Elvis & Lucas Mortinez

So…I mentioned Fran’s cousin in my last post (he was the kid watching the ant farm in the lighthouse)…here’s his family and their house!

Fran’s cousin is this little guy, Lucas Mortinez, seen here fishing with his dad. His dad is Fran’s Uncle Elvis, who has been around since the TS2 days. :)

Mortinez Beach House

Elvis is a little older and grayer now, but he’s still a whiz at everything — cooking, cleaning, fishing, gardening, you name it. Unfortunately he has a bit of an unlucky streak, especially in the love department. The only success he had in that realm was with Lucas’s mom, who is gone now — she was struck by lightning while in the garden one afternoon. *sniff*

But that was long ago, when Lucas was just a baby, and the two guys have worked it out since then. Elvis has become a professional angler, and is indeed one of the premier fishermen in Whimsett Cove, an island known for its abundant and tasty seafood.

Elvis is teaching Lucas how to fish, too, and the boy seems to enjoy it. While they fish, their golden retriever Betsy has fun digging in the sand. (Betsy was created by LittleV on the Sims 3 Exchange.)

Mortinez Beach House

When the Mortinezes moved to Whimsett Cove, they rented out a beach house from a family on the mainland who couldn’t afford to visit it anymore in the summer. Rather than sell it and have it leave the family, they decided to keep it and rent it out, on the off chance that someday they could return to it. In the meantime, Elvis is reaping the benefit of having a lovely little house right by the sea — he can practically fish right out his front door (well, he would if he could cast a line across a road, through some trees, and over some sand dunes :D ).

Mortinez Beach House

Mortinez Beach House

A rainy day shot, and a view of Elvis’s slightly beat-up truck:

Mortinez Beach House

Guess what Elvis found right in his backyard that day? SPOTTED SIXAM! *woot*

Mortinez Beach House

And even though he was having an “unlucky” day, he managed to befriend it (while getting absolutely soaked in the process, heh)!

Mortinez Beach House

He named it Larissa and tried to teach it how to say, “I love you”…but the bird wasn’t having any of that. She’s kind of a sassypants (as indicated by her bratty thought bubble).

Mortinez Beach House

Larissa: SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAAAAWK! (Translation: Why would I want to say THAT? I hardly know you!)

Mortinez Beach House

Betsy: Boy, he’s got his hands full with that one…

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12 thoughts on “Elvis & Lucas Mortinez

  1. Oooooh, it was nice to see Uncle Elvis again! And to see this house. Gosh, it just makes me drool.

    Betsy is the best-looking TS3 dog I’ve ever seen, as well. ;)

  2. The picture with Betsy digging while the two of them are fishing is one of the most beautiful sim pictures I have seen long time, it just looks so natural and normal…like a piece from everyday. I saved it to my picture dash…think I will put to on my desktop inside a post-it app so I can always look at it( I like doing it with pictures I love….yeah I know bit sad)….. :)
    Their home is so lovely and every bit oozes beach hut vibes. Love it.

    • Thank you so much, Speechless! *hugs* I enjoy those everyday kinds of pics, too…they give me that fuzzy warm peaceful feeling. :)

    • OMG, how cool is that?!?! I feel so honored to be on your desktop! :D That seriously just made my day! <3 And what a cool desktop you have…I love your other pics, too. *drool*

  3. Uncle Elvis!!!! *wave*
    Awww, I so love his cozy beach cabin! It looks so comfy, so beachy, and so “simple”. It’s very “Elvis”!
    Betsy is indeed an adorable dog! I love her expression when Larissa and Elvis are “talking”! *toofunny*
    Lucas is a cutie pie! That picture in the snow with Betsy is to die for! <3

  4. Uncle Elvis! Long time no see! It looks wonderful, Jen, although, given what happened to Lucas’ ma, I guess Sims are still attracted to lightning. Sigh. What next?
    “Introducing the NEW NEW NEW ‘No-Brainer All-Metal Weather Shield! Guaranteed to get you struck by lightning! Don’t go out in the weather without it! The makers of the No-Brainer are not responsible for sims fried to a crisp due to misuse of this product.”

    • LOL!! Sounds like it could be a aspiration reward, right along with that dastardly Noodlesoother. ;-p Elvis’s wife actually died in TS2 (seems like a million years ago! heh), during some gameplay I never posted about, but I do think Sims can be struck by lightning in TS3! (Dunno if they’re attracted to it, though…I’m always ushering them inside so they don’t get “soaked”. :D )

  5. Ohh, Uncle Elvis (*flirty*)!

    Such gorgeous pictures on the beach of the little family <3 Let me echo everyone else: Betsy is adorable!

    And that house!!!! I LOVE that house!!