Presents and Promises and Lots of Cake (Part I)

Franchesca Diaries

Day 9, Tuesday, 11:23 AM

Greetings all. I am stealth-blogging. We’re not supposed to use the internet during computer class, but I couldn’t wait to blab about what happened this morning. It may LOOK like I’m writing an essay on Canterbury Tales, but really, I’m not. HA! The power of ALT+TAB.

Anyway, guess who showed up at my door before school this morning? Looking a little on the scruffy side? (But still very much on the cute side, too.)

Franchesca Diaries

It was JOEL! He came to say goodbye before touring the world with his bestest friend Rayna and her oh-so-angsty band, Bleak Immortal.

He also brought me something. Not what you’d expect, either.

Franchesca Diaries

It was his womrat, Marcella.

Franchesca Diaries

But he said some cool stuff, too. I want to write it down word for word. It’s very important.

“I don’t have much time,” he said, sounding horribly sad (I may be exaggerating here). “Alicia’s waiting outside to take me to Rayna’s.”

Franchesca Diaries

OK, maybe it wasn’t important to get all THAT down word for word. But you never know, right? It might mean something when I analyze it to death later.

“But I wanted to make sure I said goodbye,” he said very sweetly. “The right way. Not over the phone.”




Why did a suddenly have the feeling I might never see him again? No tears, Franchesca. Stay calm!

“When are you coming back? You’re not going away forever, are you?”

Franchesca Diaries

“It shouldn’t be more than a season,” he said. “At least, that’s the plan. I guess you never know.” He shrugged a little sadly. “But I wanted to ask you a favor…”

If not for the presence of the womrat, I would have imagined him asking me to hold on tight until he sent for me, at which moment I would pack a little suitcase (hey, I only have four outfits), blow kisses to the fam, and join Joel on the road with the rock stars. That doesn’t sound too far-fetched, does it?

Instead, and I’m sure you saw this coming, he asked me to take care of his womrat.

Franchesca Diaries

“I don’t trust anyone at my house to take care of her now that Grandpa’s gone. They all hate her. But I know you like animals, and I thought maybe…if it’s not too much trouble…”

I’m not really a rodent person, but how could I refuse? He was entrusting me with one of his dearest treasures. And in the back of my mind, I thought: if I have his womrat, he HAS to come back to get her someday. Right? It’s like a promise that I’ll see him again.

“Sure. I mean, I don’t know the first thing about womrats, but I bet I can figure it out.”

Franchesca Diaries

Joel beamed at me. Somewhere in the vicinity of my stomach, butterflies came to life and started ping-ponging madly.

“Fran, thank you so much. I owe you big time. And don’t worry, there’s food on the shelf there, and I wrote out a whole list of instructions. But she’s the easiest pet in the world to take care of.”

Franchesca Diaries

“No problem.” I felt like I should say something profoundly meaningful, but parts of my brain seemed to have shut down completely.

It didn’t help that he reached forward and put his arms around my waist — slowly, keeping his eyes fixed on mine the whole time. Um. This wasn’t your average chummy type of hug.

“I’m really gonna miss you, Fran,” he said. “Promise me you’ll take good care of yourself. Listen to lots of good music.”

My arms were in the way. WHAT DO I DO WITH MY ARMS?!?

Franchesca Diaries

I managed to spit out a few words. “I’ll miss you, too.”

His face was super-close, and he was grinning at me, and the butterflies in my stomach were now hitting each other with sledgehammers. I had a strong urge to duck away and run up the stairs shouting, “Thanks! See ya! Best of luck!” But…I couldn’t move.

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27 thoughts on “Presents and Promises and Lots of Cake (Part I)

  1. How cool, I was on the site, while you updated, hee. Fran is pretty, and Joel looks kinda edgy and angsty with his little sweater. A womrat, how… cute? I can’t wait to see toddler Weezy!

  2. *sigh* Wasted opportunities. Poor Fran, missed out on kissing Joel. Marcella is cute. Makes me want a guinea pig.

  3. Aw, great update! (“WHAT DO I DO WITH MY ARMS?!?! hahaha)
    I think Joel’s makeover looks great.
    Keep ’em coming!

  4. Aww, Joel and Fran are so cute! Awesome update as always, can’t wait for the next part!

  5. DAMN IT!!! I wanted them to KISS!! But … I guess I’m making the naive assumption that they’re going to be together … She could meet someone else. He could meet someone on tour. Y’just never know. They ARE teenagers after all.

    I wonder who will be Fran’s first kiss … *ponders*

  6. I just hope nothing happens to Marcella. :-( Is it bad that I even thought that? I can’t wait to see more of The Ambassador and her son, though! :-) I just love Fran.

  7. Man, what a pair of eyes Joel has! No wonder the girls are falling left right and center. And aww, poor Fran. Bet she’ll be kicking herself the rest of the year for not smoochin’ away. :(
    Hah. I really like how she went from grey pants and pink top to grey pants and pink sweater! It’s unusual you get to see that, it’s always hard to match up outerwear with regular clothes. I really like minor details like that. :D
    I also think that fourth pic from the top on the second page is my favourite pic of Fran so far. It’s not often we get to see *her* face close up, and I love the look she gives him. Definitely a Dramatic Pause(tm)!
    Encore, encore!

  8. Oh my, he is such a hottie!!! Even with those stubbles his dreamy puppies eyes still look so ‘drowning'(imagine melting in his arms!!!) Ok, i’m crazy! But i kinda have a feel he is not coming back. Anyway glad to see fran again!!

  9. I want to see a Fran x Amassador’s son relationship. :)
    You have so many stories you could go with Jen. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  10. Dangit Fran! YOU SHOULD’VE KISSED HIM! he’s a bit too charasmatic I think.
    Joel got Rico pretty good right there. I wondered if he was going to go over and kiss her. . .then see her punch him or something. lol XD.
    I want to see Weezy as a toddler and Bernie as a teen.
    I hope Marcella doesn’t die or anything, shes really cute.

  11. Awww, I was really hoping for a kissy-kiss there! I mean, the kid’s goin away until Christmas or longer, and he can’t even give Franny a kiss?! What a wimp! Hehehe, but a cute wimp!

  12. Jen, do those guinea-pig things always look like they’re about to burst into tears? No matter, this was a great update, and I even had a snarky little chuckle at Rico’s expense.

  13. Great update! I really hope Joel comes back and gets together with Fran; they would make the perfect couple! ^^
    Oh, I also had a question: your pictures always seem to be a bit sharper and clearer than mine. Do you edit them in some way before you post them here?

  14. Gosh, that was so close…I really thought she was going to kiss him. Ahh,they look so cute together!
    What a strange name for a wormrat! Maybe I should get a wormrat for my sims, too, they’re adorable.

    Fran is so beautiful, even with those glasses.

  15. Hi. yeah I thought they were gonna kiss for a minute there too. oh well maybe when he comes back?.

    I want to see what weezy looks as a toddler I bet she will be so cute!.

    Keep Simming!

    See ya.

  16. Hey, does anyone know the exact day Bon Voyage comes out? I think they always come out on the first or last day and Joel is SOOOO cute, but anyway anyone know?

  17. Hi great update Jen if he is home for christmas you had better buy some virtual mistletoe I like romantic sims especially those two.

  18. Whew, I may have taken a break from blogging, but I’m glad I still lurked when I could! This was such a cute update! Ah young love :) . I loved Joel’s comment to Rico hee hee. But cake? I’m guessing it’s someone’s birthday? Marcella is a cute name by the way :).


  19. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Here are the answers to some questions:

    Nina – You asked whether I edit my pictures. The answer is yes. I use Snag-It to screen-capture the pics, then I crop, resize, and sharpen in Photoshop. I have more details on my picture-taking in my FAQ, if you’re interested! (It’s the second question from the top.)

    Teckno102 – I use GunMod’s Radiance Lighting System 2.1.

  20. Ah young love…. Loved the suspense of the non-kiss and the angst of teenage love. Perfectly captured imho :) I’ll tell Plato to keep an eye out for Joel and to save an autographed CD for him ;)