Down by the Bay

I am still hard at work on Ahanu Bay and the next Fran update. Unfortunately it might be awhile before I post them, since I’m going on vacation soon, and my free time before I leave is dwindling down to almost nil. However, I do have a few pics I can share with you, just for fun. They’re just views of Ahanu Bay and the cottages.

The first is a postcard type of shot. I discovered this view while moving the camera through the backyard of the Begonia cottage:

Ahanu Bay

And here is the Begonia itself:

Ahanu Bay

I’m still in love with twilight shots, so most of these are a little dark. I’ll have more daylight pics in the stories.

Here’s a view from the Begonia looking towards the cottages across the road:

Ahanu Bay

And here’s a shot of Danielle splashing around in one of the many rain puddles left by the frequent thunderstorms (Ahanu Bay is currently in its “rainy season” — two springs in a row):

Ahanu Bay

By the way, I’m going to change my approach with Ahanu Bay. My attempt to grow it organically is moving too slowly! And it’s a bit on the dull side, unfortunately.

I like the founders and the feel of the town so far, but they need more stuff with which to interact. And I’m getting antsy to build some businesses and start working on the integrated economy. If I wait for one of my Sims to say, “Hey, I want to buy a business!”, it’s going to take way too long. What can I say, I’m impatient.

Besides, I’ve done the thing where you plop a Sim into a house and play out their lives. I’ve done it PLENTY. I want something different now. So…on to building the town!

Maude is going to have so many stories to tell you…

15 thoughts on “Down by the Bay

  1. Oh don’t you just take the prettiest picture *snicker* Makes all the rest of us look bad lol. I love it ^^ I too have kind of lost interest in my hood. Been playing Furry Paws (online game) You should check it out :]


  2. I have to say Jen, Anahu Bay looks rather exciting. It will be cool to have all those people living by the shore, and expanding. And I love the Begonia, with the open windows, it looks like the houses in Dominican Republic, with the windows open because of the heat! Good luck!

  3. Soooo beautiful!!!Can’t wait to see the stories about this beautiful place!!!! You take really nice picture!

  4. The Begonia is beautiful. I agree with Josh–it looks like something out of the Caribbean!

    Have fun on your vacation!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, Jen! Can’t wait to see more. Looks like Ahanu Bay is going to be shaping up real well. :D

  6. Wow! The pictures are wonderful, especially the first one. :P
    I’m still learning how to take beautiful pictures and hopefully it will soon look a bit more like yours! From where did you get the palm trees? They look great. :)

  7. I’m really excited to see more, but I’m commenting to ask about the Free Site of the Month. Will there be one for July?

  8. WOW!
    I love the shots.
    their great. I especially
    love the shot of the Begonia.
    It looks so nice, will you have a
    credit section just for Ahanu Bay?

  9. u rule at pics and u deserve an award p.s. my new phone rocks i can go on sims and watch u at the same time.i luv motorola


    (trying to get your attention)

    Hey, just a tip for any simmers with poor families (or even well off or somewhat rich families actually). Buy that dreamcatcher in the wall hangings catagory in decorative. It’s only 50 simoleans, so most families can afford it. By midnight, it’s worth 1,260 simoleans!!! I know all art objects appreciate in value, but this one is a cheap one that appreciates a LOT.

    Also, Ahanahu Bay is beautiful. Are those houses up for download? They’re also great!

  11. Hi. I’ve just gotten back from my two week holiday in Florida on Monday morning and I’ve been playing the Law and Order game I got while I was there and I thought I would catch up on all the sim blogs.

    I’m glad you’re starting Maude’s tales up again and I love the beach lots they may come handy when Bon Vogage comes out.

    Keep Simming!.

    See ya.