Lenore & Hayden vs. the Werewolves

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: You know…I think I’m OK with werewolves. They’re really not that —

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: YEEEOOOAAHHH!! Where did YOU come from???

Moonlight Falls

Mr. Wolff: Your worst nightmare, missy! *sniff sniff* Hmm, you don’t smell like a werewolf…

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: That’s because I’m NOT! Now cut it OUT!

Moonlight Falls

Mr. Wolff: What the heck?! I was just saying hello!

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: Well, that was an incredibly rude way to do it! My stepdad is a powerful wizard, you know, and he could turn you into a…a…a GNOME! The…really boring kind that don’t do ANYTHING!

Moonlight Falls

Mr. Wolff: All right, all right, I’m sorry!
Drake: Wow, that werewolf is kind of a wimp…

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: It’s OK…I…I’m sorry I freaked out. You know, you have really nice…fur. It’s so thick…and, uh…glossy.

Moonlight Falls

Mr. Wolff: Oh, thank you! I use this really nice shampoo that smells like coconuts.

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9 thoughts on “Lenore & Hayden vs. the Werewolves

  1. Oh your narration style simply cracks me up. I was trying to read this while watching a tv show and ended up having to rewind like 8 times same spot because I got too much drawn into your update and missed what was going on in tv….
    Oh how I hate the look of those EA werewolves, why can’t they turn into real wolves? Doh! However you actually made them kind of interesting and funny so I almost forgot how much I dislike them. Spells backfiring and daughters threatening with dads….your family is so much fun, love reading about them! Total distraction…simply so much fun:)

    • Aw, thank you, Speechless! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :-D And I know what you mean about the werewolves…I wish they’d at least have a wolfie form as well. I thought about “faking it” by creating a wolf (dog) which corresponded to each werewolf, and then when my Sims saw the dog around town, I could pretend the werewolf was in his wolf form. And if I saw them together, I’d have to send one home to preserve the illusion. But that sounds like a lot of work, so I don’t know. LOL.

  2. “Ladies and Gentlemen, has that special wereperson in your life started kicking over trashcans and sniffing people? Has their coat gone dull and drab? Well, you need new, improved GROWWWLL! Guaranteed to make that pelt gorgeous and glossy again, making your special wereperson feel like a new, uh, beast! Stop that anti-social behaviour with new GROWWWLL!” ‘The makers of GROWWWLL! are not responsible for unexplained fur fires, howling at the moon, and sniffing other people’s butts.’

    Great update, Jen, those werewolves look kinda cool! Although when Hayden was waving his wand around, I thought it was a stick and he wanted to play fetch ;-) Um, yeah, haven’t had my coffee yet… brain not firing on all cylinders.

    • Bwahahaha, I love your GROWWWLL commercial! :-D It’s perfect! And it’s funny you say that about the wand, because they DO have the option to play fetch with werewolves! I just haven’t tried that one yet. :-D So your brain was firing just splendidly!

      • Um, yeah, don’t know what I was thinking there :-) Other than the fact that there was one of those dopey infomercials on the TV in the lounge. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
        Heh, my anti-whatsit word was cowplant! I’ve just fed a sim I didn’t like to a cowplant! Coincidence! More updates, pweese?

  3. Hi Jen!! Hahahaha, I love your way of narrating your sims! You crack me up! Poor Hayden *giggle* It seems like he has a love/hate relationship going with Param.

    Hehe, my anti-spam word was “crepes” – how appropriate!

    • SARA!!!! *hugs* Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! And my anti-spam word right now is “crepes”, too! LOL!

  4. Bwwwwaaahahhha!!! Lenore is improving! She can get a real conversation with a werewolf! I love how she threatened him to be changed into a gnome! *lol* That was cute!
    I love how you make sound Hayden!!! So snobbish and so bored, so blasé! Your captions cracked me up \”I hate it when they wander off in the middle of a good threat\”!! LOL! It smells pink!!!! wwwwwaaaawww!!!! Such classic quotes! I adore your stories, my friend! :D
    And that final super-bored Hayden\’s face! \”It’s never as fun as I think it’s going to be\”! You took the best of the situation to write the best story about it!!! Waaaaaaarfff!!!

    I like your idea in your comment to Scally\’s about faking werewolves. That would be great! Some work, yet, but soooo fun!!! :D