Desmond House & Whimsett Cove Elementary School

I’ve probably mentioned this already, but I’ve been alternating building residential and community lots in Whimsett Cove to avoid burning out on one or the other, and sometimes I build them simultaneously. I’m also throwing in a little gameplay because it breaks up the building/decorating and allows me to get to know my Sims a little better. :-) No one is aging yet, and even when they do, I don’t plan on using TS3 aging, but doing what Sandy does in her world, which is play whatever Sim-month I want to for however long I want to, and age my Sims up manually if their birthday falls in that month.

Anyway, that’s all for later on! ;) For now, I have more picspam for you, this time of a house and a community lot that have a bit of a connection.

This is the home of the Desmond/Jefferson family:

Desmond House & Elementary School

I started building the house shortly after Seasons came out, so Whimsett Cove was transitioning to autumn. Gotta love the fall colors!

The inhabitants of the house are single mother Coralyn Desmond, the town’s elementary school teacher…

Desmond House & Elementary School

…and her daughter, Lexie Jefferson, who has a love of small fuzzy creatures, like her chinchilla, Shadow:

Desmond House & Elementary School

Coralyn is a tweaked version of WebbyMom’s self-Sim, and Lexie is a tweaked (and young-ified) version of Lemonjelly.

The house is based on a vintage Radford plan called The Dixon, which is cool because WebbyMom’s self-Sim was originally named “Cora Dixon”. :-)

When I played them for a bit, Lexie enjoyed scattering all of the leaves that her mom raked up (and her mom didn’t seem to mind):

Desmond House & Elementary School

Lexie’s love of furry creatures extends to raccoons, so she wanted to pet the one that wandered into their yard…but it bit her!

Desmond House & Elementary School

(And Lexie seems to be a magnet for critters — check out the chipmunk running around in the background!)

Then it had the audacity to knock over the garbage can while Lexie looked on. What a jerk. :-P

Desmond House & Elementary School

That night there was a huge thunderstorm, with lightning illuminating the view of the sea. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that, but lightning doesn’t pause…it just keeps going!

The rain cleared up the next morning, and Coralyn and Lexie had a lovely breakfast of grapes pancakes.

Desmond House & Elementary School

Coralyn: Hey, you still have your jammies on…aren’t you supposed to be dressed for school?

Lexie: There’s no such thing as school. That lady forgot to put the rabbithole rug in the new schoolhouse.


Lexie was a good girl and washed the dishes, at least.

Desmond House & Elementary School

It rained some more in the afternoon, but Coralyn needed to pay the bills, so she whipped out her trusty umbrella and made her way to the mailbox. Unfortunately she couldn’t hold the umbrella while messing with her mail, so she got soaked anyway! D’oh.

Desmond House & Elementary School

Here’s Lexie reading in the living room at home:

Desmond House & Elementary School

She’s quite the bookworm…even though she doesn’t have the Bookworm trait yet! Seriously, that girl is always reading. She’s definitely getting that trait when she becomes a teen!

Here she is (reading, of course) in her bedroom:

Desmond House & Elementary School

Lemonjelly’s “Watermelon Falls” painting inspired me to make Lexie a fan of watermelon, so that’s how I decorated her room.

Desmond House & Elementary School

Coralyn’s bedroom:

Desmond House & Elementary School

Desmond House & Elementary School

Next up, the school! :D

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12 thoughts on “Desmond House & Whimsett Cove Elementary School

  1. I wish I had the energy and skill to build my own town. This looks like so much fun and I love how you decorate everything. I haven’t played in about a week but now I feel the desire to start the game up again.

    • Thank you, Kelsey! :) I just read and enjoyed the last couple of posts on your blog! I’ll have to go back and catch up on the previous posts sometime. :) Hope you’re having fun playing!

  2. Wow… just wow! Such a shame Whimsett Cove wasn’t a real place, because I would be moving there in a heartbeat. Man, that tree… evil-looking!

    • LOL, it does look a bit evil, doesn’t it? Thanks for your sweet comment, Scally! :-D It’s so cool of you to visit my blog even though you don’t play Sims 3. :)

  3. It’s so wonderful to see Coralyn and Lexie again <3 Lemon makes such a cute toddler :D And Lexie has the BEST watermelon (my favourite melon!) themed room! Ohhh, and the kitchen… I love that kitchen!

    The school is just so awesome! It's such a beautiful and simple building, and the inside is just bursting with life! Ooooh and I still have plans to steal your idea of having a football field next to the school! Oooh, and great idea to "fence in" the playground items like that. I'll steal that too *nods*

  4. Awww… I loved these! Coralyn and Lexie (and Shadow!) have such a gorgeous home. So cosy! And such a lovely garden… *sigh*
    I’m completely in love with your school! The building is amazing, and so realistic! I’m always blown away by your soccer field! The classrooms are soooooo, sooooo cute! I’ve already told you this, but I’ll keep these in mind when I’ll redo my school! *heart*
    The art classrom is particulary adorable with the paintings as fruits/flowers on the trees. *sigh*


  5. Waow !
    I really love your posts, your photos ! You have a great univers, beautiful houses and decoration !
    I come here on the site to see if there’s some news… like every day ! :-)

    Keep going. And happy simming. :P

    • Hi Pauline, thanks for stopping by! I love the pics on your blog. :) Sorry there hasn’t been an update in awhile — I’ve been on vacation. But I hope to post something today! :)