Tour of Dunnavant Mansion

Dunnavant Mansion

Welcome to the official tour of the Dunnavant Mansion, home of the illustrious Dr. Charles Dunnavant and his family…

Who are the Dunnavants, you might ask? Well, due to Dr. Dunnavant’s success as a physician, inventor, and entrepreneur, these folks are richer than chocolate mousse with a side of cheesecake. They bought their own island, for pete’s sake. Never mind that it was a mostly abandoned island, home to nothing but a few dilapidated shacks and a rotting pier – it cost a pretty penny, and Charles has pennies to spare. After moving his sweet but pampered wife to the island, he set up his own little utopia and watched it flourish. Of course, there have been some setbacks here and there, such as town scandals and a nasty hurricane, but Annabel Island is thriving more than ever, thanks to Charles’s vision and generosity.

(The above paragraph was paid for by the Committee to Promote the Awesomeness of Dr. Charles Dunnavant.)

Moving on…

Here’s the front of the house:

Dunnavant Mansion

Because it is an amalgam of a few real-life Victorian country estates, it is ridiculously huge. I made it pretty for the tour, but when I play again, I’m deleting most of the clutter. It won’t look like this ever again.

(I LOVE clutter, but dude…clutterizing a ginormous mansion is a supremely bad idea. I know, I know – kind of a DUH moment. But I have to learn everything the hard way, you know.)

More views of the outside:

Dunnavant Mansion

Dunnavant Mansion

Dunnavant Mansion

Dunnavant Mansion

Dunnavant Mansion

Let us travel inside, through the front doors and into the foyer…

Dunnavant Mansion

Hey, look — it’s Dr. D himself. He’s excited because it’s the servants’ day off and he gets to make the tea and sandwiches for the afternoon. He may be the wealthiest guy in my Simiverse, but he’s not above getting his hands dirty once awhile. In fact, he enjoys it. Bring on the bread and mustard!

We’ll just let the good doctor work on that while we stroll through the rest of the house. Here’s the upper foyer:

Dunnavant Mansion

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24 thoughts on “Tour of Dunnavant Mansion

  1. Wow … this house is BIG! And it’s got so much DETAIL in it!! It certainly is something wonderful to look at and explore. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could step through our computer monitors to check it out?! I think it would be neat to wander around. Great job!!!

  2. Holy SMOKES! That is AMAZING WORK. Does your lot lag a lot when you play on it?

    I love your ability to make amazing houses. That really is a wonderful mansion!

  3. Wow! Truly beautiful, very very nice. I know what you mean about a fully cluterized house though. I finally had to move out a family in one of mind :(.

    The house itself is a marvel too though!

  4. I think these are some of the, if not the prettiest pictures you’ve ever taken. And you know what a fan I am of your shots, Jen! My jaw literally dropped at the intro one, if you give it a bit of cloth roughness and add a frame it’d look like a perfect Victorian-era painting. Too gorgeous! @.@

  5. ((faints))

    ((wakes up and fans self))

    My GOODNESS! That is GORGEOUS… W-O-W! I am in awe, envy, and all sorts of things right now. I wish I could build things like that.

    Truly a sims 2 masterpiece. Dang.


  7. Wow Jen, you’ve outdone yourself. This house is amazing! It is gorgeous, the CC is absolutely awesome!

  8. That is the largest and most realistic house I’ve ever seen in the Sims! Way to go Jen! I bet it is so much fun to play!! I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to see Annabelle Island in action!

  9. Oh, goodness! What a house! Everything is so gorgeous.. and so much detail put into the decorating. Although I hear you on the clutter. I think my computer groaned just /thinking/ about having to load that sort of lot, haha. :D

  10. Jen! That’s GORGEOUS. Of course you’ve never built a house that is anything less, but I sit gaping at every last detail. WOW. Then Dunnavants are very fortunate to have you as their architect and interior designer. Thank you so much for showing us around their beautiful house. I love the joined Master and Mrs. bedrooms. It’s all so splendid and perfect to the last detail. So. When will it be on the cover of Sim Living magazine???

  11. Sometimes I wonder if people just make CC for you, everything always looks just PERFECT in your homes. The opening picture *floored* me when I first saw it, the rest, Whoa. ’nuff said.

  12. Wow, Jen! That house is amazing! I love all the stuff you used. It’s beautiful. Great job & thank you for sharing it with us!

  13. How beautiful :O

    And they have children now!!! JIPPIE!! :P

    A little question: is Annabel Island also going to become more modern over time??

  14. Their kids are just oh-so adorable! (Ok, I haven’t really seen them properly yet but I EXPECT they’ll be adorable, lol).
    Also, the mansion is gorgeous! It just goes to show how awesome a building can look with some carefully-selected CC and a good layout. But then again, your homes are always lovely! :D
    Thank you for sharing Dunnavant Mansion with us! I wonder what you’ll show us next?!

  15. You really have outdone yourself, Jen. The house is fabulous! Exactly what I think a Victorian mansion should look like. You have the luckiest simmies!

  16. That was supremly awesome. Seriously.

    I bet Miss Hope Krenzer left duu to the kids, and the Dunnavants had a glitch before that wouldn’t allow them to have kids.

  17. This house is AWESOME! That’s the coolest house you’ve ever made! Well maybe. The other’s are pretty impressive too.
    I was just wondering…When is the next umm “sim” update going to be? I mean like the progress of families or Fran diaries…Just Wondering ;) No pressure! HEHE

  18. Ooh another question. There’s this outfit on poison pink lemons with a white tunic and jean short shorts…but the mesh doesn’t seem to be included in the download so can anyone tell me what it is?

  19. Hi. wow I love what you’ve done with this house. it certianatly suits this family.

    Keep Simming!

    See ya.

  20. Jen, this is truelly a state of the art house you’ve build! It looks beautifull, almost a shame to declutter it again, don’t you think. I love the detail you put into your buildings a lot. I hope I’ll have the patience one day to put so much time into a house…

  21. I went on vacation for a week and it looks like you’ve been hard at work over here! Great job, Jen! I love the look of the mansion!

  22. Wow Jen! I am officially totally and utterly impressed. This is awesome! I am so excited that you are back Annabel islanding… I was really missing those guys.