Presents and Promises and Lots of Cake (Part II)

Day 9, Tuesday, 9:15 PM

Whew, I’m all birthday-ed out. I think I have a stomachache from all the cake. I didn’t feel right just having a piece of Bernie’s cake, so I had a piece of Weezy’s, too. I didn’t want her to feel left out!

By the way, Uncle Elvis is a baking GOD. (And a raking god, too. I swear that’s all he did today: bake and rake.)

Franchesca Diaries

Dad helped take care of Weezy while Elvis was raking, and nothing disastrous happened except that he was a little zoned today. Also a little weird. That is, weirder than usual.

I witnessed this firsthand after school today when I found him dancing in the hallway.

And it wasn’t just any kind of dancing. He was getting seriously into it. Like he thought he was the Disco King of Riverblossom Hills. But he looked more like the Wacko King.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

Franchesca Diaries

“Just oilin’ up the old gears, honey. Your mom and I were invited to a big party tonight at the Roths. They’re gonna have hors d’œuvres, a live DJ, the works.”

Say WHAT? Since when did the Roths give a flying fig about us?

“But Dad…what about Bernie and Weezy?”

Dad kept on groovin’. “They’ll understand. We can’t miss this party, Fran. The future of our family depends on it.”

Franchesca Diaries

I stared at him for almost a full minute. I couldn’t decide if I was shocked or not. I was leaning towards “not”.

“OK, Dad. But if I were you, I’d wear a different sweater.”

I’d like to think that was a real zinger, but I left before I could see his reaction.

Ugh. Anyway.

Work tonight was, well…very un-work-like. Ms. Ambassador and her lapdog (and no, I’m not talking about Pumpernickel) were busy on an errand, so Thatcher showed me around the house.

I about died when I saw the pool. Thatcher asked me AGAIN if I wanted to go swimming in my undies, since I didn’t bring a suit, and I had to decline. He just laughed. I think he must have been teasing me last time, but I can’t really tell. He’s a strange one.

Franchesca Diaries

Thatcher said tomorrow is the last day we’ll be able to use the pool, since it’ll be wayyy too cold once winter hits (even though the water is heated). BUMMER! So I hatched a plan to walk home from school tomorrow and buy a swimsuit on the way. I pass right through downtown, so it should be no problem.

Well, except that I HATE shopping for clothes. Sigh.

Strangely enough, Pumpernickel and I are becoming fast friends. I’d take him home with me if I didn’t already have a cat and a womrat to worry about.

Franchesca Diaries

Ms. Ambassador called me into her office when she returned. She asked me how things were going, and I told her about the few measly things I had done that day.

“You seem to get along well with Pumpernickel,” she observed.

I smiled and nodded, overjoyed to be doing something right.

“My son, too,” she continued with a hint of concern. “He seems to be very fond of you already.”

Franchesca Diaries

I froze. She raised a brow, examining my face like she was deciding the best method of punishment. Slap my wrist? Fire me? Banish me from the universe?

“Franchesca,” she said, taking a deep pause afterwards to prolong my agony, “I think it’s time…for me to give you more duties. You’ve proven yourself the past couple of days.”

Excuse me? How exactly did I do that?? Was walking the dog a TEST or something? Good grief. And what about Thatcher? I thought I wasn’t supposed to talk to him!

“I’ll give you more details on Thursday. For tomorrow…” She opened a drawer and pulled out a stack of Simoleons. “Here is two days’ pay plus a little bonus. Buy yourself a nice new outfit. But…” she said, inspecting my jumper with a sly smile, “keep the vintage style. It becomes you. And get yourself a swimsuit while you’re at it.”

Franchesca Diaries

I stood there, befuddled, with a boatload of Simoleons in my hand. Keep the vintage style? What does that mean? Should my Dad buy all my clothes??

“That’ll be all for today,” she said, still smiling. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I wanted to ask her about a thousand questions, but I’m still horribly intimidated by her, and I know when I’m being dismissed. So I thanked her and left.

The ride home wasn’t nearly long enough for me to ponder all of the implications of that brief but bizarre exchange. Her generosity, her wanting me to spend time with her son (when just yesterday he was the Forbidden One), and her mention of more “duties” had sent my head spinning.

But like I said, I didn’t have much time to think about it, because the carpool dumped me off at home within minutes, and the birthday feast was already on the table.

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18 thoughts on “Presents and Promises and Lots of Cake (Part II)

  1. This update was awesome, I love little Weezy in that hair, and Bernie is awesome as a teen! I can’t believe Rico is gonna be an adult so soon!

  2. Aww, Weezie’s cute. I loooove her PJs and hair. But what I’m really interested in is what Franchesca’s boss was thinking….

  3. I am finally caught up with Fran! Just in time for birthdays, awww. Apparently cats aren’t too fond of gnomes. ;)

  4. Yeah an update! Oh my gosh Weezy is so adorable and that picture of her huging Fran made me go awww. And Bernie is nice looking to but he needs a make over. I think her dad is insane but he makes the story interesting. Well keep simming!

  5. Another great update, Jen! I love this family. I’m very curious to see what kind of “duties” Fran’s boss has for her. Weezy is adorable! And Bernie didn’t do to bad either. Loved the picture of him in his hat, lol. Look forward to the next update!

  6. Yikes! Bernie turned into David Spade from The Emperor’s New Groove.

    Still, good stuff. But I can’t believe Fran doesn’t know what vintage-style is, with her ubernerd genes.

  7. Good gravy Weezy is just made of cute! Huge dark eyes, super sweet smile, cute round nose — she’ll be a heartbreaker when she grows up for sure. :D
    I’m glad Fran’s gonna stick with the vintage theme. I vote for goin’ Little House on the Prairie style with some nice calico! :D I bet the boss won’t see that coming.

    I have to say, I’d almost forgotten that this is all taking place in Riverblossom. I’m so amused at the thought of Fran’s dad going to party with the Roths. By himself. On two of his kids’ birthday! Oy vey.
    PS: Sunbury is ticking along! I’m finally all but done with the commercial lots and have been chewing on the actual residential ones for a bit. I’m going to make some new eyes for that particular hood only, though, inspired by how you had individual sets for almost each of yours. :D

  8. Awwww! Weezy is sooo cute and Bernie actually look quite handsome too! I love how the pic where weezy is biting the bear’s ear!

  9. Hi. Weezy is so cute!. and Bernie doesn’t look that bad as a teen. The part where Fran was saying that Bernie now is at eye level with her reminded me of when my younger brother started to catch up to me in height. I still like to remind him that he’s still the baby in the family eventhough he’s the second tallest after my dad.

    Speaking of dads what kind of father would think a party is more important then his kids birthdays!.

    Keep Simming!.

    See ya.

  10. The Ambassador is tres strange. But she is right. Vintage suits Fran. Weezy is too cute! And Bernie in his hat, rotfl!

  11. I was so happy to see an update! Wheezy is adorable. (I actually forget her real name, whoops!) Dad is losing some major points. I love this family, and I love these stories!

  12. Yay! An update! The Ambassador lady is very suspicious…How does that work in-game by the way? Does Fran have a high relationship with someone in the house and she hangs out there for while? Weezy is an adorable toddler and Bernie is not too shabby either :D How could the dad miss out on his own kids’ birthdays by choice? ::Shakes head:: Thanks for the comment by the way. :) I hope to continue updating sooner. I seem to have gained some new motivation, so I must take advantage of it!

  13. Sorry I know I already left you a comment but since then I have thought of a question I wanted to ask. Where is Fran’s hair from, I love it and would like to get it?

  14. *swoons and Jen’s pictures*

    One wonders what Ms. Ambassador has planned for our dear Fran. what’s with the sudden about-face? What’s with giving her simoleons and telling her to buy a swimsuit? It’s all very mysterious.

    And I loved the birthday party. Hehe. I love how you describe the transition from child to teen. And then his reactoin to the gnome. That was priceless. *LOL*

    And Weezy is adorable. And she’s got HAIR! And I’m ashamed of Fran for not getting her a birthday present? WTF? I thought she was the only one who really cared for her sister, and yet she doesn’t get her a gift. She had her lil’ brother’s gift for AGES! And no gift for Weezy. *is disappointed*


    Great storytelling, Jen.

  15. I can’t believe Weezy and Bernie are growing up *sniff* Bernie is one handsome little dude – and Weezy is adorable… I agree about Rico being cheap on the gift… LOL. And what a confusing and interesting turn of events at Fran’s job…. I wonder what that’s all about. Talk about mixed signals! Hmmmm…. She should definitely buy a bathing suit. No skinny dipping! It could be bad for her political career. *turns on LLama Mama tunes* Rock on Fran!