A Few Things

First off, thank you so much to those of you who commented in support of my game “reboot”. It means a lot to me that you continue to read this blog through the waxing and waning of my various Simming interests. And my computer is much happier with me now that I deleted those other two accounts. I’m still weeding through my downloads so that I have only the essentials in my folder, but my game already loads in half the time. I feel like I’m ready for Seasons now.

Speaking of Seasons…I won’t say any more lest I veer dangerously into giddyland, but I’ve downloaded the game via EA Link and am all ready to install it once it is released tomorrow afternoon! I plan on playing the new Maxis ‘hood for a little while just to get my feet wet (*snork*) and try out all the neat new shtuff. I guess that means I’ll be experiencing Sim winter first, even though stupid snow is about the LAST thing I want to see right now…(*shakes fist at Mother Nature*) That’s what I get for living in Minnesota.

OK, enough whining about the weather…I want to sing the praises of custom content creators! Especially ones who contribute to free sites. I want to bake cookies for them and throw crazy parties in their honor. Last night I built a town hall for my new ‘hood using macarossi’s classical window set, and I have to say, this is the most gorgeous window set I’ve ever seen. I am in total love with it. With macarossi’s, Marina’s, and phoenix_phaerie’s windows in my Downloads folder, I am a very happy little builder.

(Click “continue reading” to see some pics)

Here’s a sneak preview of the town hall, showcasing these marvelous windows:

Town Hall

The rear view:

Town Hall

Gah, they’re so flippin’ awesome. LOVE!

Other wonderful custom content seen in these pics:

And those are all completely free sites, of course.

See you soon, hopefully with some pics of Seasons gameplay, and maybe even a story or two…

20 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. I am so excited for Seasons! Make sure you take lots of pictures, though, because I will need something to drool over until I can get my hands on the game (pfft! why does the electric company think their bill should be paid? I mean, really!).

    And your town hall looks /fabulous/. Hooray for free custom content! :D

  2. Aww, I was gonna say, who needs electricity? But I suppose you gotta run your computer to play the game! Darnit all.

  3. WOW! Again you’ve blown me away. The house is fabulous!
    Speaking of the game, mine runs like a brand new car after I’ve cleaned up. It’s lovely not to have to wait fifteen minutes or so for the game to start up. I too do the downloading EA thing, and I’ve kept checking the clock for when it’s ready for installing. LOL Looks like it’ll be ready 10am Pacific Time, which means I should sleep in so I’m not waiting in agony all morning tomorrow. hahaa.
    Is it snowing where you are right now too? It’s not sticking here, so we can’t go out and play in it. :(

  4. That’s gorgeous Jen! I love those windows too! With all of these beautiful buildings you have created, I cannot wait to see the new hood! I am eagerly awaiting Seasons too, although I haven’t reserved a copy or downloaded it…so hopefully they won’t sell out and I can go tomorrow and pick one up!

  5. Those windows are so cool cos they have a nice design and they are so bold and i like bold!LOL.My computer took a bit of persuading but he says i can get the game of sims2 seasons.My mum works near a game store and says.I am going to get that game.and i said good for you mum.ps have any of you heard about mysims?I happen to have a nintendo ds so her is a link to the site and the game looks really cool man.www.mysims.com

  6. YES! Those windows are very shinnnyyy….Phil like shiny objects….hehehehehe….*snaps out of trance* woah! I love the town hall and I can’t wait to see your new update ideas (and I cant wait for seasons to come out tomorrow!)

  7. Such a stately building! :D I also love how you set it up so it’s got two exits, that’s not something you see a lot. Very very nice. Have you got a mayor to go with it?

  8. What an awesome town hall! Those really are great windows. I wish I had an eye like yours, but I suppose I’m just as lucky to have you for a builder :D You make great houses AND you tell great stories. I’m telling ya. Your Sims are the luckiest.

  9. I did a clean up of my downloads to, and I must say it does help. This is an awsome blog so I’ll stick around, wheither you change things is up to you, but I’ll still keep checking in. Your really good at building stuff, I can’t to save my life. The two houses you built and put up for download are already in my game. The Gladstone, is in my legacy story, although they just moved out of it. And the Whitehall is in my other story, thanx for them, I think they’re awsome. Looking forward to what you decided to do next.

  10. Hi. another great building from the master builder. um you’re making me wonder what new stories you’re doing. So the buildings a town hall um are you taking a leap from the Isle of Thyme blog?.

    I’m looking forward for the seasons EP to come out too though I didn’t know that you could download it. I will propably get mine from a shop but the download might come handy if I get that stupid bug again.

    Since everyone else is saying what the weather’s like where they are I might as well do the same. Well in England it’s cold as usual and there’s mainly grey clouds though when I started writing this comment it was blue skies and sunshine!. Goes to show how unpecticable the weather is in England.

    Keep up the good work on the building your town and I’m really looking forward to your next story.

    See ya

  11. Looks great Jen! I’ve been meaning to tackle a city hall, but it just seems so hard. You did a great job!

    I’m glad you are doing things to make the game more fun for you. It’s a HOBBY after all and it should be fun, not work, to play the game :)

  12. `omg iluv it!! :) + i only strded gettin downloads and its usualy stuf i dont want! lk recoulord nd new models 2 babys+ sippy cups nd dipper recoulors nd clip boreds{just 4 veiwing} pens{veiwing} tiki mugs {veiw} mugs {veiw} phone books {veiwin} + magic stuff like cauldrines nd wands ect… {cloths,peircings,hair nd skin colour} {mod the sims} gud luck wif every ting!!! :)

  13. I’m soo excited for Seasons! I’m getting Nightlife with it, so I’m overextremely excited!!
    What I’ve heard is that custom clothes do work, but only for inside. The outerwear has to be Maxis to work properly with bodytemperature and all.
    And probably stuff like custom foods and fridges won’t work anymore either, with the leftovers.

    The game does love it when you clean out your downloads folder, doesn’t it? ;)
    I got rid of all my downloads, have a few hacks and 2 beds in it (bunk beds), and thats all. I just don’t allow myself to download anymore, and my game loves me for it.

    And Jen, I’ll agree with anything you do, because it should stay fun. And as long as you don’t quit on us, I’ll live. :P

    Btw, the building is truly amazing!!!

  14. WOW! That’s a gorgeous town hall! Amazing job!!!! I have the energy and drive back for the Thatchers, and I’m actually really excited to be back to them. Funny how attatched you get. I’m off to check out Seasons stuff. I didn’t know it was coming out so soon.

  15. Hey Jen! You probably don’t remember me since I haven’t commented in ages, but anyways…
    I’ve been feeling uninspired lately about my own neighborhood. But after seeing your town hall, I now feel like continuing on with my neighborhood. That town hall is amazing…I wish our town hall looked as pretty as that. :P

  16. Thanks, guys! I’m having a wonderful time working on my new ‘hood. Glad you like the town hall. Although you’ll probably be sick of mediterranean style by the time I’m done.