Let It Snow

Hey, folks. Seasons is here! Just for fun I created a new family in Riverblossom Hills and played them through winter. I thought I’d share some of the pics. If you’re avoiding spoilers or would rather discover some of this stuff on your own, you might want to skip this post.

And now…it’s snowtime!


This is Carolyn Pfefferle and her daughter, Misty. Carolyn is sporting one of the new hairstyles (there are three for women and one for men, not counting the outerwear styles) and a new outfit.


You can also see one of the new neighborhood objects, a barn, in the background. The barns look great with the farmland in neighborhood view. It would have been even cooler if they had given us a tool to create those kinds of roofs so we could build our own barns, but oh well!

Here’s the rest of the family: Carolyn’s husband, Henry, their son Joel, their teenage daughter Alicia, and Henry’s father, George.


Henry has the new men’s hairstyle, which to my eyes looks an awful lot like this custom hair by HystericalParoxysm. It’s a little shorter overall, but it’s similar enough that I did a double-take when I saw it. “Wait, I thought I moved my Downloads folder onto the desktop? What’s HP’s hair doing in here??”

I have to say, playing with no downloads (except for Siluetta’s eyes, which I just HAD to keep in) is both a blessing and a curse. Building and decorating a house doesn’t take nearly as long, and of course the game loads extraordinarily quickly, but…man. I was really missing things like Echo’s rugs and Christianlov’s clothing rack.

Here’s Carolyn greeting a representative of the gardening club. It’s kind of nifty how Sims will switch into their outerwear before going outside (I think you can prevent this with an option on the new coatstand object, but I’m not sure).


Henry and Joel are playing catch behind them. (They hadn’t gone inside the house yet, and therefore hadn’t come back outside and switched into their outerwear.) Note the dead flowers in the yard — they wilted immediately because it was supposedly winter. The leaves fell off the trees, too. But…no snow yet.

Grumpy teenager Alicia heads outside. She had to have that hairstyle in order to wear the earmuffs, which is weird — I figured they’d be an accessory like the kids’ snorkels. But nope, they’re integrated into the hair mesh. Bummer.


Grandpa George chats up Riverblossom Hills resident Stella Roth. (Who has kids named Xander and Sandra and a husband named Morty. Hee.)


George really sucks at playing catch. (Not a good omen for a romance Sim!)


And we have the wind-up…


Aw, it’s all right, George. Stella’s no good this game, either.


After a day of barren trees, dead flower plots, and green, green grass, it finally snows!


And snows…


And yes, that’s probably the ugliest house I’ve ever built. Hey, I was in a hurry. ;-)

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22 thoughts on “Let It Snow

  1. absolutely stunning, imma sooo jealous!! that poor poor baby, those winter toddler outfits is going to be one of those “change to outerwear stat” thing to do! LOL too cute thou! :D

  2. Cool! I have a mac so it wont come out for me for alittle while. I cant wait to see what you have in store for this family!

  3. Yay, thanks for posting pics, Jen. :D Seasons looks great! I cannot wait to be able to get my hands on it. Loving the snow.. and the penguin!

  4. Awesome Jen! I love that you’re making families again! I can’t wait until my Seasons come. I pre-ordered them from amazon but they’re not supposed to come for a few more days..waah. :’-( sadsad. Thank you for posting! :)

  5. Wow, Seasons looks like so much fun! On the eighth picture, it looks like Stella is holding those flowers in the background and I thought that George was supposed to throw the ball in the basket…I must be crazy or something.
    Thank you for these pictures of Seasons!

  6. Very awesome, Jenn. I haven’t had much a chance to explore past the default hood and folks… I was trying to fix GunMod’s lighting and forgot to back up my lights… heh. So I’m currently reinstalling everything all over again… good thing I backed up everything else, LOL!

    The snow is very pretty, though. :D

  7. Hee, I thought the same thing as Vivi. “-That’s- her ugliest house?! But it’s NICE!”
    I think my favorite pictures from this update would be the one with the toddler crawling out in the snow, and Mathy The Penguin! :D He’s YOUR friend, TOO!
    Knowledge Sim, through and through. I’ll betcha his Wants panel has the following things on it:

    Gain a Skill Point
    Get an A+
    Gain twenty two skill points
    Become a Mad Scientist
    Be Abducted by Pengualiens
    Have a baby that gains a skill point

    He got an expanded Wants panel. University, you know.

    And the baby crawling out into the snow– just– aww! I didn’t even notice her little head, but there it was. :D I laughed.

    You’re not the only one who mentioned the similarity between HP’s Roman hair and the new men’s Seasons hair. I wonder if it was intentional on Maxis’s part, and HystericalParoxysm’s opinion on it? Hmm.

  8. Gleeeeee! Absolute gleeeeeeeeee! And I think that first picture qualifies as one of the purtiest ones you’ve ever taken, and you know how I love your camera fu. :D Rock on, Jen!

  9. This EP looks amazing! The snow is so pretty. I actually think your “ugly” house looks like something you might see in my home town in upstate NY… especially when it’s covered in snow. Where does the penguin come from? I’ve been out of the Sims loop for a little while so I haven’t been able to do my Seasons research. Your pictures just look so cozy that they make me want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate. Mmm…

  10. I haven’t had the chance to get seasons yet and these pics make me want to get it even more!. I love the pic of the toddeler crawling though the snow and that pengiun is cute.

    Glad you’re enjoying the new EP I hope it will inspire you to write some stories.

    See ya

  11. Awesome Jenn! It’s good to see your sims again. Seasons has so much neat stuff. I love looking at the game through your eyes!

  12. Hey Jen! I love Seasons too! I’ve also noticed some bugs, and some bummers. Like how you can set hairstyles for every clothing category…but only if the hair is the same color. No blond hair for swimwear and brown for formalwear. Wouldn’t be a big deal except I’ve got some hair in the brown category that is actually a blond color, so it’s not fun when I’m stuck to brown! But anyway, my sims get stuck staring at the wall too but only on the windows that are centered on two squares. And my game goes really slow when it’s snowing. But other than that, I love it! I took pictures too of a family in the seasons, but I haven’t posted them yet. Hehehe, enjoy Seasons!

  13. Seasons is pretty darn cool… I’m enjoying it immensely thus far. I didn’t even bother playing with the family I made, and just decided to test out custom content on a pre-Maxis lady instead. They really filled the hood with a lot of Familes and stories this time around. And Lots! I was surprised.
    Anywho, GREAT Captions. I love the penguin.. he’s the best part of this expansion. LOL

    LMAO @ Blu!!!!

  14. So… cuuuuute…!

    What’s the special creature thingie for seasons? You know, alien, zombie, vampire, robot, werewolf… :D

  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have Seasons, but I can’t do anything with it until tonight at the earliest. I can’t wait! Love your recap. Makes me wish I could go home right NOW.

  16. hmph im so jealous i’m getting the game tomorrow.and my friends are getting it today.(in britain it comes out today).Though my friend said shed phone me as soon as she’s done a bit of simming.p.s watch out that poor kid could freeze out there!

  17. Keely – Plantpeople! :D If your Sim uses too much chemicals on their plants, they can overdose and turn into a green person. The plants only need water, sunshine and love, and they can procreate either like regular Sims or by seeding. They also only have three life stages: toddler, adult and elder.

  18. omg! im like zoooooo jelouse!! me bdays da 16/3 zo maybe ill get sesns den {its just how i write seasons 4 slang} good luk wit it!!
    (i made a woman called misty exepy shaes a vampire!!}

  19. WOAH!!! I love all the seasons things, I am SO getting it tomorrow! I’ve been missing updates like this for a while from you!!! I’m so happy! :)

    Yellow Snow Joke (kudos?!): Hey, maybe mom and dad won’t mind if I put some apple juice in here and start eating it, it would make good ice cream….

  20. Reagan and Rose(in unison): TOO COOL FOR WORDS!
    Rose: We are getting seasons 2morrow at Target..
    Reagan: I am soo jealous right now. (pouts in corner)
    Rose: KK thanks for the pics!
    Reagan: Post more soon!

  21. Wow!! The new expansion looks great! No serious bugs yet I hope? ::knocks on wood:: How much time in between till they change the season to the next? It looks so cool! :)