The One-Armed Redheads Club

Ruby: Hi folks, I’m Ruby Shanley. This is what I looked like my first day at Sim State University. Behind me is my cousin Ginger Shanley, who hadn’t turned into a young adult just yet.

Shanley Family

Ginger: Wait, wait, WAIT…you can’t start out just like that. It’s been too long. You have to refresh their memories a little.

Ruby: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Well, I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’m from the 3rd generation of the second Shanley Legacy.

Ginger: Rube, why don’t you just say you’re a 12th generation Shanley? It sounds much more impressive.

Ruby: It does, but our grandmother Mia started her Legacy on a brand new lot, so I think of it as a brand new Legacy. Which is great, if you ask me, because…think of all the ghosts we’d have if we still lived at Shanley Manor. It’d be insane.

Ginger: True. Having Grandpa Marcel haunting us in his llama suit is bad enough.

Shanley Family

Ruby: Yeah, remember the time he scared my mom so bad she wet the floor?

Shanley Family

Ginger: Oh, your poor mom. I’d probably pee myself, too, if I saw a giant llama man floating towards me.

Ruby: I like llamas.

Ginger: That’s because you ARE one. Or were one.

Ruby: Oh, don’t remind me. I looked pretty weird, didn’t I?

Shanley Family

Ginger: Yeah, you and your boyfriend, Randy.

Ruby: He wasn’t my boyfriend. We just hung out together.

Ginger: Mm-hm. Yeah. Sure, Ruby.

Ruby: Come on, that was ages ago! Let’s get back to our years at Sim State.

Ginger: OK. Here’s me when I finally became a young adult. Aren’t I HOT? Haha.

Shanley Family

Ruby: Totally. I love the one-sleeve look.

Ginger: Yeah, that’s when we started the One-Armed Redheads Club. We were the sole members, of course.

Ruby: Technically we were the One-Sleeved Redheads, since we had full use of both arms.

Ginger: Yeah, but One-Armed sounds better.

Ruby: It does. We thought we were so cool. Especially when we got our new hairdos.

Shanley Family

Ginger: Hey, we were hot stuff! Especially me. Haha.

Shanley Family

Ruby: It was the hat.

Ginger: I LOVED that hat. I even slept in it.

Shanley Family

Ruby: You were hot stuff, Gin. Not so much when you ate, though.

Ginger: What do you mean?

Ruby: I love you dearly, Gin, but you’re the sloppiest person I know.

Shanley Family

Ginger: Hey, I can’t help it. I have a Neatness of 0. Zee-ro. Nada. Which really sucks, of course, but I do have some redeeming qualities, right? I mean, look at that face!

Shanley Family

Ruby: And the hat!

Ginger: The hat! My best feature. And by the way, it’s not my fault that I’m sloppy. It’s an immutable part of my personality.

Ruby: Kind of like my being shy, which you tease me about ALL THE TIME, you know.

Ginger: Well, your shyness makes you miss out on a lot of things. Like our freshman year. You spent the whole time either playing video games by yourself or studying in your room. You were like the hermit of Sim State.

Shanley Family
Shanley Family

Ruby: OK, so I was a bit reclusive, but I can’t help that anymore than you can help flooding the bathroom when you take a shower. Besides, I wanted to get good grades so I could get a good job someday and become filthy rich.

Ginger: I wanted the same thing, pretty much. I still do. I want to be a disgustingly wealthy businesswoman.

Ruby: Which is why you majored in Biology instead of Business.

Ginger: Aw, come on. I was fascinated by the study of living organisms.

Ruby: Especially organisms of the…male persuasion?

Ginger: You’re talking about Ocean, aren’t you.

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    I’m with Some Random Girl on liking Ginger’s hat– but, I think I like Ruby’s post-makeover hair even better. And premnakeover hair, a lot, too.
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    Maybe they’ll both take middle-aged naps? :D Hey, it could work!

    It’s weird, though. Last night, around when this entry was posted, I was all thinking “gee, I haven’t checked Mt. Geneva in so long. How long has it been since a Shanley update, too?”
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    On a different note… Just found out something awesome that I’ve gotta share. My mom’s friend’s sister works at EA and gets 10 free games a year but never wants them, so Bruce said that he’ll ask her to get me OfB! (And Uni Mac for a friend’s birthday gift.) I’m so happy, YIPPEE!!

  23. Wow, a lot of lurkers came out of the woodwork! A hearty hello to all of you, and thanks so much for commenting. I’m glad you guys liked the update; it was fun to play and write about the Shanleys again.

    As for Ruby & Ginger’s hairstyles, Ginger’s hat hairstyle is by Lola and can be found at The Sims Resource (the style is called “Claire”). I think Ruby’s first hairstyle is by Sunair and was available on the Sunair website, but it seems to be down at the moment (or is no longer up and running — Sunair does have some great hairstyles at TSR, though).

    I’ll write up a post about my favorite sites for downloading clothes and hair, so stay tuned! And yay to Jess, for getting Nightlife, and to Keely, for maybe getting some free games! Woot!

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    Eva: The family trees that Jen created might help you catch up on things!

  30. Surely – No-uh. They might be confused because Maxis has said there will be one ‘pet’ of sorts in OFB. A pet brick. ;) Seriously!

  31. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that pets will come with the next expansion pack. I heard that the last survey mentioned rideable horses and farm life and such.. I’d love for all of that to be rolled in with pets and more family-oriented things (ie: more interactions for kids/toddlers/elders, etc).

  32. It didn’t let me finish…..I LOVED the one armed red head club! LOL! Because you guys are as sweet as pie here, I have another see-if-you-can-find-this kinda deal. I think you all know about the original barretted hair from maxis, but lately i have been seeing people in stories and such withe the barretted hair longer and twice as cute. Someone directed me to the mod the sims 2 site, but i have yet to find it! Will someone please help me!!!! I will be eternally grateful!!

    PS: Here is a link that will show you what the long barrette should look like, but its on kids only!!

  33. . Simaddicts, that’s a link to Natrobo’s page at MTS2. I believe that if you scroll down, you’ll find the hair you’re looking for.

  34. I found the one for kids, but i was looking for the long barrette for young adults and adults. If n e one can find that one, i will be in sooo much thanks!!

    Thanks for everyone else for helping! u r sooooo sweet!!


  35. Sorry because I’ve never seen a version for young adults and adults but you might find something similar if you do a search like Surely said. Sorry! I thought you were looking for that exact hairstyle that’s on Natrobo’s page! Stupid me!

  36. simaddicts, this isn’t quite the same hair, but it’s similar: Fashion Barette Hair on MTS2. I’ll let you know if I come across anything else!

    I’m working on several updates and not sure which one to post first, but I’ll have something for you guys very soon, I hope. The Shanleys seem to be the most in demand at the moment, so I plan on posting about them, at least, but I also want to get back to the Ravelos, Brayton-DeGroffs, and maybe even Maude’s Tales. I just need another 10-12 hours in my day. :-)

    To answer Kay’s question, I definitely plan on buying Open For Business! Maxis totally owns me, you know. Pets would be cool, but I can wait for them — I actually got kind of tired of them in Unleashed. Crazy, I know. ;-) I’m sure they’ll be more fun in Sims 2 and hopefully won’t slow down the game too much.

  37. Just thought I’d say hi and long time no see people! I finally got my computer back up and running, but have yet to get the sims…I seem to have misplaced my CD cover and with it the serial number. I wanted to say great job as usual Jen and that I’ll keep on working on my silly (to be kind) computer until I can play again!