From Sunlit to Moonlight

Last week my lovely computer got fried during a power outage. *major sad face* It’s in the shop, and I have no idea what will need to be done fix it or how long it will take. Faced with the prospect of no Sims or foruming or anything else internet for a whole weekend (unless I wanted to go blind looking at my smartphone screen), I unearthed my old computer and hooked it up. ;) (Yes, I am pathetic!)

It had all of the EPs/SPs installed up to Generations, so I updated it with all of the new stuff except for Showtime (I left the Showtime disc in my broken computer when I took it to the shop…D’OH!) and played a little Supernatural in Moonlight Falls this weekend. Yee-HAW!

A few pics from gamplay…

This is Lenore Dunnington and her twin brother Drake, hanging out at Moonlight Point. They’re plain old humans, with not a supernatural bone in their bodies.

Moonlight Falls

Their step-dad and guardian Hayden, however, is a wizard. A not very nice one.

Moonlight Falls

(That’s their house in the background…I don’t have any decent pics of it because it’s only about two-thirds finished; I ran out of steam when I got to decorating the second story and doing the landscaping. *facepalm*)

He has a “secret” (that is, hidden behind a sliding bookcase door that anyone can access *rolleyes*) room in the tower of the house, where he studies alchemy and chats with the creepy face in his mirror.

Moonlight Falls

Their mother Julia used to be a rather successful psychic spiritual advisor (*cough* scam artist *cough*) until she died after eating some bad jelly beans. She’s now a ghost living near the gypsy wagon and starting over in the fortune teller career as a Horoscope Reader.

Moonlight Falls

(She started out as a ghost…I haven’t played with the jelly bean tree yet!)

Julia picking some glowy mushrooms…

Moonlight Falls

Lenore went over to her friend Bella Swan, I mean, Bailey Swain’s house after school one day to do some homework.

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: Bailey, what did you do for story problem number four?
Bailey: *loud snore*

Moonlight Falls

Bailey: *wakes up* *trips over her own feet*
Lenore: Ooof!

Drake likes to collect strange things he finds out in the wild and taste them. Sometimes this turns out badly for him, such as when he ate a Ghost Chili Pepper he found at the cemetery.

Moonlight Falls

Lenore’s a bit of a coward, which could be a problem in Moonlight Falls…

Moonlight Falls

…or not, considering the scariest thing in town is Hayden’s familiar, an evil cat named Mystic.

Moonlight Falls

Lenore: Mystic, I told you to quit sneaking up on me like that! Go hiss at someone else!

More pics on page 2!

10 thoughts on “From Sunlit to Moonlight

  1. Great! I hope you will upload the house when its finished! I really like supernatural, hope your PC will get fixed soon.

  2. Well, at least the vampires don’t sparkle in the sunlight (take note, kids, REAL VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE, Bram Stoker and Fright Night 1 and Fright Night 2011 say so). Now that I’ve got that out of my system… the Supernatural pack reminds me a little bit of dear old Makin’ Magic (anybody remember that), rather than the Sims 2 version, but I think it’s better for that. And a llama box? Awwwwww, I saw that, and only just stopped myself from screaming, ‘TARDIS!’ at the top of my lungs : -) Great update, Jen! I want those creepy pictures on my wall, they’d go good with my wolf clock and my DC-3 poem!

    • I hate to tell you this, Scally, but if the vampires put on sunscreen, they do sparkle. Unfortunately. *rolleyes* Also, they can buy a Lifetime Reward to make them permanently immune to the effects of sunlight, and that makes them sparkle as well. Horrible, isn’t it? LOL. But yes, Supernatural totally reminds me of Makin’ Magic! I love doing the alchemy stuff, gathering ingredients and making elixirs. :) And they can do beekeeping, too! No baby dragons, though. Hehe. And I kind of miss the butter churn and spinning wheel. Those were cool!

      • Urggle. REAL VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE (sorry for shouting)! Oh, lord. I’d roll my eyes, but those muscles are tired. Help, the earth is being taken over by wussy sparkly vampires! I had almost talked myself into reinstalling and then buying Supernatural, so, thanks, Jen, you saved me some money there. Do Not Want Sparkly Vampires!

        • LOL, well, if they don’t put on sunscreen, you wouldn’t have to worry about the sparkly part. ;-D

          But yeah, Stephanie Meyer has a lot to answer for. A LOT.

  3. Awww, I love Lenore already! Coward Sims make the best faces, don’t they? ;)
    Her expression when she sees the ghost is priceless! *lol* She’s quite adventurous at having a crush on a vampire though! Above all on a guy who vanishes in nowhere at any moment! (1/4?! This guy has no taste!…)
    Blake is another funny! I like when he eats chili! :D
    I laughed at the secret door that everyone can open! *lol* Though… it’s not that funny. EA could have locked it or done something a bit special! :/

    I hope your computer will be back home soon, my sweet!

    • LOL, yes, Coward Sims do make the best faces, but they are so hard to keep happy in Moonlight Falls! Everything scares them! Hehe. I agree, they should have done something a little more special with the secret door! At least they could have made it lockable! I can’t even lock it like a normal door. So it’s kind of useless. *facepalm* Thanks for your comment, my dear! *hugs*

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your computer. :( It’s the worst, isn’t it? Hopefully it’ll be repaired and ready for gaming again soon!

    I love these pictures! I found myself bored of Moonlight Falls as I was following a storyline (and I’m not much of a magic person anyway), but now I think I’m just going to freestyle it and have some fun with it. :)

    Their house looks great! I can’t wait to see it up close. ;)

    • Hi Cheezy!! My computer is back up and running again, but thank you for the kind words! :) I was trying to do a storyline, too, but it just wasn’t working out, so I’m having fun just going with the flow…I hope that works for you and you have fun, too! :D