New Old Faces

Wow, new blogs and stories popping up all over the place. Looks like I’ll have some reading to do. Huzzah for three-day weekends!

Elsewhere in the news…anyone recognize these folks?

Mystery Sim

Mystery Sim

Mystery Sim

Mystery Sim

If you can name them all, you get a virtual homemade chocolate chip cookie!

23 thoughts on “New Old Faces

  1. Madeline de groff, Morgan de groff, Max de groff, Cecily de groff.
    is that who they are?

  2. Hi. um I can’t remember what their names are so I’ll guess the same as Tara.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying playing Annabell Island again.

    New blogs er? I think I will cheeck them out too.

    Keep Simming!

    See ya.

  3. I’d say the same as Tara, except Madeline and Morgan are teens now? :o

  4. Nice job, Tara! You get a cookie. :-)

    And yep, they’re teens now. Which reminds me — I need to give Max a few gray hairs.

  5. They’re beautifully made. Even though it must be hard to have to start from scratch again, I’m sure you must be having fun. Good luck!

  6. Katie – It’s hard to start over from scratch, but only because it’s time-consuming! I’m actually having a lot of fun figuring out what has been happening with these families in the years since I played them last. And there’s so much more cool CC to use now.

    Annette – Madeline’s hair is by Sussi, who retired from the Sims community but kindly allowed many of her creations to be uploaded to MTS2. The mesh is here and Nouk’s recolors (which I used for Maddie) are here.

  7. Woah! Morgan grew up looking really fine! :D Kind of reminds me of my boyfriend…may I be a nuisance and ask where you got their eyes from? They’re very sparkly! :)
    Oooh…I can’t wait to see more of the De Groff family…though I think it’s pretty obvious that Morgan and Maddie aren’t really Max’s children. :D

  8. Ooh, I dig the new eyes you’re using! I also like Cecily’s lipstick, it works really well with the shape of her mouth. :D Ah, it’s so nice to see some of the ‘old crew’ all redone! Very nice job. Are those custom eyebrows you’re using too, or just the sparser Maxis made one? I can’t quite tell.

  9. OK, those are so definetely James Haddaways children! I saw Morgan and did a double take – since when did James live on Annabell Island! (btw did you see my comment on your last post??)

  10. amalinaball – The sparkly eyes are from EyeCandy.

    Kay – Everyone’s wearing either the new brows on Helaene’s forum or Helaene’s Eva Brows, which I can’t find at the moment. I’ll keep looking! Oh, and the lipstick is also by Helaene – Couleur Transparent Glosses from MTS2.

    simlover – Yes, I checked out your blog, and it looks great! I left a comment, but it didn’t go through for some reason. I thought maybe you had moderation on. I’ll try again!

  11. HAH! I KNOW THIS ONE! Madeline, Morgan, Max, and Cecily de Groff! DO I WIN?! Sorry, I’m very competitive. So…when’s the next update? Sorry again, I have a veeerrrryy short attention span. But really….when….?:)

  12. I like the fact that the eyes look rather hazel, which is a color I can’t seem to find in eyes that WORK for me. Ugh! I have such a hard time building anything in TS2, from sims to housing!

  13. Hey, Jen, do you think you’ll be getting the Bon Voyage EP? It’s the first one where I’ve been ‘eh’ about the basic premise. Reading the Maxoid’s blogs made me feel better — especially the last line in MaxoidDramaLlama’s, ‘If you’re not so into Bon Voyage, don’t worry. The next EP might just be for you.’ which makes me think magic/more historical items! — but I’m still considering passing it. Or at least waiting to see what other people think. I was never into the TS1 Vacation EP except as a one time thing, so that might be influencing me.

  14. Wow! Madeline sooooo pretty, and Max looks so old! hehe. I’m very very anxious for the next update!!! Please be Dunnavent Mansion (I know I’m obssesed!) PLEASE!!!!!!!

  15. Hey sorry for commenting twice, but can you move your Legacy family without penalty just because you want a nicer house and you’re a bad builder? And is a professor a townie or an NPC?

  16. Lucia – Hm, what do you mean by next update? The next Fran update? Or next update in general? The answer to the first would be: soonish. And the answer to the second would be: very very soon.

    Devin – I have trouble with eyes, too. I ended up downloading about 15 sets and trying them out to see which ones I liked best…it was a long process!

    Kay – I wasn’t a huge Vacation fan, either, except I recall loving the Build items. I have no doubt I’ll buy Bon Voyage, although I’m not crazy about EPs which require Sims to leave their lots in order to experience the cool new stuff. My Sims tend to be armchair travelers. (It just takes too looooong to go to community lots, you know?) I’d LOVE if they did a Makin’ Magic style of EP. Not so much the magic side of it (though that was fun), but the old-fashioned and gypsy type items would be awesome.

    Mandie – Thank’ee!

    Abby – I’m still working on Dunnavant Mansion (I keep changing my mind on how I want it to look), but it should be done soonish! Check out the latest update for a little sneak preview (just one pic, but it’s something).

    simlover – I’m sorry I didn’t get to your question sooner! I’m glad you found the answer.

  17. I have two good sets, Jen. One is by Enayla and the other is a default replacement set that I just love. Everything else, the irises are just too small and it makes the eyes look unnaturally large. I’ve probably downloaded about ten different sets at this point, and had to go through deleting and deleting in order to get only what I want in the game. It’s a pain, because my downloads folder isn’t organized (not sure if you can do that with TS2. Anybody know?).

    Thank you so much for sharing your sims with us!

  18. Maddy is really pretty but sadly I haven’t read any of the Annabel island stories

    “Lamo! Lamo!”
    “I know now shut up!” anyway i’ll just go read them now.It seems so cool