December Daze

Due to some family issues and general holiday craziness, there has been a delay in my next update for the Burrs. I’m doing a special “interlude” for this one, so it’s taking a little extra time in that regard as well. I want to thank all of you for continuing to check my blog. Hopefully I’ll have a story up by the middle of next week!

In the meantime, enjoy a few more previews of the upcoming Seasons EP…I’m looking forward to this one more than any other EP we’ve had. Right now it’s a major pain in the heiney to make a whole neighborhood look wintery. With Seasons, it’ll be a breeze. (Har. Har.) I can’t wait!

Simfantastic preview

The Sims Resource preview

The Sims 2 Community preview, Part 2

Seasons on the official site:
Info & screenshots

Happy Simming and happy holidays!

26 thoughts on “December Daze

  1. Hahahah, it’ll be a breeze, hahahahaha—-hah. Herm. Well. I cannot WAIT for your update, I never can. Hope it’s up soon! Meanwhile, there’s an update on Brian and Shelby over at my site!

  2. Hey Jen! Could I ask you a question? Where did you get the boat that Nellie gives her little charge in Merry Measures part II of Anabel Island? I was hoping to work one into my next update…

  3. Take your time Jen.

    I’m looking forward to seasons as well, even though I love the skies I have in combo with the radiance lighting, they make a lot of difference as well.

    I can’t wait for the next update, although I’m really looking forward to reading your combined hood in the future!

  4. I’m already in love with this ex-pack, regardless of the fact I don’t have it!… I even wrote in some temporary ISBI rules just in case I get too caught up in the excitement and forget to do an official rule update. Thus far, Nightlife is my favorite ex-pack, and I’m hoping Seasons changes that!

  5. Seasons, hopefully, will take care of all the leftover anticipation that Pets generated but didn’t deliver on. I cannot wait to have my sims playing in the snow!

    I can’t believe we’ve only got a little over a week until Christmas, wow.

  6. Are ever going to do another update for the Ravelo Family? I miss them and want to know what happens with their family. The Burrs are so boring, though their animals are cute.

  7. Cool, i’ll have to wait for your next update as im heading off on holiday over sea’s on monday. But i look forward to reading it when i get back.
    Merry Christmas Jen and a Happy New Year

  8. WOAH!Seasons lokks so rockin’! i can’t wait.I see plant people in my future.and i luv ice skating,i’d love 2 c a sim fall on the ice.Merry Christmas and a happy new year Jen.P.S.No probs about delay i won’t have much time 4 my computer either

  9. OMG! I love seasons ever since the sims2 launched I always wished they had some sort of season to play in. I’m definently saving my money up for this expansion pack!

  10. FuN! But I didn’t see anything regarding summer break. Or spring break. Or winter break for that matter. You know what? School should be optional for Sims. xP

  11. I’ve just had a thought after reading Klarie’s comment that school should be optional: they should have an option of home schooling in the game! That would add a great element to the game and allow more time to be spent between parents and children. It’d be more realistic and an overall great addition. What does everyone else think?

  12. Home school would be awesome… but then again, I was home schooled, so maybe I am biased. I don’t know how it would translate into the game itself, though. The sims have a lot on their plate as is, and we already hate homework…

  13. havin’ a home school option would b gr8, and i have an idea 2…here goes*drumroll* you select a sim tumbnail while they r @ work/skool and it shows you where they r and lets u control them would also bring loadsa new items and clothing in wadya think?

  14. I think homeschooling would be a cool idea! Kitty, what if you wanted to play someone els after checking on the child? That seems like a lot of loading for me!

  15. Hi. I’ve read all the stories on this blog so far and I think they are great. I especially like the idea of doing though different time periods that you’re doing with the Burrs.

    As for Klaires comment about school being optinal for Sims that sounds like a great idea and if that option becomes available I have an idea for a challenge maybe a challenge about making the best boarding school there can be. Alright so it doesn’t sound that great on paper but it’s only an idea.

    Yes I like the seasons expansion pack too though I hope that they do a vacation one and it they do maybe they could make the sim kids have school holidays?. what does everyone think?.

    Keep on simming and blogging!

  16. Take your time with the update, Jen, they are always well worth the wait!

    I can’t wait for Seasons to come out! I guess some people are apprehensive about it, but I am really eager for this one. I never pre-order, but I’m considering it this time around!

  17. hi! I’ve been reading all of these posts for a while, and I’ve finally worked up enough courage to post something! I was just wondering, umm, Jen could you possibly refer me to some kind of name list or something. I am in love with the sims2 and I’m always at a loss for names. Anyway, I love this site and I think that the Burrs are my fave family. Can’t wait til the next update!

  18. I am totally excited for Seasons too! Man, that sounds so cool all the new stuff. when is it coming out again?

    i think this is close to how excited I was for pets!!

    Can’t wait for more updates!

  19. Oh my gosh. It’s been forever since I was last here >: I love reading your blogs still. What inspired me to come was the fact that I finally got the sims 2 to work at home D: although it has crappy quality. I don’t care. I somehow have dedicated my entire christmas break to it without blinking. ):

    So now I will read your stories again

  20. Lucia, welcome! Here is a good site for generating first and last names:

    You can choose the obscurity of the name, and whether you want male or female. As for first names alone, I have a small paperback containing 10,000 names or something like that, which I use to pick names. If you want the title, I can look it up when I get home from work!

  21. Thanks for the link Jen!
    I have a question.
    I detest playing University and I was wondering if there was some kind of, oh I dunno, shortcut to get around it? :) there probably isn’t but if anyone knows of one, please please please share!