin – I actually haven’t played Free Time too much yet. I did make a Sim and play her in Desiderata Valley for an hour or so. Her One True Hobby ended up being Tinkering, so I had her fix up the old car. At the end of it, she had a nice little car of her own, for a pretty reasonable price! I look forward to delving into it a little more. :-) Nice start on your site so far.

    Gemma – Yep, the tunnel is that black smudge in the background. Free Time is fun so far, but I haven’t done too much with it! (see above comment ;-)

    Audrey – Ooh, I need to try out the toddler activity table. And all the other stuff! I’ve only really seen the old car and the ballet barre in action. Oh, and all my Sims seem to like birdwatching now. :-P It’s going to be fun trying out all the other stuff, though!

    Mao – The train and its track are just a piece of neighborhood deco, like the monorail. I love it, though! It adds a little more realism and novelty. I think it might be the only ‘hood deco that came with Free Time, actually… Anyway, now I can have Sims from the wrong side of the tracks! Mwahah.

    Ilse – I thought about doing a report thingy, but I’m more focused on getting Gnomesby going first. ;-) I’ll probably discover Free Time in bits and pieces. And Bon Voyage, too, since I didn’t play that one much at all. Anyway, thanks much for your feedback!

    Josh – I hope you get Free Time soon!

    ingeli – I don’t use too many hacks, and most of them are from MATY, so I didn’t have too many to update, thank goodness. And wow, it’d be really cool to see a Victorian Windlebridge! Just thinking about it makes me want to dust off my Victorian ‘hood.

    winkling – Ah yes, I just downloaded those ‘hood deco objects from N99 the other day — good idea to use them to make a tunnel! I bet those would work great. You have excellent ideas and a great knowledge of Sims CC! Thank you! :-)

    Jade – LOL…that’s exactly why I don’t beg you for updates — I don’t want to get smacked! ;-p (totally kidding)

    Mandie – Rural and quaint is definitely one aspect of Gnomesby. It’s actually going to have several different sections – downtown, the college area, artsy fartsy district, even a run-down slummy type of area. And of course, the rural and quaint farmland area. Anyway, glad you like it so far, even though there’s not much yet. :-) Have fun with Free time, if you decide to get it!

    chloe – Haha, I’ll do my best!

    Lisa – Thank you so much. You say the nicest things! :-)

  13. Jen, I’ve been reading your blogs for too long! I’ve been thinking of formulating my own sim story ( first ever, let’s see if I can commit) so the least I can do is offer what little knowledge I have to someone who inspired me :)

  14. Hey! I came across your old website while I was looking for sims 2 blogs. It’s really good! And this site is nice as well! I like the names you use for your stories,sims, and towns. Your new one is Looking good so far!