The Plan

Hey guys, thanks a ton for the feedback! And thanks for understanding about the Braytons. I have a feeling I’ll get back to them sooner rather than later, so they won’t be gone for long.

The most popular options seem to be Maude’s Tales and the Royal Kingdom Challenge. So here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m going to create all my families for the RKC, build their houses, and play each family for a little bit, just to see how the gameplay goes and whether or not I can make some decent stories out of it. Since that will probably take awhile, I’m going to tell some Maude stories in the meantime. How does that sound?

Personally, I’m really excited about them both — I get to use the Victorian stuff I love (and build Victorian houses) and also tell stories about modern families who will be able to take full advantage of Nightlife once it comes out (cars! clubs! karaoke!). And I might try Option 2 just for fun — if it turns out to be interesting enough, maybe I’ll make it a Maude Tale.

27 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Yay!! Thanks for being so creative for the rest of us..especially those of us who don’t and can’t have the sims2. (I have a mac, and it’s older so it won’t handle the heavy load.)

  2. Yay, I can’t wait for more Maude’s tales, I always loved the way you wrote them from a ghost’s point of view. And the Royal Kingdom Challenge sounds quite fun too, I had a go at that once but Im not good at juggling a lot of families at once so I quit that. :D I hope you do better!

  3. Huzzah! :D
    As you can see from my own webpage, by the way, I’ve put all my other stories except Joe&Jessica’s on pause. So if you’re fickle, then I’m fickle too. ;)

  4. OK, I’m double-posting on my own blog, but I just had an idea — for those of you who can’t play the Sims, what if you gave me the specs for a Sim, like their sex, skintone, eye color, hair color, astrological sign, aspiration — everything — and I could create them in the game and tell stories about them. I mean, I know it’s not as good as playing, but this way a Sim that you pretty much designed could be running around Mt. Geneva. Maude wanted some new families to blab about anyway. :-) Whaddya think? Dumb idea?

  5. Well I can’t play anymore for a few weeks because I am moving and my Sims computer was taken down :-( So I will do a sim. Well describe one.

    Name: Amber (have always liked the name even if its rather bland). I don’t know about a last name.
    Sex: Female
    Skintone: 2nd one
    Age: Adult
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Grey
    Astrological Sign: Aquarius
    Aspiration: Family

  6. I would totally love an Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy sim couple. I’m sure you could figure out their specs. I’m not sure how it works in the new sims, I’ve only played the old. Or…

    Name: Isabelle
    Sex: Obviously Female (i hope)
    Skintone: Fair
    Hair Color: Light blond with brown lowlights (?)
    Eye Color: Wolf eye blue
    Age: Adult
    Sign: Pisces
    Aspiratioin: Anything but Romance. This sim would not be so bold.

  7. Well, cool! This’ll be fun.

    I’ll state it more “officially”. ;-) To anyone who can’t play the Sims and wants me to create a Sim for them, here’s the list of what I need:

    Name (just the first name is fine, if you don’t mind me giving them a last name!)

    Age (toddler, child, teen, adult, elder)

    Skin tone (Pale, Fair-Medium, Medium, Dark)

    Hair Color (Blonde, Brown, Red, Black are the basic colors, but feel free to name something else — I might have it!)

    Eye Color (Basics are Blue, Dark Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, but I do have a bunch of customs of various other shades)

    Astrological Sign OR Personality Traits (For traits, you get 25 points distributed among Neat, Outgoing, Active, Playful, and Nice)

    Aspiration (Fortune, Family, Knowledge, Romance, Popularity)

    A few words to describe their personality (Quirky? Quiet? Pessimistic?)

    Their general clothing style (Casual, Partygoer, Businesslike, Funky, Gothic)

    And then let me know if you want them to be part of a family or have roommates — if so, I can put a few of them together in a house and see what happens. :-)

    Lil, do you want to design the Mr. Darcy character, too? :-) And are they already together?

  8. I can’t play seeing how parts of my drive crashed :(

    Name: Lindsey

    Age: Teen

    Skin tone: Medium (I am very tan just not considered black)

    Hair Color: Curly (ringlets) Brown hair

    Eye Color: Blue (Sorta icey I guess)

    Astrological Sign OR Personality Traits: Virgo

    Aspiration: Family

    A few words to describe their personality: Super outgoing (I talk to everyone ;)

    Their general clothing style: Casual

    Thankies Jen ;)

  9. Oops well here is a little addition:

    Personality: Shy, nice, neat, average serious/playfulness.
    Clothing: Casual (like jeans and a nice shirt or blouse)
    Living Arrangements (?): Roommate (s) are fine. I just a feel a bit odd making a family already married for some reason. :-)

  10. Nita, teen, sign scorpio, popularity, light skin, light brown hair in Cecily like hairstyle, greyish blue eyes. You decide what style clothes. The personality would be kind of shy and serious and passionate in everything she does. Scorpio is the most passionate sign after all. is where you should read more about that. I shouldn’t babble so I guess that’s it.

  11. Awesome, more Sims to create! :-D

    By the way, I’m about halfway through the next update — I wanted to finish tonight, but it’s past midnight and my bed is beckoning! So it’ll probably be up tomorrow night.

  12. Hey Jen :)
    Couldn’t you have asked just ONE day beforehand about suggesting our own sims – because you know – since YESTERDAY, can you believe, since YESTERDAY my game is finally working!!!! I mean I can hardly believe it, I’ve been waiting for this game to work since last christmas! As you probably remember I have played it in Florida, where I bought it, and immediately got addicted, but when vacation was over and we returned home to Germany I was never ever able to play the game until YESTERDAY! (and don’t tell anyone, but I’ve played about six hours in one go *blush* ;) ) – and yes, I finally got to start my very very own legacy family (no addons though), but I’m SO happy! Already thinking about a blog of my own, but I fear with my almost-to-zero-html-knowledge this will take a while :)… in case you don’t remeber me (just popped to my head), I was the one whose name suggestion you chose for your alien-baby Cleo *g*. Well anyways, ALTHOUGH I can play since exactly one day, I thought I might still be able to suggest a sim, because I did have to wait sooo long but still read you blog all those past months because the Shanleys have really grown on me *grin*. No need to use my suggestion though (but I guess I’ll stick with my Legacy sim as far as I know – it’s a male, as I though so many legacy founders are female on those blogs *g*). A green-eyed blonde politician with popularity aspiration (as not so many chose popularity as an aspiration aswell. By the way, how do you find out about a sims lifetime want??? I never figured that out, how do I know what Alec, my legacy founder, has as a lifetime want?!). Well okay, A LOT of chatting here, how about my suggestion after all ;) – here goes!

    Name – Phil
    Age – Adult (or young adult, I have no experience with those as I don’t have University)
    Skin tone – Fair-Medium
    Hair Color – Black, if possible with that ponytail (no custom made hair)
    Eye Color – I don’t mind but prefer brown, dark blue or gray
    Astrological Sign – make him very outgoing, medium nice, rather sloppy, quite alot playful and a bit active – yeah I know I’m not being super-specific *lol*
    Aspiration – Romance or Popularity
    A few words to describe their personality – he’s a lady’s man, partygoer, rather sloppy (so a slacker career would be just fine), but you can depend on him and he does want to get very far in his career. Prefers redheads, loves blue eyes with women (just in case you want to know *g*). Maybe also an athlete, or in the criminal career.
    Their general clothing style – not to overdresses, maybe a shirt, leather shoes(boots) and jeans and preferably with a leather jacket (you have some choice there in the-body-shop), he likes the colors light blue and brown/beige. He wears cool sunshades, has a crooked nose and a beard.

    Ok, that was it, maybe you create some kind of ‘Phil’ – at least, one day I will *g*
    Sorry for this loooooooooooooooong comment, but I’m just very talkative at the moment *g*. Greetings from Frankfurt, Eva!

  13. There’s another Eva, I’ve figured, so to not cause confusion I’ll be Eva M from now on (middle name Maria ;) ) – the German one, 19-years (addict, I know… *lol*)

  14. Okay… for the isabelle character, she would be shy at first, then, when she is comfortable she would be outgoing. Also, she would totally love geek guys. They’re hot! :) She would dress casual and decent. Not nekked clothes. :)
    The Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy Characters that I have in my head are the ones played by Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth in the 1995 BBC production. I love that! My sister in Denver had made Mr. Darcy, but she left off his sideburns. Did not look right. I don’t know if that is possible, but it would be great just to see them (together) about a sim town. Thanks for doing this:) Oh, maybe you could put all the individual sims together in one house and see what happens? :) (way too many smileys this time)

  15. Great idea Jen!
    Would it be easier for people to download Bodyshop if they don’t have the game, and then upload their sim to the website? then they can describe the personality etc. but won’t have to describe the look. then all you have to do is download and assign personalities! Just an idea. (Yours still rocks, hehe)

  16. Okie dokie..! I look forward to reading the posts about whatever you have in store. And also im getting kinda confused myself because of the other Eva.. then iwas gonna be Eva M., but she decided she wanted to be it so i will stick to Eva..the 15 year old one haha. Sorry if its confusing.

  17. Don’t worry Eva, we’ve sorted that out I guess, no need to get confused :) Your second name’s also Maria? Where are you from?

  18. Hey, Jen! I only started reading SimBlogs two days ago, and I’ve read all your stories so far. Great stuff!! I like Maude’s Tales the best. Just thought I’d comment on how kind it is that your helping out the sim-deprived.