Whidbee Farm, Part I

I didn’t get as far as I wanted to on the Dunnavant mansion last night, so I’m posting a few pics of Whidbee Farm instead. I plan on doing a full-fledged tour once I’ve moved the family in and played them for a bit. But I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been working on, so here you go:

Whidbee Farm
The Whidbee Farmhouse

This is the THIRD version of Whidbee Farm, so it looks a little different from the last preview pic I posted. The second one was on a lot that sloped downward from the road, and for some reason the roof got all glitched. It was also tough to maneuver the camera around. So I scrapped that one and built this one, which is on a completely flat lot. Much better!

Whidbee Farm
The Barn

I’ve decided it has been a few years (not sure how many just yet) since my last Annabel Island story (and the evil hurricane which devastated much of the island), so the Whidbees have had time to build a barn and orchard.

And a chickenyard! Yes, the Whidbees finally have the chickens they always wanted.

Whidbee Farm

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle the economic side of having chickens (they’re just decorative and don’t lay eggs or anything) so for now the Whidbees will get most of their income from their grove of lemon and orange trees, as well as the giant garden in the back corner of the lot. I’ll show more pics of those when they get going. Not much to see but bare trees and dirt at the moment!

Whidbee Farm

Part of the backyard, complete with outhouse and water pump. Maybe the Whidbees will be able to afford indoor plumbing someday…

Hope you enjoyed your first visit to the New! and Improved! Annabel Island. There’s much more in store, so come back again soon.

25 thoughts on “Whidbee Farm, Part I

  1. Wow, Jen, I’m drooling! It’s gorgeous! All your well-thought-out details give it just the right feel. Your attention to detail never fails to amaze me, I love it!

  2. Jen… the pictures are awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing more of them & hearing about the family.

  3. What a cute place, it looks really great Jen. Good to see your back and posting, I’m sure I speak for all when I say we really did miss you.

  4. Oh, the chickens and chicken-hut are darling! :D I always liked Annabel Island, so it’s lovely to see it back.
    Though it’s set a little further in the future, may I ask whether the same characters are still around? I was very fond of the Braytons. ;)
    I really can’t wait to see more of your wonderful Sims and houses – but till then all I’ve got to look forward to is my exams. Yay…

  5. Oh Jen! It’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m happy to visit Annabel Island again! I’ve missed them. The house – the yard – it’s all beautiful. I remember there being chickens in TS1 that actually laid eggs. (hack, obviously) Very very cool! Thanks for the preview! It’s gorgeous!

  6. God you’re good at this! I really wish I had your talent. When it comes to building houses, I have to study in-game floorplans to get anywhere (including yours, I might add). Last night (before all hell broke loose) I went through three versions of a house and scrapped all three because my living room was just too large every time. I can’t seem to make a reasonably sized and shaped house!

    Whidbee farm looks beautiful though! I can’t wait to see the tour!

  7. Hi. these are great pics I can’t wait until we see the families. hopefully there will be no more glitches *knocks on wood and crosses fingers and toes*.

    Keep Simming!.

    See ya.

  8. The pictures look great – very crisp … and the farm looks totally idyllic. :O) Thank you for the tour. Sorry about the chickens.

  9. Lookin’ good, Jen. Farms are fun. :D Now if only the Maxis folks would give us some rideable horses and other such farm-y things!

  10. Chapter 4: No Man’s Land is up at my site. A trip out leads to conflict between Nikki and her mother.

  11. Jen, can you please change my link in your blogroll? I’ve just moved my site and begun a new story. Hope everybody who reads enjoys!

  12. Oh wow! I’ve missed so much. Here I was thinking you hadn’t updated because I never got any emails saying you had. Is there something wrong with my subscription thingy?

    First off, sorry to hear about your loss. But its good you have family to support you Jen.

    Secondly, WOW I can’t BELIEVE how amazing you are at making homes. I love the custom content you have used, all the plants, even the chickens! Can’t wait to see more :D

  13. Nice house Jenn! Where did you find that chicken house?
    I know there are some “cycle of life” animals that actually reproduce and lay eggs and stuff. Perhaps that would help you for the economic side of it? I’ll see if I can find the link and I’ll mail it to you.

  14. Yicke – The chicken house is from Tarox, I think. I can’t double-check because their site is inaccessible at the moment, durnit. I’ll let you know for sure once I can get to it! And yes, I would LOVE the link to those animals! That would be such a great asset to my ‘hood! And nice to see you, Yicke!

    And Teckno102, thanks so much for your kind words. I did send out an announcement via FeedBlitz a few days ago, just letting people know that Fran was on hiatus and that I was posting Annabel Island stuff. I’m not sure why you didn’t receive it…weird! I stopped FeedBlitz from sending out notices every time I updated, so now a message only goes out if I send it manually. But that shouldn’t affect whether you receive my notices or not. So I’m not sure what’s up.

  15. What a gorgeous cottage. I love the stone walls on the house and the fence, they blend really well together. Also loving the barn roof, could you point me in the direction of a tutorial for that when you’ve a minute :)

    Also please accept my condolences for your loss :(

  16. The farm looks good on all of the different posts! Also if its not to much trouble please can you tell me where you found the water pump?

  17. Sanna – No problem! The water pump is from Tarox (click on “Verschiedenes” on the left). It’s part of the farm set there, with the chickens.