Mt. Geneva Reloaded

Hey, folks. After much frustration and contemplation, I’ve decided to make a completely fresh start with my Sims game (coinciding with the release of Seasons).

I’ve simply reached the point again where I have too darned many stories and ideas and partially completed projects hanging around. The Ravelo update just isn’t working out, and I still don’t know what to do with the Burrs. Also, my computer has been running like molasses, and with my multiple Windows accounts and Sims games going on, I figured it was time to do some major deleting and consolidating.

So what does this mean for the Ravelos, the Burrs, and Shady Bluff?

The Ravelos and Burrs, as you know them, will be set aside for now. I haven’t deleted them completely, but they’re tucked away in a folder on my hard drive and will probably stay there for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean they won’t make a guest appearance at some point, but the stories that I have been writing for them will not continue. I am sincerely sorry to disappoint anyone, and I hope you’ll stick around and see what I have in store in the coming weeks.

As for Shady Bluff, it will undergo a complete transformation. I’m designing a smaller terrain so that I don’t have to build so many lots. I was pretty foolish to think I could build them all myself — it would have taken me until 2009, for goodness’ sake. At any rate, I don’t want to give too much away, so developments for Shady Bluff (or whatever its new name may be) are under wraps for now. But..there will be stories at some point.

Sorry to keep changing my mind on you guys. I play this game and update this blog for fun, and when it ceases to be so, I have to change things up. Unfortunately that seems to happen quite often. Thanks for being such loyal readers in spite of my scatterbrained-ness.

Have a great weekend!

21 thoughts on “Mt. Geneva Reloaded

  1. Rock on, Jen. :D As long as I get my Jen blogging dosage I’m a happy camper! I’m glad you decided to do this instead of trying to beat your head against the proverbial wall: burnout’s bad.
    Thanks for signing my blog, by the way! I’ve got a new video card, and so far the testing I’ve done in the game is smoooooooth. The secret new project is another Legacy Challenge, though I’m not updating quite yet: I already scrapped one in vitro since I made one mistake too many. I’ll wait until the next generation is in their teens before I actually post anything, just to make sure it’s not a red herring.
    Hey, have you seen that Modthesims have gotten a Sims 2 version of the Life Stories furniture? It is *GORGEOUS*! Between all of it I feel like I got a mini-expansion, especially with the special new bed. :D I only wish I could find the Life Stories wallpaper and floors, too. *wistful look* And the houses. Riley’s house looks really cute.

  2. Jen! I love whatever you do and I will wait patiently at your door (like a Burke Marquette fan) in eager anticipation of whatever you may bring us. I agree that Seasons and new EP’s in general always change things. We want you to have fun because when you do….. we have a blast with the results. :D

  3. Like I’ve said, I’d read an entry you wrote about watching paint dry.. so anything you want to write about – old families, new ones, NPCs, sims watching paint dry – I’ll be here. :D *hug*

  4. Kudos, Jen. I sincerely hope you get to do the stuff you wanna do with this new start! It’s definitely time to make the game fun again. :D

  5. Whatever makes you happy, Jen. Everyone experiences overload/burn out every now and then. Not to be repetitive, but we’ll all be fine with whatever you choose to do. :)

  6. I don’t care what updates you give us as long as there good.If starting anew is the only way to stop you from exploding we’ll be behind all the way isn’t that right fellow readers of this blog!

  7. Hi. Jen don’t worry ’bout it you’re a good writer and builder so I’m sure that any new stories you come up with will be just as good or even better then the Burrs or the Ravelos.

    I’m having trouble sticking with just one family myself I don’t know but I get bored real quick now. maybe seasons will change that if it doesn’t have the stupid flashing red wall bug I don’t want to end up uninstalling that like I did with pets and the stuff packs.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do with your sims.

    See ya

  8. Do as you want Jen :] I support you 100%. I’m most likely going to start over everything except my Bakers. I’m soo tired of the stupid bugs and glitches that keep me from really getting anywhere with the game. Just please keep us updated.

  9. hey- its ok that you have decided to put away the burrs and ravelos, a good start can bring good and bad, so no worries, plus, everyone seeems to be ok with it. good luck!

  10. As sad as I am to see the Burrs go into the closet, so to speak, I can totally understand your frustration and heartache. I was just contemplating that exact thing, as I tried to sort through everything I’ve done and downloaded. I wanted to save and move all of my stuff to one neighborhood, before Seasons, but it’s almost impossible. And on top of it, there are things that still might mess up gameplay when I download Seasons. The only thing I can possibly keep without affecting anything are skins and genetics, but even then I don’t know how to sort through all of THAT so- ugh…

    I understand, and support you completely. ::HUGS::

  11. Sometimes it’s good to start all over :) I’m sure all your stories and hoods will be injected with tons of innovation when Seasons comes along. Can’t wait for your next update and thanks for listing my blog too :)

  12. I’m sad to see that you’re putting aside the Ravelos and Burrs and just having them as guest appearances, but I can’t wait to see your new ideas! (All of them have been great, and the others to come will be even greater!)

  13. I am having that same problem. Jade’s tutes are too ambitious, and overwhelming, and I found today that I have much more fun with the Thatchers, so I think I will be back to them. Anyway, I think we all completely understand, and will all be here no matter what you do!

  14. I don’t have any running stories in my Sims 2 neighborhood, but I always start over when a new EP comes out. Deciding to build on a smaller terrain will definitely save your sanity. :) I love any Jen story like the next Simmer. Perhaps starting with shorter story lines won’t get you burnt out once you have Seasons. Maybe you can turn the Ravelos and Burrs into townies so they can make surprise appearances. :)

  15. A Thatcher update at my site! They’re back, finally. I just couldn’t leave them. Pop over and read if you want. I can’t wait for another Jen update, just like everyone else!

  16. This is why I only have one family to put your ambition, experience and time into.Though it’s probably cos I have had to uninstall sims 2 alot (this was before i got my current computer)and i’m fed up of losin to many families that are close to my heart so I only have one