The First Wedding

Cecily wanted all of the details, but she had to wait until later that evening after Mayhew had gone back to the Granville. She was sitting not-so-patiently in her room when Carol came in, as she usually did every night, to talk to her about the events of the day. Usually Cecily perched on the chair in front of her dressing table while Carol hovered nearby (the lady could never really sit still), but this time Cecily raced towards Carol rather ungracefully and flung her arms about her in another congratulatory hug.

“Come and tell me all about it!” Cecily cried, grabbing Carol’s hands and pulling her farther into the room. She plopped down on the edge of her bed and patted the space next to her.

Retaining her characteristic calm, Carol sat on the bed and smiled. “Well, there’s not too much to tell,” she said with a simple shrug. Cecily nearly burst.

“Oh, don’t be silly! It’s only the most important moment of your life! Where did it happen? What did he say?” She leaned forward, her eyes immense.

Carol hesitated, then launched into it. “All right, if you must know…I was in the guest room, tidying up — well, actually, I was just staring out the window –“ here she blushed, “ — and I heard someone enter the room. Just as I turned around, Arianna started playing that ridiculous song – “

“I adore that song!” Cecily interrupted.

“Yes, but it’s so high-flown, I almost started laughing! But Mayhew had a very serious look in his eyes, and I knew I had better not. I’m not usually so nervous around him, but it’d been so long, and I didn’t know how to be. You can imagine how stupefied I was when he got down on one knee – this was before he even said a word, mind you – and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.”


“Oh, Carol, that’s so romantic!”

“And then –“ Carol continued, clearly enjoying this now, “from the inside of his coat he brought out the most enormous box, and he said, ‘I found this in Castello, and it made me think of you’. And inside was the ring, of course.”


Carol held up her hand slightly and admired the clean-cut lines of the glittering gem upon her finger.

Cecily had seen it already but not this closely. With a wistful coo she clasped Carol’s hand and brought it up to her eyes so she could get a better look. The diamond caught the lamplight and cast it dazzlingly about the room.

“Oh, he did everything perfectly,” Cecily breathed, impressed that Mayhew, whom she had always thought to be somewhat dull, could have pulled off such a lovely proposal.

Carol twinkled with pride. “Oh! And this is the best part! We’re not quite sure yet, but we hope to be married this Saturday at the chapel downtown. Just a small ceremony, nothing grand – but then we’re moving into a house! Mayhew’s inquiring after a few of them tomorrow. ‘I can’t give you a honeymoon just yet,’ he said, since he can’t very well run off again now that he’s working on the new hotel, ‘but I can give you a house.’”


“Isn’t that wonderful?” Carol sighed.

Cecily hugged her again, exclaiming that it was. “I always knew that’s how it would go! I can’t wait to see you in a house of your own.”

“Well, we owe it all to Mr. De Groff,” Carol said thoughtfully. “Without the bonus he gave Mayhew, it would be another 6 months at least before we could have afforded it. I’ll have to give him a seat of honor at the wedding.”

Cecily smiled awkwardly.

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25 thoughts on “The First Wedding

  1. Hmmmm, I can’t decide where I think this is going. For a second I thought, “A ha! She’ll become involved with a painter.” Then that was dashed. Then I thought maybe Max liked her. But now I’m wondering if he’s going to exploit what he knows.

    Waiting on bated breath!

  2. o.o
    Are you planning on marrying Cecily off?
    God this story arc is going slow @__@

  3. Carol looks radiant at her wedding. I hope she and Mayhew are happy together. What aspiration is he? Hope it’s not romance!

  4. Maaaaaaaaaax! Maxmaxmaxmax! I vote for Max!
    Don’t listen to Mieko. :P I’m loving this story, don’t change the pace or anything!

  5. I love the pace of the story. Though I have to admit, when I first saw the title in my RSS feed, I thought maybe it was Cecily’s shotgun wedding. *VBEG*. Ooooh, maybe she’ll fall in love with the painter, then HAVE to marry James …

  6. Scandal!! I think Max is really too kind and altruistic to take advantage of Cecily. But, it seems as if Cecily is going to have to pay for her sins at some point. And Mayhew and Carol’s wedding was lovely. I love that chapel. Maybe James will “have” to marry another girl. Maybe a shopkeep’s daughter. OOOoooo. I just love finding out what’s going to happen. Thankyou much Jen! :)

  7. Hi Jen. I love the Braytons!!!
    Oh this update is very intriguing. I’m wondering what path you’re taking with the story. Part of me believes you will marry Cecily to James, some part of me still hopes she ends up with Samuel and now you throw in the mix Max. Oh you’re good. But i knew that already. I love how you are keeping us on the guessing with the story. I hope you are enjoying the Brayton as much as we are. I’m really looking forward to another update on Braytons.
    Happy Simmings and thanks for all your hard work. :D

  8. lil, I like that … James quietly marries the girl he’d disgraced, before Cecily knew she was with child. Max will then come riding to her rescue and take the ‘prematurely born’ baby as his very own! *Looks expectantly @ Jen*. :-D

  9. Great update Jen! I’ve been waiting to see what would happen with Carol. I’m happy things are working out for her and Mayhew. :)

  10. Wow. Good job. I thought that maybe James’ brother would get married because of the title but boy was i wrong. Maybe Max will exploit her, but then again he might just fall in love with her..inviting her to his house and all. :D Anyway good job on the update.

  11. Just lettin’ you know that I updated again. =)

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX! *waves picket sign!*

  12. I vote Max but only if he has a dark secret that will put him on equal footing with Cecily, and if he shaves. He has to compete with Jame’s memory and all that :)

  13. Max is my new bestest friend. He rocks *waves a banner with saying ‘We love you, Max!’ with lots of heats on*

    When is Cecily going to realise she loves Samuel and not stinky James? When is Samuel going to burst in out of no where and confess his undying love for her? BAH! Good post, looking forward to the next one :D

  14. I agree with lil! I think it would be awesome if James had to marry another girl (because she’s pregnant), but CEcIlY doesn’t necessarily have to be pregnant. She can meet Max…and the painter…and think more about Samuel. But no, in the end Max will rescue her. Maybe he should get a slight makeover though. I mean, he can have the beard back when he’s an elder but it just makes him look so much more…Santa Clausey. There, I said it!

    *Joins Kay* GO MAX! WE WANT MAX!

  15. oh, IS Cecily pregnant? Did I miss something or do we just not know?
    *Hangs on a cliff holding on with her pinky*

  16. She’s not pregnant…yet. ;-P

    Thanks for all the story ideas, everyone! Unfortunately I have the next few episodes pretty well mapped out…*laughs evilly*

  17. It’s not unfortunate. It’s wonderful. I’d be dissapointed if you were predictable and wrote what we speculated about. :)

  18. I’m afraid you might be disappointed then, lil! Some of the speculations have been right on the mark. I won’t tell you which ones, though. :-)

  19. First I thought it was Cecily who was going to marry her James. But after reading this entry, I’m unsure WHO she will marry in the first place. Great writing as ever. I was so absorbed while reading the I didn’t notice my4-year old was asking me something. Like when I’m reading a good novel ;)

  20. Here’s my theory: Cecily will be pregnant with James’s child, but James won’t marry her; Max will know, or at least suspect, that Cecily is pregnant, and will offer to marry her and take the child as his own. Then, once they’re married, Cecily will begin to fall in love with him.

    Now I want to know if I’m right! When’s the next update? :)

  21. Thanks, Zoe & Catootje. I’m working on another Shanley update at the moment — it’s about half-written. Life keeps getting in the way! But it should be up soon, I hope…and then I plan on working on the Braytons.

  22. Is there going to be another Brayton update soon?? You’ve got my imagination going in about ten different directions!