The Legacy Challenge: University

Pinstar has released the official rules for The Legacy Challenge: University! I’ll have to re-read them a few times to make sure I understand everything (and even then I’ll probably have questions), but it looks pretty cool so far. It’s very close to the original Legacy Challenge, with a few twists thrown in to take advantage of the features that University offers.

I’m not sure if I have to start the Legacy with Mia as my founder, or if I can choose any of my 10th gen kids. If it’s the latter, I might choose Parker because of the red hair. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it would make a nice parallel with Nia, the original founder of the Shanley Legacy. Then again, Parker’s a baby, while Mia is a child, so she’ll get to teen a lot faster, which means I can start sooner. Not that I need to rush anything, since we have six months until the next expansion pack. Man, am I wishy-washy, or what?

Anyway, click on “read the rest of this entry” for the rules, and visit Pinstar’s original thread on the BBS or join the TS2: University Legacy Yahoo! Group if you have questions. Enjoy!

The Legacy Challenge: University

Goal: To create the strongest family you can over 10 generations.

Starting out:
There are several ways you can start the challenge. Create an Adult or
Young Adult in CAS (Create a Sim) Male or Female, pick any aspiration
you want, and assign personality points as you wish. If you
successfully completed the original Legacy Challenge, you may start
Legacy University by sending your 10th generation heir(ess) to
college. This is a bonus since your Founder starts with friends and
skills gained in childhood that CAS Sims don’t begin with.

If your founder starts as a YA (Young Adult), you may move them into
any campus housing that they can afford, provided they are the only
player-sim there. For CAS Sims, the dorms are the only option in the

Moving Sims in: College
While your founder must start in a household by him or herself, you
may move or merge other Sims into their household later. This includes
Townie or NPC students, as well as Teenage Townies and NPCs that have
been sent to college from the main neighborhood.

New: You can also send other CAS Sims to join your Legacy campus
household. Starting with the 2nd generation, you may create a CAS any
way you want and merge them directly into the Legacy Campus Household
(or pledge them if the household is a greek house).

After your YA Founder graduates, OR if you are starting with a CAS
Adult Founder, you must create a blank 5X5 lot and move them there.

Marrying and Moving In at Home:
Elder and Adult Townies and NPCs. You may marry or move in any that
you wish.

Young Adult Townies and NPCs: You MUST move Young Adult NPCs into your
household while at college, not get Engaged to them. If you get
Engaged while they are still NPCs, when your Sim returns to the
Neighborhood as an Adult, they can not Marry, nor Propose/Move in to
the Young Adult. Townies do not seem to have this problem.

Teen Townies and NPCs. You can send them to college to be merged with
your Legacy Household (in a dorm, or residence). If you are using a
Greek House, you must pledge the Townie or NPC in order to make them a
member and eventually move them into the Legacy Greek House.

When a Sim graduates from college, they become an Adult in the Family
Bin, you may merge them directly into the Legacy household.

You may move any Sims out of the household into the Family Bin or
another house, but they may never be moved back into your Legacy House.

Teenage Sims do not have to go to college. There is no direct penalty
for skipping the YA phase of a Sim’s life if you choose to do so.
Dicing for aspirations:
Whenever any sim on your lot grows from a child to a teen (and not
before), you must `dice for their aspiration’. You do this by rolling
a 6-sided die (or using an online random number generator). The number
that comes up determines the aspiration you choose.
1 = Wealth
2 = Knowledge
3 = Family
4 = Romance
5 = Popularity
6 = Choose your own
This is to give some challenges and variety as you play through the

The end of Sophomore Year aspiration change.
When your YA Sim completes their sophomore year, you get the option to
change your aspiration.
You can decide to change their aspiration or not. If you decline, your
Sim keeps their current aspiration. If you decide to change it, you
MUST dice for the new aspiration, and keep the result. If it results
in the same aspiration, then you must take it.
The one exception to this rule is YA Sims created in CAS. Any YA Sim
created in CAS MUST dice for their aspiration change. This includes
your Founder if he/she started as a Young Adult. (That’s the gamble
you take for starting your founder as a YA and not an Adult)

The 10th generation child must be able to trace family back up to the
original sim by blood.

You may NOT turn aging off.
You may NOT use any kinds of cheats or mood trainers.
You may NOT use any “special” objects such as the platinum-maxing
You may NOT use any 3rd party hacks or mods.
You may use the Elixir of Life if you choose.
You may use any other normal aspiration reward objects.
You may use any maxis-made objects, and any 3rd party
skins/wallpapers/floors etc.

The one exception to this is using cheats or boolprop to get around
any bugs or glitches that crop up on your lot. You may employ just
about any cheat to fix or work-around any bugs or glitches.

When your Sim is in a dorm, you may NOT sell off any of the dorm
furniture in the other rooms. You may sell whatever is in your Sim’s
room ONLY.

Raising the Dead with the Ressurect-O-Nomitron:
Because Sims brought back from the dead are added to your family, you
may not resurrect visiting Player-Sims who happen to die on your lot.
Family members and visiting Townies or NPCs may be resurrected. Don’t
confuse this with pleading with the Grim Reaper; you may do that for
any Sim that dies on the lot.

No reloading after bad events (bad chance cards or accidental deaths)

Restarting after a bad bug or a glitch IS allowed. Just as using the
move objects cheat is allowed for bugged objects.
Should you be unfortunate enough to have your entire lot bugged,
starting the entire challenge over again is okay, but I recommend
backing up your lot frequently.

At the end of the challenge (at 10 generations or whenever the family
line is broken) score your family accordingly:

1. 1 point for each generation reached (max 10)
2. 1 point for each $100,000 in net worth the family has (round your
current net worth up)
3. 1/2 point for each PLATINUM grave on the lot (This was lowered
because of lifetime wants)
4. 1/3 point for each family friend the family has at the end. (round
spare 1/3s down)
5. 1 point every time a sim fulfills an ‘impossible’ want
The impossible wants are as follows:
Family: “Have 10 children” “Have 20 grandchildren” “Send 10 children
to college”
Wealth: “Make $100,000”
Knowledge: “Max All skills” “Be abducted 10 times” “Have children
abducted 10 times”
Romance: “Have 30 loves at once”
Popularity: “Have 30 best friends at once”
Do NOT confuse “lifetime wants” with “impossible wants” just because
something is a lifetime want, doesn’t mean it’s an impossible one.
6. -1 points every time a household member drops into aspirational
failure, prompting a visit from the Sim Shrink. *toddlers and children
do not get the Sim Shrink, so they don’t get penalized if they go into
aspirational failure*
7. -2 points for every inter-bred birth in the family. This ONLY
counts for the generation in which the inbreeding is taking place.
Subsequent generations do not get this penalty unless further
inbreeding is taking place.
8. -1 point for each infant, toddler or child that gets taken by the
Social Worker

9. Scholarship Bonus Points:
½ a point if a teen earns $9,500 or more in scholarships for collage
1 point if a teen earns $11,000 or more in scholarships for collage
1 ½ points if a teen earns $12,500 or more in scholarships for collage
2 points if a teen earns $14,000 in scholarships.
The teens in question don’t have to be the heir(ess), any Teenager
that is part of the household can earn these points for the family.
You only earn the highest bonus you qualify for, not adding all bonus
points together (ie you get 1 point for $11,000, NOT ½ for $9,500 then
another 1 point for $11,000).

10. College Bonus Points
A total of three points can be gained at college. These points can
ONLY be earned by your heir or heiress. You can still send other
siblings to college, but only one may earn you these points per

One point for graduating Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA, no less)
One point for having 15 friends or more at graduation (they don’t need
to be best friends)
One point for graduating with a net worth greater than $20,000 (If
your heir(ess) lives with other Sims on campus, divide the house’s net
worth by the number of Player Sims in the house. If it is greater than
$20,000, you can claim the point)

There is one downside. If your heir(ess) drops out of college, or is
expelled, you lose one point. You do not get this penalty if non-heirs
leave college early.

11. College penalty.
There is no denying the fact that college graduates bring lots of
money with them. Left unchecked this would inflate the family’s net
worth score. To counter balance this, you will get a –1 penalty for
every 5 Sims that move into the legacy house from college (rounded
down). This could be heirs, spouses or just friends from college.

Special Bonuses.
1. 1 point if all 14 career reward objects are on the lot (One time only)
2. 1 point for each different type of NPC that you have children with
over the whole legacy. These NPCs must be in bloodlines that trace
back to your Founder.**see FAQ for further explanation.
3. 1 point for each different color ghost you have on the lot at the
end (maximum 10).
4. 1 point for each alien born on the lot (1st generation aliens only,
children of aliens don’t count, unless it’s by abduction)
5. 2 points if the birth that brings in the last generation is twins.
6. 2 points if you can get two social bunnies to have romantic
interactions on the lot (One time only)
7. 2 points if ALL the ghosts on your lot can access your Sims.
8. 2 points if you manage to collect ALL the different types of ghosts
on the lot. (One time only)
9. 2 points if you do not use any Elixir of Life during the entire
10. 1 point if you use Elixir, but only produced by the CowPlant
Career Reward
12. 2 points for founding a Greek house on campus, and having EVERY
Legacy family member that goes to college join it.
13. –2 points for each Vistor or NPC that dies on your lot.
14. 1 point for resurrecting Townie or NPC Sims with the
Ressurect-O-Nomitron at 10,000 Simoleans ONLY (you must spend all
10,000 to get this point)
15. 1 point if you manage to get a platinum grave of each aspiration
type. (one time only)

If you are in the middle of playing the legacy challenge when you
install The Sims2: University and you don’t want to start over. Score
your family right at the moment before it changes over to University.
From that point on, use University-scoring rules. For example, if your
legacy family had 5 platinum graves before you installed university,
they would be worth 5 points. Any further platinum graves you earn
will only be worth half a point, as per the University scoring rules.

Of course there is NO way for anyone to enforce the rules or scoring,
so the whole contest is on the honor system.

10 thoughts on “The Legacy Challenge: University

  1. Just saw this over on the yahoo group. I was wondering that there are no points for getting your heir into the secret society , I’ll be checking the BBS to see if this gets spoken about.

    My CAS gal that I tested the college ep is ready to have her grad party and she got summa cum laud, so after playing her I have a good understanding of the college campus.

    This challenge looks to be fun and I’ll be sending my 2nd heir and his sister to college once I get some more skill points for them so they can get moolah from scolarships.

    Looking forward to seeing your stories soon. :)

  2. Wow, I’m gonna have to read that more than once, too. It’s so looong and a bit confusing! I have a couple of questions, though. Can you start with any CAS created Sim you create? Can you start with one of the teen NPCs or townies?? Gosh, I’m really confused!

    Also, do we HAVE to start with a young adult? I know the rules say you can start with an adult but what are you guys gonna do? (Thanks for posting this, by the way! It’s helpful) ^_^

  3. Er, one more question. Where can I access my Sims 2 University pictures? I keep trying to find ’em but I couldn’t… Sorry for the double post, Jen!

  4. The pictures have changed, now each neighbourhood has its own individual Storytelling folder. So for example: My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods\N002\Storytelling would contain the pictures from neighbourhood #2.
    And thank you Jen for posting the rules! :D

  5. Wow, I really can’t wait to get University. I should be getting it sometime this week– if not, definitely over the weekend. Like Leslie said, the new challenge is so long…I’ll have to go over it a few times, also. Have fun with this one! I’m trying really hard to make it to 10G. 3 more to go!! Think I can do it before April 1?? I’m sure I will, as Spring Break is the last week of March. That’s my goal! Lol. Can’t wait to see your new challenge, Jen!!

  6. Hi Jen, Wow i read this twice and couldn’t get it all in. You must like have this taped to your computer to make sure you follow all the guidelines. Man that’s complicated. Well maybe when i’m able to have the game… i will try it. Of course i will have to beg for lots of help from you.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m really looking forward to reading your next University update.

  7. Thanx for the rules jen! Good thing Pinstar taken into accoutn ppl who are half way through the challenge^^ At least now I can continue it while playing university^^. Can’t wait for your undates. btw I tried out university today with 3 of the townies and it was pretty awesome, I actually managed to finish a semester in about 2 hours. So I’ll have updates soon hopefully.

    btw… thanks Kay for that tip about the pictures! I was searchign everywhere for them!

  8. OMG, this is sooo confusing! I don’t know if I have time to do this now, since I have to moderate the tech support forum of MTS2. I do have another autonomy project in mind, but I’m stuck on that, too. The more I put off playing, the sooner the next expansion pack will get here and then I’ll be up to my neck in troubleshooting again. ARGH!