Glad to Be Back

Hey guys! Thank you so much for your condolences last week. It means a lot. I’m back from my trip now and ready to get back to Simming.

I’ve had the building bug, so I’m going to put Fran on hiatus for a bit (oh no! The dreaded hiatus!) while I work on re-building Annabel Island. A wise Simmer once pointed out to me that my Simming habits go in cycles, and right now I seem to be in my “create Sims and build stuff” phase. Eventually I will circle back around to my “writing stories” phase and return to Fran and the rest of the Mortinez family. I do this stuff for fun, and if I have to force myself to work on any given thing, it’s just not fun anymore. Hope that makes sense. In the meantime, I thank you for your patience.

As for Annabel Island, I’ve finished Whidbee Farm and have just started building the new Dunnavant mansion. It’s going to be quite different from the old one, but I hope you guys will like it. It’s fun to re-do these homes now that I have driveways and more roofing options, and I love throwing some pets into the mix. I’ll try to post some pictures here soon.

14 thoughts on “Glad to Be Back

  1. Yeah, I’m the same way. I play the sims for escapism and blog/write stories as a creative outlet. If it starts to feel like homework, what’s the point? :P
    I can’t wait to see the mansion! *skips with glee* I loved what you did with the old one, but now that we have real castle tower pointy roofs to choose between.. Ah, I love those roofs. :D

  2. Oh, and welcome back! I have been circling your blog like a vegan shark around a macrobiotic plate of brownies. :D

  3. Great to see you back, Jen! I was kind of looking forward to the next Fran update because good Lord your stories are funny and they’re really brightening my mood! Pregnant and depressed, isn’t that a combo? LOL!

    At any rate, I’m glad to hear that you’re working on Annabelle Island. I’m currently working on a custom neighborhood and though I’m really suffering with trying to make my own NPCs (I’m going to have to use simsurgery) I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m also doing it WITHOUT cheats, which gives me the opportunity to really do a story line for the entire neighborhood.

    Glad you’re back, Jen! Good to see you!

    Oh, and by the way. I read ALL of the Shanley legacy the other day! I couldn’t believe I FINALLY read it. I’m impressed that you made it all the way through, then (tried) to continue with Mia. Because I can’t seem to get through past gen 3 without at least a major glitch. The other day I tried again with legacy and got a glitch in the first sim day! Ugh!

  4. Hey, I’m a veteran simmer, but have never started a blog. I’m thinking it might be fun, but I’m not sure. I was wondering if you have any advice?

    Also, can’t wait to see the new and improved Annabell Island!!! :D

  5. Hi. Sure do whatever you want to do it’s your blog. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the results.

    I hope you and your family are ok.

    Keep Simming!.

    See ya.

  6. YAY!!!!!!!! I love it when you redo houses Jen! Cause they always look better then before, like that sneek-peek of the whidbee farm, already better! I have a question are you updating the whidbee farm first or Dunnavant mansion? *crosses fingers* (please dunnavant mansion!)

  7. I’m sure that every (or most) Sim bloggers understand the “being forced to do it” feeling. Nothing is really fun if it feels like homework, especially Simming. As for Annabel Island, I can’t wait to see it once you get around to posting about it! I’m sure that all of the houses will look wonderful with the new expansion packs, especially Seasons. By the way, thanks for the link to the tutorial about cloning face templates. :D

  8. Whoops, “Nothing is really fun if it feels like homework”, what I meant to say was “Nothing is really fun if you’re being forced to do it”. :P I read Kay’s comment and I guess I just thought of homework.

  9. Glad you’re back Jen, and glad to hear everything is okay. You were greatly missed! I’m sure anything you build will be wonderful, and I know that I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see it!

  10. Devin, thanks for the info. I knew Jen had that link but didnt want to try to find it. As it is I probably won’t do a blog yet because

    1)I kind of cyle out of sims for a month or so every once in awhile

    2)I don’t have a steady income(I’m not an adult) so I don’t want to fork over $60 a year (yet…)

  11. glad to see you back and simming jen! cant wait for the new island, YAY lol i loved the old ones so hope the new ones give you as much pleasure! lol xxxx still cant wait to hear frans next entry though xxxx

  12. Kay – “Circling your blog like a vegan shark around a macrobiotic plate of brownies.” – HA! That’s one I hadn’t heard.

    Devin – Yay! It’s good to see you, too. So glad to hear you’re working on a new blog. And I’d love to hear more about your custom neighborhood. Pregnant and depressed, eh? Oh my! I’m glad my Fran stories were brightening your mood. I’d better write another one, stat!

    simlover – Thank you to Devin for answering simlover’s question. Also, you might want to check out Blogsome — I believe it’s free, so you wouldn’t have to pay anything. I think you would still need to upload your pics somewhere, though — if you keep them small, you can probably fit quite a few on a free Photobucket account.

    Pandora Moon – Thanks for your support!

    Abby – Heya! I’m hoping the Dunnavant Mansion will be up next.

    Rachel – You’re welcome, hope the cloning goes smoothly!

    Mandie – Thank you kindly, ma’am!

  13. simlover: What’s the sixty dollars a year for? My entire setup (the new one) cost me $2. A friend is hosting the site for me on his hosting package, I’m using (.info is cheap!) and WP is free to download last I checked.

    Jen: Yup. Threatened a miscarriage last night too. Feel a lot better now that I’ve seen those little arms and legs kicking inside of there! I cried my eyes out I was so relieved!