Mini-mall and Random Craziness

So…I built a mini-mall in Moonlight Falls, for a few different reasons:

  • I wanted a place for my teens to hang out that wasn’t a “supernatural hangout”
  • Lenore got a point of Sculpting from attending Art Club and wanted to gain more skill, but there was no room in the house for a sculpting station
  • I’ve been wanting to do something with Sandy’s awesome gypsy set since she posted it

Plus I love having a bookstore that isn’t a rabbithole, and Moonlight Falls was just screaming for a comic book shop. (OK, maybe not screaming…I just wanted to make one. :-D ). I guess that’s more than a few reasons.

Anyway, I kind of cheated with this lot — I saved the Sam’s Market Diner rabbithole lot to the bin and then placed it across from the school. I deleted the rabbithole and built the mini-mall with the same basic footprint. That way I didn’t have to re-do the parking lot, the lot would stay relatively small (thank goodness), and it would kind of “match” with what is already in MF. Although the style ended up being a little more modern than I intended…

Moonlight Falls

The mini-mall has three shops:

Moonlight Falls
Casteneda’s Comics (and Used Books) and Dar & Co Art Studio

Moonlight Falls
Café Destiny

Since it’s near the school, it’s easy for the kids to go there afterwards for some food, studying, reading, or art therapy. That way they can meet people and stay away from their horrible step-dad who never speaks to them anyway.

Moonlight Falls

Lenore orders some dinner…woot.

Moonlight Falls

Apparently Drake has a hard time concentrating on homework when there are dirty dishes around.

There’s a room in the back of the café where people can try to tell their own fortune or the fortunes of others.

Moonlight Falls

Violet: Bleh, worst fortune EVER!
Drake: Well, what do you expect? You’re dead!

Moonlight Falls

Drake wants a promotion at his science geek job, so he buys a book on gardening. (And yeah, I need more comic book art in this place! Time to download more CC…my low-CC saves never stay that way for long *facepalm*)

Moonlight Falls

Meanwhile Lenore gets to work on her sculpting. She loves it!

The mini-mall seems to be a pretty popular place, and even though it’s not a “supernatural” hangout, the weirdos seem to flock there anyway. When I saw these two Sims, at first I was freaked out…I mean, she’s drinking the guy’s blood right in the middle of the bookstore!

Moonlight Falls

But it turns out it was a love bite…they’re married.

Moonlight Falls

Ugh, get a room. *chuckle*

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10 thoughts on “Mini-mall and Random Craziness

  1. Heehee, Moonlight Falls really has some freaks!! Poor Lenore and Drake, they seem so “normal”, but these supernaturals keep acting freaky around them *giggle* I love vampire-Janet with her love-bite (whaaat!), and her annoying I’m-not-touching-you game! And those werewolves :-O They are so scary!! The teens seem to handle them really well, though :D

    Gosh, Jen, that mini mall!! *drools* It’s so lovely!! I love those three little cute stores (comic book, yeah!!). The colours are so nice with the light brown wood and grey. Very small town-ish.

  2. I love the atmosphere in the mini mall, it seems just about the right place for that world with all the supernaturals and few normals:)
    That vampire is freaky, she seems supper annoying sim….wow I love that ghost can float things, another thing I have never seen in the game. I already thought you has forgotten the item on a omsp by mistake as I couldn’t figure out at first why it was up in the air lol….Apparently it was sup to do it instead, awesome!
    I do feel for the little ghost gnome though, he was super cute!

    • LOL, I miss that ghost gnome…it’s too bad he brought that annoying ghost with him! Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Speechless! :D

  3. Wow, what an adorable mini-mall, Jen! It’s all cute and so fits with the weird atmosphere of Moonlight Falls! I laughed at Drake announcing a bad fake to a ghost!! *LOL* And that vampire kiss!
    Oooh, poor Ghostie! He’s sold! He looked so cutefully (…) worried about that salad! Well, I hope he now lives in a salad field! :D
    And Drake!!!! OMG!!! Janet was really threatening and scary!!!! *shudder* Poor guy!
    I laughed at Hayden insulting the ghost’s mother. That’s just hilarious! I so enjoy reading your stories, Jen! You’re brilliant, my friend! *smooooooches*

  4. Are you sure, Jen? I’m sure I could hear a voice screaming, ‘I wanna Comic Shop! Waaaaah!’ :-) Wasn’t me, cos I don’t want one of those, but I do want a Library. Awww poor Ghostie Gnomie, maybe he knew you were going to sell him, he looked pretty miserable. And, I learnt something new today: werewolves have no table manners! Cor, I ain’t inviting him to dinner any time soon!

    Great update, the mini-mall looks brilliant, and my word was ‘cowplant’ again. I think your anti-spam thingie knows when I’m considering dealing with an unpleasant sim problem, see? (or would it be ‘shee’? Hmm, trying to channel Edward G Robinson is not my forte, obviously).

    • Bwaha at my anti-spam thingie knowing when you’re considering the cowplant method of Sim-extermination! :D And gosh, you are so right about the werewolves and their lack of manners! Eeek! Thanks so much for commenting, dear Scally! :D

  5. Aw, it sucks you had to get rid of Ghostie, s/he was such a cutie!

    Okay, werewolves scare me. As soon as I actually saw one in the game, I thought it was going to kill my sim. :O