Things You Don’t See Every Day

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I’m still working on the next Brayton update. I really wanted to post it tonight, but it’s taking longer than I expected – I took something like 300 pictures for this one, and I’m trying to whittle it down to about 25 as I write the story. Unless you guys want a REALLY long update this time… ;-)

I’m hoping to finish the update late tomorrow night, but in the meantime, I have a few Brayton outtakes to share with you. These are things you don’t see every day in May Green:

The Braytons find out what happens when you place a chair near the fireplace, start a fire, and have someone sit down in said chair

Poor Frederick went up in flames, and when Mayhew tried to extinguish him, he went up in flames. I had Carol try to extinguish both while Arianna called the fire department. All of this pandemonium for one little picture! Yipes. At least nobody died.

Carol, meet the cow mascot
Carol, meet the evil cow mascot. Evil cow mascot, meet Carol.

I wonder what a family in 1912 would do if someone in a cow suit walked into their house? Heck, what would a family in 2005 do? Run away!

Pillow fight!
Max and Cecily indulge in a little good-natured violence

What’s this? Smacking a grown man with a pillow? That’s no way for a lady to behave! Good gracious!

Cecily swoons
“Is it just me, or is it a little hot in here?”

James is a Romance Sim, so of course there’s a lot of swooning going on around him, and he’s always thinking about kissing and woohoo and such. Naughty lad! Poor Cecily doesn’t stand a chance.

Thanks for your patience, and Happy Simming!

12 thoughts on “Things You Don’t See Every Day

  1. Love your outtakes. =) Are the cow and pillow-fight options available because of the University expansion pack? Also, I was wondering if you plan on doing tours of your Brayton and Niadon properties.

    Looking forward to your next update! Keep up the good work. =)

  2. Enormous update! ENORMOUS UPDATE! :D I have no problem with 100+ pictures! … of course, I’ve also posted at least one myself that had 75+ pics, so go figure. ;)
    And the outtakes made me giggle loudly!

  3. Really funny outtakes, ,it’s like behind the scenes of the brayton’s…..can’t wait for the 300 pictures!! :-D

  4. Wow, the next update sounds like it’s going to be a good one! I’m wainting on pins and needles as the saying goes. I just can’t wait. In the meantime though, these outtakes were hilarious. I’ve always wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the Braytons. :lol:

  5. I don’t want you to work too much, but an enormous update seems the only way to get my story fix for the next week. :)

  6. I second (or third or fourth.. it’s early and I can’t count) the motion of a large update! :D And hilarious outtakes.. I love fire and pillow fight pictures.

  7. Oh just seeing these photos makes me pray to the sim gods that my game would stop getting so many darned glitches.

    Well I’m playing my Sims and I hope to be able to update soon , but with having 3 kids on summer break from school I’m finding I’m have little time playing now waaaa. Don’t you just hate it when you want to get something done but stuff always gets in the way?

    Love Cecily’s dress the details and textures are wonderful!

    Later…V :D

  8. Well, if it’s not too much to ask: a BIIIIGGGG update would be great for me ;-)
    Thanx for the pictures Jen, I have been wondering how exactly you keep the not-era-approriate things away: apparently you just don’t but don’t show them in your pictures.
    I’m looking forward to the next update!!
    (oh, and me being a horrible builder: are those lovely houses for download anywhere???)

  9. hehe! go experimenting with Sims!
    for now, my posts are going to be very short…I’m at a summer program! whee, lottsa work

    GOOD JOB as usual
    excuse my unnatural hyperness at the moment !!!!

  10. Hey guys, to answer a few questions:

    RG – Yup, the cow and pillow fight options are courtesy of the University expansion pack. As for tours, I hadn’t thought of doing tours for either Brayton Hill or Niadon yet since they’re both works in progress, but maybe when they’re in a more complete state, it might be fun to do!

    PRMami – Your question was probably rhetorical, but I wanted to say yes, I hate it when I want to get something done, but stuff gets in the way. I can’t imagine having three kids and trying to find time to play Sims AND update a blog (especially a well-done one like yours). I don’t think I could do it!

    Yannick – I haven’t put any of my Brayton houses up for download yet, since none of them are truly finished. But maybe one of these days I’ll finish them up and post them. If there’s one in particular you want, I could work on that one first!

    Vivi – Hyper is good! :-D

  11. LOL
    Hi Jen. Oh i love outtakes. I truely do. It makes the Braytons more and more human. Now i want a 300 page update but hmm since you already put up the update i know that didn’t happen. I’m glad you are able to so much to use but have to limit the pics you put up. All the pics you choose go so well with the story.

    I’m hoping some day you will show us more out takes. They always make me laugh.
    Happy simming
    and thanks for All your hard work.