Zombie Attack & the Tragic Life of Teens

I had my first full moon in Moonlight Falls. And with the full moon comes…ZOMBIES!!!

Well, OK…just one zombie.

Moonlight Falls

Instead of clawing his way out of the earth, or appearing in the shadows of the garden in search of produce, he shambled casually into the mini-mall on a sunny afternoon.

Moonlight Falls

Jules: OH SWEET, a zombie! I love these guys.

Moonlight Falls

Chester: Arrrrghhhh…arrrgghhh…
Jules: Oh, I’m so scared…please don’t eat my brains! Tee hee hee.

Moonlight Falls


Moonlight Falls

Jules: Not one of your better moments, man.
Chester: Yeah, that was pretty weak, wasn’t it.

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: Ugh, I got so focused on my sculpting I forgot to eat dinner…hey, is that Bailey’s dad?

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: Hi, Mr. Swain…are you OK? You don’t look so good. Have you been playing with the mood lantern again?
Chester: Arrrghhhrrrggggrrrr….

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: OH! I get it! You’re pretending to be a zombie! How fun! That’s the big thing these days, isn’t it? I wanna try, too!

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: Arrrghhhharrrghhhh!

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: Hmmm, not bad on the visual, but I think he needs to really commit on the groan…a little more guttural, maybe?

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9 thoughts on “Zombie Attack & the Tragic Life of Teens

  1. Mwwwwwaaaaarf!!! Oh, Jen, you’re so hilarious!!! That was a crazy story!
    I love what you did with that zombie (I laughed very loud at the “Not one of your better moments, man”!) Mwwwwaaaa!!!! It’s indeed always weird, when all of sudden, facial animations disappear from Sims, but you turned this at its best! Chester seems to have a hard time at being a terrifying zombie in your town! :D
    And Lenore!!!! Wooooow!!! Look at her!! Coward? Naaaah?!!! She got used to Moonlight Falls, it seems!
    What, she got changed to clown? *lol* Awww, I didn’t even know it was possible! Poor Drake. Life sucks big time. Nothing like throwing rotten eggs on a vampire’s door to feel better! :D
    *rofl* @ the cop & the cuckatiel. Ordinary crazyness!


    • Yeah, my first zombie attack wasn’t scary at all…it just made me laugh! It was more like he was a celebrity in town, and everyone was excited to meet him. *rolleyes* Ah well! Thanks so much for commenting, Sandy-dear! *smooooch*

  2. Soppiest. Paper Boy. Ever! Seriously, what was up with the look on Jules’ face? The zombie reminded me a bit of the ones in the original Dawn of the Dead, where the makeup used made some of the actors look blue, and some look green. Aaaargh! Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me…Anybody remember that, or am I getting old? Teenagers are a strange species, aren’t they? Great update, Jen!

    • LOL…I do remember Dawn of the Dead! And did you just quote The Simpsons, too? Or does that come from somewhere else originally? Hehehe. Yeah, it was totally weird how everyone was just giddy with joy when they saw Chester the Zombie, instead of screaming or running in terror, which is what any sane person would do!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! What an impressive zombie attack! I love how everyone reacted with excitement instead of fear *lol*

    Aww, poor teens. Lenore looks really scary as a tragic clown, thank goodness that went away again. And Drake with his hormones… poor dude!

    • Hi Sara-love!! Yeah, that’s not at ALL how I expected a zombie attack to play out! But it made me chuckle! Thanks so much for commenting, my dear! *hugs*

  4. You are so amazing making even the simplest picture come alive with your funny words. Love your updates and wow you can turn into freaky looking clowns. I’m yet to meet a zombi though, 2 full moons and have not seen any :(