The Modest Maiden

An awkwardness passed between Cecily and Josephine, and the latter glanced around the room, already bored with the conversation. Suddenly her eyes lit up, and Cecily turned to see James approaching them, a devilish twinkle in his eye.

“Only the dregs were left of the punch,” he said to Josephine. Then leaning slightly towards Cecily, as if he had been talking easily with her all their lives, he chuckled, “I dare say old Leverton’s not doing his job – nor Miss Carwell neither. Perhaps they’ve gotten busy in the kitchen?”

James talks to Cecily & Josephine

The tone of James’s voice, coupled with the glint in his eye, gave the remark a different meaning than the mere words suggested. Realizing his implication, Cecily stared at him wide-eyed, while Josephine said “James!” in a tone of mild shock.

James simply laughed, waving his hand. “Oh, dear ladies, I only meant that a party of this nature keeps Leverton and Carwell on their toes. Samuel’s gone to tell them about the punch. See? There’s old Leverton now.”

Indeed, the Haddaways’ butler had entered the room, a large pitcher in either hand. Samuel followed soon after, also carrying pitchers. Together they worked on filling the punch bowl as Josephine watched them admiringly.

“How kind of your brother to pitch in,” she said. “Isn’t it, Cecily?”

Cecily was so dazed by the presence of James at her side, his hand mere inches from hers, his face so near and even more alluring up close, that she took a moment to respond.

“Oh, yes,” she said, fixing her eyes upon the distant figure of Samuel, hefting the heavy pitchers of punch. “But Samuel has always been kind,” she murmured, almost unaware of what she was saying.

At this, James turned and looked at her, his lips twitching in amusement. Cecily caught the look and felt a blush spread across her face.

“Well then,” he said, brushing his hands upon his finery, “I know when to take a hint. I’ll go and help them.” And he was off across the room, though they had almost finished pouring all of the punch.

This left Cecily and Josephine in uncomfortable silence again, and Cecily looked around the room for someone else she might talk to.

An awkward silence

“Oh,” Josephine said suddenly. “I just remembered – I forgot to tell Samuel that I prefer my punch with ice. Excuse me.” With a graceful nod of her head, Josephine turned and strode in the direction of the punchbowl.

Cecily sighed. She was tempted to follow Josephine, if only to be near James again, but she didn’t want to be a nuisance, so she crossed the room and settled into an inviting chair.

While Cecily sat, the room filled with more and more guests, though most of them seemed to hover near the musicians or the food. Others spilled back into the hallway or the foyer, so that Cecily’s corner of the ballroom became one of the few quiet spaces. As she watched the lamplight glimmer on the ladies’ dresses, she became aware of eyes watching her, and before she knew it, James was sitting next to her.

James sits with Cecily

“Are you hiding from me?” he said, gazing at her in mock seriousness.

“I…uh…of course not,” Cecily stammered, though she felt her cheeks flush.

James laughed then, settling more comfortably into his seat. “I thought I might bring you a glass of punch, but then I was waylaid by the Nystroms, and by the time I extricated myself from them, you were gone.”

“I’ve been sitting here the whole time,” Cecily said in her calmest voice, but her continued blushing gave her away.

“Sitting out of the way,” James said with a knowing smile. “I can’t say I blame you. These kinds of parties wear me out.” He glanced wearily back into the throng of mingling guests, then rested his eyes upon Cecily once more. She tried to remain steady under the intensity of his gaze.

“Do you know, I thought about you while I was away,” he said, and when she looked surprised, he shrugged. “Oh, Samuel wrote about you, and I would ask, ‘How is that dear girl Cecily that you’re so fond of?’, and he would spend two or three pages telling me. And I must admit, I found his descriptions of you very intriguing.”

Cecily stared at him incredulously, and then as if on cue, a smudge of black and rose caught her eye, and she turned to look across the room at Samuel and Josephine, who were conversing animatedly.

Samuel talks to Josephine

“Samuel and I don’t talk much anymore,” Cecily said, avoiding James’s eyes. He followed the line of her gaze and let out a half-sigh.

“Ah yes,” he said. “I heard about that. When he stopped talking of you altogether, I found it curious. And then my sister filled me in.”

Cecily wanted to sink into the cushion of her chair and disappear. She wasn’t really surprised that James knew of her blunder with Samuel, but it still embarrassed her immensely.

“Oh, I was so foolish that day,” Cecily said, looking at her lap, where she fidgeted with her gloves. “It was a silly thing, really.” She glanced up and smiled carelessly as if to show it no longer mattered. But James still had a spark in his eye, and he leaned closer to her.

“I need some fresh air,” he said in a low voice. “Shall we walk out by the fountain? I promise I won’t mention Samuel again.”

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  1. Yes, yes! Yes! Even though I sometimes don’t like suspence this was a wonderful update. I hope she makes up her mind. At least then I’d know who she loved.

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Jen, you should write books. Seriously. I know I’d read them! Such a cool update! :D

  3. Now I’ve got the excited comments out of my system I’d like to take an opportunity to ask if you’ll ever come back to the Shaneys. I’m definetly not saying you should because I like story-mode. I’d just like to know if there’s anyway it could still be fun for you and that is all.

  4. Oh boy! Whoa buddy…im so …at a lost for words..i..i am just so overjoyed that i fear that i might cry. Haha. I dont even know anymore you are just so wonderful. I hate the supsense but i love the story. I bet Samuel still likes Cecily right? Right? And and and um James and Samuel will have a sibling rivalry over her right? Right? haha im just going off because of the wonderfulness of the update. I have to calm down. Thanks for another update.
    Good night
    – Eva

  5. Wow, what suspense! And well done, of course. Your writing style is so amazing, I agree with Kay. You should definitely write books. You would be my favorite author, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to read your next update! You’re doing so well with this story!
    As for everyone else, I’ve finally updated Serendipity Sims! I had a long hiatus, but I’m back to writing now and I’m starting a new story called Destiny at Heart. The first part of it should be posted by tomorrow or the next day. Keep checking!
    Anyways, good job, Jen! You’re a wonderful writer!

  6. Curiousity has gotten the best of me, what aspirations are Cecily, James, and Samuel? I LOVE the story btw, it’s great!

  7. Arrrgh!!! You always leave us hanging! :)

    I have to say though, I’m rooting for Samuel and have been ever since he first gave us a hint of his true feelings. James doesn’t deserve Cecily.

  8. I think Cecily should find someone completely different! Leave both James (obviously a rogue, hmph) and Samuel to hang in the wind. :D

  9. Jen great update, oh i knew she loved Samuel!!!
    Oh but she is oh so pretty!!!

    Guys I have been having a bit of trouble!!! You see my sims 2 clean pack installer is acting up and has not been sending the objects and clothes and stuff to the game!!!!
    Can somebody help me?????? I am totally lost, and just download some wicked clothes!!!!!

    Jen you rock, and I agree with kay and jessica, you should totally write books!!!!!!

  10. That girl better make up her mind soon, or she’ll lose both guys’ respect!!

    It’s a wonderfull update Jen, as always! I can hardly wait for the next one!!

  11. Yup another fantastic post, and I agree she better make up her mind or just plain forget about them and find somebody else. Haste makes waste.

  12. ChooseSamuel chooseSamuel chooseSamuel chooseSamuel chooseSamuel chooseSamuel chooseSamuel chooseSamuel chooseSamuel chooseSamuel!!!!

    Great post, looking forward to next one! :D

    P.S. Choose Samuel!

  13. Wow! I think Helen’s right – Cecily should choose Samuel. Anyway, the Shanleys – I’ve think I’ve found a way of making them more exciting! Those Sims at…I can’t remember the house’s name, sorry…wherever they were, with Cleo the alien and all of the other Sims still alive at the end of the Legacy challenge, they could have a kind of family reunion. I miss Cleo. Yes, I’m sad. Anyway, great update, Cecily looked wonderful as always.
    E-Liz xxx

  14. I shall continue the cry of the general populous…Choose Samuel..Choose Samuel..Choose Samuel. And, I hope you make Josephine behave “poorly” with James, so that Samuel’s heart will be broken, and he wil run into Cecily’s waiting arms!!!! Yay! I love the clothes btw.

  15. Ok i have had time to calm down. Again i would like to compliment you on your story. Cecily has grown to be quite beautiful and stuff but i find myself wondering what her mother must think. We have not see her in a while, but i cannot say that i must complain. The story is still going perfectly perfect. Oh and where did you find pescado’s clothing hack? Thanks.

  16. Wowsers, thanks for all of the feedback! You guys truly rock. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to write these stories and get such a great reaction.

    So you guys think she should choose Samuel? Hmm…

    To answer a few questions:

    Marcie: You asked about their aspirations…Cecily is a Family Sim (which I rolled randomly, believe it or not!), James is Romance (mwahaha), and Samuel is…Romance! But the way I’ve written his character, he doesn’t really fit that, so…what do you guys think he should be instead? Any thoughts? :-)

    Jessic@: Hi there! I don’t use Sims2Pack Clean Installer, so I don’t know much about it, but you could try posting on the thread at MTS2 if no one here can help you.

    E-Liz: That’s a cool suggestion — I’ll definitely give it some thought! I miss Cleo and that generation, too. The Shanleys were so fun back then.

    Eva: Interesting that you mention Cecily’s mother — I was just thinking myself that it’s time for her to make an appearance…

    As for Pescado’s awesome clothing hack, I downloaded it from the VariousSimmers forum (thanks to Chatty Kathy for posting about it!).

  17. Hmm. Samuel.. Popularity, perhaps? Or Knowledge. Or another Family! I still vote that she find herself a third guy, though. Someone who’s poor but sweet. :D

  18. I think knowledge for Samuel. He just seems that kind of slightly geeky, sweet and friendly guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and gets slapped down every time (always the friend, never the boy). Or am I stereotyping?

    I’d never thought about the tall dark stranger option for Cecily. Now that I think about it, it could be interesting.

    On second thoughts, I still vote Samuel!

  19. Well, Jen I just wanted to let you know that your blog is the only one I have been keeping up to date with. I know I haven’t left any messages or comments but I have read every update you post. This story has been getting better and better as it goes along. I really can’t wait until the next update and I always find myself wishing they were longer. :)

    Anyway, I hope to be starting my blog once again after quite a long pause in play/blogging because of computer problems. So I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of me in the future.

    Have a nice day.

  20. Yay. Ok thanks for the tip. I’m kinda confused but i am sure i will work it out. And as for aspiration should be something that reflects his personality, and who better to know his personality than you! So i would say that whatever you pick is definately what he should be.

  21. Hmm maybe like Fortune. Oh and where did you get the hair for Cecily it is absoulety beautiful!

  22. Hi Jen. I’m been gone for a while now and finally read all your updates. I love the direction you are taking with the story. I sense that James is just stringing Cecily around cuz he wants what his brother wants. Maybe he is just taunting him with the possibility of having anyone he wants. BUt that’s just a theory i have.
    I would like to see Samuel and Cecily together.

    I’m truely looking forward to your next update. I just love how you are keeping all of us in suspense. If you did write a book i would be one of the 1st in line to buy it. ^_^
    You truely have a great talent.
    Thanks for a great story and a great update.
    Happy Simming

  23. It’s great to hear how you guys want the story you go (or how you hope it’s going) — even though I’ve been heading a certain direction for some time now, it’s certainly not set in stone, and I do love complications! ;-)

    Amanda – Hey! And hooray! I’ve been checking your blog on a regular basis since February hoping you’d return — and you have! *does happy dance* Welcome back!

    Eva – Yeah, that hack can be confusing just from reading the forum, but it’s really easy to use — it’s just a pile of clothes under Miscellaneous. Select your Sim, then click on the clothes and “Pick New Outfits”. It’ll cycle through Everyday, Formal, Pajamas, etc., and you can purchase and change into them all in one fell swoop! It ends with the “Change Appearance” screen so you can set their hair/makeup, too. It’s VERY handy!

    Marcie – I downloaded Cecily’s hair from Pronupsims, which is one of my favorite sites for hair, especially since there are a lot of updos!

    Mary – Hi there, it’s always great to hear from you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories, and I hope you’re doing well. :-)

  24. I was wondering what Cecily’s hair was, too! *goes to see the site* It’s so pretty.
    The Haddaway’s garden is lovely.
    And, man. Two cliffhangers, one after another? Curse you (in the nicest way possible)!

  25. Dagnabbed enter key. Anyway… I’m really liking how it’s all going. I keep thinking about Cecily, like “mann. So indecisive! *falls over*” I hope she doesn’t get too indecisive, and end up with no one. That would really stink. *sigh*
    But, anyway, yeah. I love settings like this. I sometimes half-think it’d be so nice, living in a time period like that. Wow. I really kind of wonder what’ll happen with the next generation of the Shanleys.
    Anyway, like I said, it’s going really nicely. :D

  26. Maybe Cecily should be the heir after all. It isn’t an official legacy anymore and Arthur and Fredric are clones and it would take too long getting Paula to be old enough. Since it isn’t an official legacy you wouldn’t even have to have her marry an NPC. If Samuel is who she’s in love with then maybe it would be best if he was a family sim like her. I also agree with Kay. You should write books. Even though it would take forever to finish the process.

  27. Are you gonna send Cecily to University, Jen? (‘Sim States Education For Proper Young Women’ or similar) If so, you could always have her meet someone there. =)

  28. Oh, and I’ve updated my site again. :) Two huge updates, one has 50+ pictures, the other about 20. It’s in two parts, I did my best to make it creepy!

  29. I know I always have to point this out but “Greetings from Mount Geneva…which is being terribly neglected in favor of May Green…” Hmm…

  30. Haha, I noticed that about a day ago. Poor Mt. Geneva! Are you ever going to go back to your Mt. Geneva families again, Jen?

  31. I’m doing great. Thanks for asking Jen. Just working too many long hours and i just came back from a 9 day vacation to florida so that kept me from coming to see your site.
    Now i’m looking into buying a house and that’s going to take a lot of my free time too. BTW how is your new home? Are you finally all settled in?? :D
    Anyways i’m so so looking forward to your stories. I’m sorry you haven’t had much fun with your other families but we are all having so much fun with your Brayton family.

    Anyways thanks for all the time you put into these stories and happy simming

  32. Blu – Heya! It’s good to see you around again! :-)

    Nita – Your comment made me laugh out loud — you’re absolutely right, it would take me forever to write a book, because even without the Sims, I am a slowpoke. I’ve tried it before and just can’t seem to stick with it. The Brayton story is probably the most I’ve written in years! You guys are a huge part of that because, well, it’s just more fun when you can share it with people right away.

    – Cecily’s already too old to go to University, but that’s a cool idea! I am definitely toying with the idea of throwing a third guy into the mix…just not sure who yet. ;-) And I’m off to read your update right after this!

    Jessica – I finally went back to one of my Mt. Geneva families tonight – the Shanleys. At least, I finally finished my update on them. I haven’t played them in ages! I plan on writing stories about them — maybe they’ll end up being as fun as the Braytons.

    Mary – Wow, you’re looking for a house? That’s awesome! I wish you the best of luck! I’m settling in nicely at the new house — feels like I’ve been here forever. I’m sure in no time you’ll be settled in, too. :-)

  33. Hey Jen! I actually have another thought as to why James, not Samuel, could be Cecily’s one true love/husband/father-type (for her children). First of all, he was her first love. Second, when confronting Samuel she still said that she loved James. If someone is about to kiss you and you think of their brother…well, maybe its not meant to be. Thirdly, it’s obvious that James is attracted to her. This could work out nicely as long as James is faithful.

    However, that was just an idea. I will be perfectly happy with Samuel, or mystery man!
    And a great update. They just get better and better! I await the next one!

  34. Jessic@ – I use the Sims 2 File Maid to install all of my downloads. It’s not supported by the creator of the program but it’s very easy to use! It doesn’t allow you to remove hacks and custom objects on downloaded lots, however, so if that’s what you want to do, you might want to keep trying with the Clean Installer. I download very few lots, and the ones I do download claim to be “clean”, so I don’t use the Clean Installer.

    Vivi – Hi Vivi! Hmm, very interesting idea! I love to hear suggestions — they let me know if I’m on the right track or not. ;-) And sometimes I do incorporate the suggestions into my story. So thanks!