The Seeds of Discord

Good evening, dears! It’s me, your old friend Maude. I hope you’ll forgive my being gone for so terribly long, though it’s not really my fault, you see. I’ve actually been here all the time, just brimming with stories to tell you, but I never got the chance! Not with those upstart Shanleys at the top of the hill, populating half the town with their ever-expanding brood, bringing poor souls back from the dead, and who knows what else. I have to say, it’s all been a bit unsettling.

Let me take this opportunity to assure you that I would never desire being brought back to life. I’m quite happy in my ghostly existence, drifting about the town, scaring off the ruffians that try to vandalize Berthiaume Manor, observing all the residents of Mt. Geneva (and there are a good many of them now)…now that’s “life” to me. Being truly alive again would be rather inconvenient, I should think – I wouldn’t be able to spy on anyone at all!

So I’ll continue being a phantom, thank you very much, and if some misguided fool should try to bring me back, well…he’ll wish he hadn’t!

Ahem. Excuse me, dears – I get rather snippety (and long-winded) when I think about such things. On to much pleasanter topics, like…the Kilmans! Some of you might remember Tiffy and her brother Joey, who married that dreadful Bailey Singleton. Well, she’s Bailey Kilman now, and much has happened since that fateful union! I’ve been eager to tell you all about it, and now I finally have the chance. Let’s catch up with them, shall we?

After the wedding reception (during which Tiffy dropped a hint to Bailey that Joey wasn’t really a car salesman, and Bailey took it completely the wrong way), the two ladies treated each other quite frostily. Tiffy had never really warmed up to Bailey in the first place, and I can’t say I blame her – Bailey was a selfish, spoiled woman who cared little for the feelings of others.

I remember one day in particular when Bailey teased Tiffy about being single (Tiffy hadn’t gone on a date since her teenage years) and said in her usual self-satisfied manner, “Joey and I are going to have a baby. Don’t you wish you could have one?” She then proceeded to stick her thumbs in her hair, wiggle her fingers, and say, “Neener neener.”

Bailey teases Tiffy

Well, Tiffy wasn’t in a rush to get married or have children, but the fact that Bailey would say something to her in such a rude tone – and with such childish hand gestures! — bothered her greatly. Besides, she had just found out that day that Geneva College no longer needed her – apparently not enough students had registered for its inaugural semester, and so they had to cut back on faculty.

So Tiffy wasn’t in the best of moods to begin with, and Bailey’s little dig was only making her feel worse. I could tell from the way she clenched her fists that she was a hair’s breadth from knocking Bailey upside the head! But her calm maturity prevailed. Tiffy coolly dismissed Bailey’s little mockeries and decided to take a nice, long walk instead.

Joey met her on the return trip home and tried to apologize on Bailey’s behalf.

“You know she was only joking,” said Joey. “She’s just happy for us. I hope you’re happy for us, too.”

Joey comforts Tiffy

Tiffy laughed. “Of course I’m happy! Congratulations.” She threw her arms around Joey and gave him a sisterly squeeze.

Joey beamed. I could tell he was excited to be a father – there was a new brightness in his eyes that nearly surpassed the gleam they got when he spent large sums of money. Speaking of money…

“I hope you don’t mind if we keep living in the trailer with you for awhile,” he said a little hesitantly.

Tiffy raised a brow. “I thought Bailey wanted to move out?”

“She does, but –” Joey glanced down sheepishly. “I can’t really afford it just yet. I’m making a lot of money now, but you know Bailey – she’s a little on the… expensive side.”

A little on the expensive side? Bailey was always demanding this new trinket or that new gadget, and the pricier, the better! I rolled my eyes, but of course no one could see me.

I’m almost positive that Tiffy wanted to roll her eyes, too, but with remarkable restraint and generosity, she said, “You can live with me for as long as you need to. But we will need to move out of the trailer. Bailey was right when she said it’s just not big enough for a growing family.”

Joey thanked his sister and ran off to tell Bailey, who wasted no time in suggesting a few houses – er, mansions – that might serve well for their new abode.

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  1. Beautiful house as usual and I’m glad Maude’s back! I commented a few entries ago that I was close to getting bugs sorted out and starting a blog but there will be no such luck and now I have a bug with the screenshots on top of everything else so nevermind my blog idea. So, is the next post going to be about the Kilmans or something else? I’m sure it’s good, whatever it is!

  2. I vaguely remember this family. :3 But I do think you’ve gotten better at story telling. His wife seems edgy, eh?
    Don’t like her much.

  3. Wow, it’s so great to read about the Kilmans again. I remember their stories perfectly from way back when. The new house looks amazing, of course, and Bailey is still her stuck-up, good-for-nothing self. ;-) I’m glad you decided to continue these stories, Jen! Are you still planning on the college thing for Rory and Ferris? I must say, it’d be much easier now with University. ;-) I can’t wait to read about the other families in this saga!!

  4. I remember the Kilmans. I love Tiffy! I’m glad her brother is finally getting out of the crime business but I wonder if he’ll stay out with that nagging wife of his. I’m excited to see what happens to them. I’ve always loved Maude, she is so funny sometimes. Great writting Jen! I hope you are having fun. :) Oh yeah, and just like everyone else said…the new house does look so great! I’d love to live there. haha.

  5. Hey that title reminds me of Will and Grace last night xDD Um great update very very Kilman-ish. I was thinking he had killed off Bailey. I never did like her…or fortune sims.

    Good luck,

  6. Fiiiinally you continued – so great to read about them! But, one suggestion – maybe a bit more pictures? But still, it was nice to meet old friends after all – keep going! Oh, and I finally found a weblog service that suits me, so maybe you would like to add my weblog to your links-list? That would be really nice :) – Thanks, Eva

  7. Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback. Maude was a little rusty but overjoyed to be telling stories again. ;-)

    Nita – I hope you can get your bug and blog issues worked out. I’d love to see your Sims. As for the next update, it’ll probably be Kilmans since I already have the pics ready, but I might do something else instead — who knows!

    Jessica – Unfortunately I can’t send Rory and Ferris to college — they became Adults before University was released. But that’s OK — I’m actually looking forward to bringing some new families into the fold!

    Eva M. – More pictures? LOL. I had about 30 pictures for this update, but it took me two days just to write the story for the measly 7 you saw in this update! (I had more explaining to do than I thought.) Yeah, Maude and I get too wordy sometimes. Next time, more pics, I promise!

    And your blog looks cool! I’ve added the link!

  8. I remember those times well, at the time i walked between your site and the site of Kara (Confessions of a simmer) unfortunately she not write in her site anymore.
    I like the Maude´s Tales very much it´s so cool back to the old times again.
    Keep going :)

  9. Yay Maude! Yay the Kilmans! Yay that house. I would live there if I could. Gorgeous! Boo Bailey. Boooo! :P

  10. I remember Confessions of a Simmer and Susana is right. This reminded me of her blog because Maude’s Tales were around the time of Kara’s blog. Confessions of a Simmer was the first blog I found and I miss it but I get to read great stories here. I do hope you’ll continue with Maude’s commentary. That’s all again.

  11. I miss Kara’s stories, too. I still check Confessions of a Simmer every few days hoping to see a new one! :-)

  12. Well i cant say that i remember Maudes tales.. ( Poor me). But i still like them alot. They seem quite interesting. IF only i had found your blog sooner :). And i also miss Confessions of a Simmer..She was the reason i found your blog. Can you believe that i dont miss the Braytons as much as i thought i would? Guess it is because you are wonderful at telling stories.

  13. I was wondering if you can make us a little tour for Mt. geneva, just a few pics for “kill” my curiosity, please?…Sorry i don´t mean to be abusive or boring you with that, but it will be nice to know the neighbourhood….But of course it´s your decision to do that.

  14. Maybe Maude’s Tale should be told. What I mean by that is that she should elaborate on how she died and how her life was. Of course we all know already that there are too many dead Shaneys enjoying the tiki bar above for Maude to have to put up with so that would explain in more detail why Maude spends her time spying on Mount Geneva. I’m on a roll with these stupid ideas!

  15. I managed to save my Sims, by the way! :D Found a save just before Kit was born, though I’ve still moved the whole family into a whole new neighbourhood just to make sure they’re safe from bugs.

  16. Oh, man, I missed Maude’s Tales! :D
    It’s a good thing Joey quit the “Car Dealership”. He seems like a fortune Sim, and the $175 difference between the top of the Criminal career track and the Business career track really adds up.
    Maude’s dislike of the Shanleys is kind of funny. Then again, they were edging her out, man! Out of the COMPETITION!
    Yes. They are racing.
    Go, speed racer go-o~!
    Ha! I will now do the rest of my comment in speed racer-style things! It will be someone resembling speed racer especially if you are to read it aloud in his voice! Ha! Ha!
    The house in which they are living is a nice looking house! It looks like it is a nice house to live in! Ha!
    Hey! Hey! They have a swing-bench on their house! It is a nice swing bench!
    The neener of Bailey is a neener that should never be neenered because it is not a nice thing to do to someone! Especially a someone who is your sister or sister in law! Law is helpful to make you feel justice sometimes!
    Ha ha! Maude is funny! She has a summer evening that is more sultry than a sultry singer who is sultry!
    …musically so!
    Hopefully Bailey does not have THE MYSTERIOUS DISEASE! It is so mysterious that it will kill you with its mystery! It is almost a butler mystery! *gasps and makes that /face/* :OOOOO
    ^^; Okay, done.

  17. Hey Jen – to tell the truth, I don’t miss the Braytons that much either, I guess it seems much harder for me to see that the Shanleys won’t be continued ;) – really! Thanks a lot for adding my blog – I had my first update just now, legacy challenge has begun! Oh ok, I see you are definitely a writer at heart, so I’ll simply be looking forward to more pictures in the next update *g*. Wish you a nice day :)

  18. Yay! Maude is back! I read her stories a looong time ago, before I even knew how to comment on a blog, and have read them through a few times. So glad that they are back.

    I have to say, I love susana’s idea, about giving a tour of Mt. Geneva. Id love to see how many families you have there, and how they are arranged and everything. I don’t know whether you’d like to show us, but I would love to see it. I can never manage with too many sims in one neighbourhood

  19. I’d love to give you guys a tour of Mt. Geneva, but I might I wait until I’ve introduced a couple more families for Maude’s Tales. Then you can see where they dwell in the neighborhood. I’m really looking forward to the Nightlife EP when we’ll be able to see our Sims’ neighbor houses WHILE we’re in our Sims’ lots! Isn’t that exciting? I’m probably more excited about that than I am about the cars and garages. ;-)

    BTW, I created my first Royal Kingdom Challenge family last night and built most of their house, using a real Victorian house plan. The finished result is a bit wonky-looking (we really need a variety of roof pitches!) but it was fun.

    PRMami – Thanks, and you’re right about Bailey!

    Eva – Thanks so much, I’m glad you’re enjoying my stories.

    susana – I guess I already answered your question about a tour, but hello anyway!

    Nita – I’ve thought about telling Maude’s tale, but I worry that it might be too tragic! Maude had a horrible life, you see. But who knows, maybe she’ll feel like talking about it one of these days…

    Kay – Yay! I’m glad you were able to save the Wintheres. I hope they like their new neighborhood. :-)

    Blu – LOL! Can you believe I’ve never watched Speed Racer? I know, I’m horribly deprived!

    Eva M – Actually, I haven’t given up the Shanleys completely — I just won’t tell stories about them as frequently, I don’t think. I really do want to reach 20th gen with them at some point!

    kath – Thanks! I like susana’s idea, too. :-)

  20. Well, I do miss the Braytons, but not nearly as much as I would have had you just stopped posting. And, I do love returning to Maude’s tales. I missed those while I was interested in the Braytons and Shanleys. So, even steven.

  21. What I like about these families is you get very attatched to them somehow. They aren’t even my sims, and they aren’t even real people, yet I care so much about what happens to them! lol

  22. Wow, thanks Jen :D I hope one day my blog will be as big and sucessful as yours. But thats a long way off lol :P

  23. Hey Jen, just quickly wanted to let you know that I changed my weblog provider and therefore the website address has changed too (I’ve linked it with my name) – could you please change the address in your links list? Thanks alot! Still, it looks the same, the only difference is that I finally have it in English and I have better facilities and more webspace :) – Greetings! Btw. the Morrigans are a lot of fun :)

  24. Hey Jen and everyone! I am happily annoucing the opening of my very new blog! I am just starting out, experiencing beginners difficulty, but I am liking it! Please come visit and hopefully comment. Eventually I’ll get around to linking people’s sites, so no offense if it is not up there for about a week…hehe, I’m slow, I know.

    the address is:

    Oh, I await your next entry eagerly ;)

  25. Vivi! I followed your link and left a comment but I’m not sure if you got it. I know I’m not the one you intended to follow the link but I have to say that your blog is looking awesome.

  26. Thanks Nita! Of course I intended you to follow the link…everyone here is awesome and should do the same! I got your comment, but I had to moderate it. That is fixed now, and all the little bugs are slowly…well, debugging. I hope more people follow your shining example!
    Oh, and just a heads up, the pictures on my blog are fuzzy and taken long ago before my poor non-gaming computer got quite a bit upgraded. As the blog continues, the pictures get better.

  27. Awesome blog so far, Vivi! I left you a comment!

    As for my blog, my apologies for the delay in posting — I was nearly finished with the next Maude update when my brain got kidnapped by the Royal Kingdom Challenge. :-P

  28. Hehe, just wanted to let everyone know that the Lawler’s are updated. Thanks Jen! I really can’t wait till your next update.