The Fate of Third Generation

From the desk of Trent Ravelo

Hey girls! It’s your old dad here. Thought I’d drop you a note and see how you’re doing at ALT. How is old Professor Tasselhoff? Is she still giving pop quizzes at 6:00 AM on a Saturday? Man, I hated that. Not that I went to class much…er…anyway, your mom and I are enjoying our second week of vacation in Newland Harbor, which is the most scenic little town you can imagine. That’s a little play on words there, you know, because we shot half of She Sells Seashells in Newland Harbor and had to build most of the town from scratch. So it’s not a town so much as a really solidly constructed movie set. Get it now? Scenic? Movie scenes? Hahaha…haha…oh, never mind. Your old pop’s past his prime as far as crafting a decent joke goes.

At last I still have my looks! What a handsome devil, eh? (What do you mean I’m conceited? Bah!) Here’s me in front of the lighthouse in Newland Harbor:

Ravelo Family

Your mom took that picture. She really loves it here, says she wants to move here someday. The only problem is that the nearest semblance of civilization is over 10 miles away, and you know I can’t stay away from the city too long, or I get hives. That said, I do like it out here, and you can’t beat the view. Just look at that! This is outside our front door.

Ravelo Family

Sure beats staring at a bunch of ugly skyscrapers, eh? Anyway, your mom and I have decided we’re going to come back here for a few weeks around the time you guys graduate from ALT so you can all come out and have a little vacation before you head into the Big, Scary World. We can eat lobster and swim in the ocean and watch the sunsets from the front porch while we drink espresso and talk about your mom behind her back. Sound good?

Oh, and about the heir to the Ravelo legacy — I know we pulled Anastacia aside a long time ago and explained it to her, but we haven’t officially decided who it’s going to be yet. I think that’s a choice we all have to make together. So while we’re bonding by the sea we can have some serious discussions about that, too. I know it sounds a little weird, but your grandpa Simon turned this family into something great, and I think we owe it to him to keep his legacy alive and thriving. I know he’d be proud to have any of you as the Ravelo heir. So anyway, let that roll around in your brain a bit. We look forward to seeing you all at graduation!



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45 thoughts on “The Fate of Third Generation

  1. Yes! Ravelos! Yes yes yes yes yes! How exciting. Now i’ve got that out of my system, i’ll go and actually read the entry….

  2. Ok…really hard to choose, but I guess….Kaela. She’s the neatest one, and I like her green eyes. Although they’d all make good heirs. So good to see them again!

  3. I vote for Anastacia! :D I have a soft spot for Family Sims, and I really like her facial shape.

  4. Yayyy!! An update :D And an awesome one at that.

    I vote for Anastacia. I like her, she has a nice face, and shes a family sim. Yeah. Anastacia gets my vote :)

  5. Yes! Jen’s baaaaaacccckkk…

    My vote is for you middel child there.
    Love the theater myself, so it’s a natural choise.

  6. I like them all, Jen! But, considering the fact that family is my no.1 aspiration, it’ll have to be the lovely Anastacia!

    It’s great that the story is back on track!

  7. Oh Jen I am so glad to see an update!

    I definitely vote for Anastacia! She’s a family sim (which are my favorite) which means she’ll have lots of kiddies (and be happy about it), and I think she’s got a good head on her shoulders!

  8. Jen. Your update was like a Venti Latte with a shot of carmel and double whipped cream AND chocolate sprinkles. Incredibly satisfying and delicious. Wow. I’ve reallyed enjoyed going to college with these girls. Alright. Voting time. I think I’m going to go for Anastacia. She reminds me of her father in many ways. She has a lot of great traits and being family, staying in touch with her sisters and keeping family continuity will be important to her. Her younger sisters have other interests to pursue in life and I think they will be happiest doing that.

  9. I definitely vote for Anastacia, also! ;) Great to see you back, Jen. I hope your graphics card starts working for you here real soon! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with a business! And yes, Ravi Ravelo IS very hilarious. There’s nothing like a little fun with the family, now is there? Take care, Jen! Good luck with the game/graphics card!

  10. Anastacia!!
    I think shes the prettiest out of the three. (Although they are all very pretty). I’m glad the Ravelos are back:)

  11. This might be redundant, but Anastacia is sooo pretty, is a family sim, is nice and outgoing, had a perfect GPA, and has good interests for an heir. So my vote definately goes for Anastacia. Plus, she’s the eldest…right? Here’s a slap on the wrist ahead of time if I’m wrong. Thanks for another amazing update, Jen. They’re so satisfyingly long! And Simon Ravelo is very good looking, I must say.

  12. Oh, the long-awaited update! Bliss! I vote for Kaela, because she is the neatest and a drama geek, just like me.

  13. I’m gonna vote for Kaela–high neatness, /what!/

    It’s great to see you back and at ’em again, Jen. I’m glad everything’s turned out for the better.

  14. I love this whole story. Being new, it took me a while to read through the entire thing. I still have a couple more, but I skipped ahead. LOL. From what I have read, I would have to vote for Kaela. In my opinion, she reminds me most of her father, and even her grandfather.

  15. Jen – I have been reading your stories since you began them and am severely addicted. You have no idea the withdrawals I have been going through since your unintentional hiatus. I have to vote for Kaela; she’s just so pretty. I can’t wait for your next update. Glad to have you back!

  16. This is a hard choice… but I’ll go for Anastacia. I just hope a nice family sim like her won’t go for the Criminal career because of her Literature major. :D

  17. I will be a rebel and vote for Misty, although I know she won’t win. :) I love her pouty lips and she’s unique.

    I LOVED this update, I like the idea of us voting for the next heir though, it’s more fun ^_^ LOOOOVE your stories, can’t wait for the next one.

  18. Though Misty is my favorite sister (I just love her sleepy eyes, beauty mark, and light brown hair) the practical side of me chooses *Kaela* for the heiress. I like that she inherited green eyes from the earlier members of the family…it’s fun to try to keep certain traits in the family. You also haven’t had a Popularity sim that I recall, and you will need a plat Popularity grave someday. Anastacia is pretty, but she is sloppy and Lauren Ravelo was enough Family Sim to last me 5 generations! :D That woman was baby-crazy!

    Each sister is gorgeous, so you won’t have to worry about genes or anything. I hope you still play Misty a little bit and update us on her life. I LOVE her!

  19. I vote Kaela. I know Anastacia had been your first choice and everything, but shes a family sim..and although they are great..they can get very boring very easily. So anyway, I like Kaela. Shes all of the others, but shes popularity also. Not as easy as family and quite interesting.

  20. Wow I’ve been away a while! I missed the entire mess with the Shaneys getting lost (which I went back and read) and I’m so sorry you had to lose them. Anyway, I know Anastacia has been getting most of the vote and Kaela’s been coming in second, I’d have to vote Misty. I know she’s a personality clone of Ana but she’s got so much to offer! Like that platinum popularity stone! You also know she’d keep excitement in the house by nearly burning it down once in a while! Why not challenge yourself as you seem to be a professional at handling family sims.

  21. I vote for Anastacia; in my opinion she has all the qualities of an heiress and eventual matriarch.

  22. Well I’ll vote for Anastacia she seems like she will do very well as the heiress and not have a problem producing a future heir for the family :)

  23. Thanks for voting and comments, everyone! Here is the final tally:

    Anastacia: 15 votes
    Kaela: 9 votes
    Misty: 3 votes

    It looks like Anastacia will be the next Ravelo heir! Do you guys think you can handle another generation full of children? ;-) Only six this time, though.

    Kaela and Misty aren’t gone forever, though — they’ll be back again at some point. Kaela wants to do another play or two, and Misty wants to be the first guitar-playing mayor of Rosebrook.

    On to Generation FOUR!

  24. Totally Righteous Ravelos….. Congrats to Anastacia! More Ravelo kids?? Just twist my arm!! No problem there. And yes, I want Kaela to be free for the stage – more plays! more plays! And ROCK ON Misty! I’m sure she WILL be the first guitar-playing mayor of Rosebrook! Maybe someday her band can open for Llama Mama!

  25. Hi Jen!!! I’m back as well ;)
    I was going to vote Misty – I LOVE MISTY!! – but I’m glad about Anastacia. Go Ravelos!
    Eliz xxx

  26. Yaaaaay! I’m glad both Kaela and Misty will still be around. :D And yay for another big bunch of Ravelo kids! Hah. The family tree must have an interesting shape by now.

  27. Quick comment, just because I want to make sure I get my vote in!

    I liked Misty’s letter the most. I will keep my pizza far away from her.
    Sorry to offend her with my pizza, but it IS onion… (oh, onion. *heart*)

    My vote is for Anastacia, because I like Family Sims so much. They’re just so doggone sweet.


    Anyway, I’ve started a Victorian legacy and my plan is to do the following: whenever I choose an heir, every child who was not an heir starts their own legacy after college. This would mean a neighborhood filled almost entirely by the descendants of 1 sim! I just thought you’d like to take a look at the idea.

    I’m still on Gen. 2 of Legacy 1 myself, but so far that generation just so happens to have /6/ kids so this will mean 6 legacies (plus, the eldest is rooming with 2 townies off-dorm, so they’ll be starting their own legacies as well).

    My (sim’s) kids are splendid. My heir Melena is absolutely GORGEOUS and has exceptional stats and TONS of skill points (at least 8 in cooking, logic, creativity, and charisma, plus some others here and there). Some other kids have one or even two of those, but none have all three.

    April might be even prettier than Melena, but her personality isn’t as good; meanwhile, Aquene has and even better personality but is not quite as pretty. I forgot to do the random-sim generator in CAS before Eliora was born, so she’s exactly the same as Milena, but she /is/ much younger. Mato has pretty good stats with one major exception (you’ll see) and is attractive and has high creativity and logic, but he only has ONE niceness point (which is ironic since he is so well-behaved and gets along so well with his siblings). Leonard has pretty good stats and is attractive, and he’s already maxed out his logic, but Milena’s just prettier, more skilled, and more personality-ful.

    So yeah. xD I don’t have a blog for my sims stuff, yet, but I plan on starting one soon.

  29. I’m so fickle. I’ve given up on all my challenges and am going to nuke my custom neighbourhood and start over again. I was part of this collaborative legacy challenge where everyone used the same Sim (downloaded) to start with, but unfortunately the founder is one of those people who’s constantly going ‘I AM LEAVING THIS SITE! (5 minutes later) Oops, nv lol’. I’m not too fond of constant drama, so I’m going to make my own instead! Rawr!

  30. I think Misty because it would give the next generation a twist, she seems funny, and full of suprises…so i think she should be the next heir…plus its a shame what happen to her hair AND her band so i think being chosen as heir is a nice reward for all her hard work and embarresment.

  31. Ana shes neat tidy kind and helpful plus she wants 6 kids (probably gets it from her gran)

  32. I absolutely love your Nightlife Legacy The Ravelo’s. I also love the dorm “Astorga Hall” that the girls are live in at college. I was wondering since you created it if you would upload it to either the exchange or parsimonious website. Please respond, thank you!