Tempus Fugit

It was almost bedtime before Mia Shanley finally sat down to do her homework. The rest of the house was quiet, except for the nursery downstairs, where her mother Maura was busy taking care of the new twins. Her father Kyle was working late at his new paramedic job and wouldn’t be home until morning. Everyone else was sleeping, so she had no one to help her with that crummy homework.

Mia does homework

Mia took a break from scribbling and stared into space for awhile. She thought about her new siblings and wished for a moment that she had been a twin. They got all the attention! Her mom was so busy potty-training and diaper-changing that Mia barely saw her anymore.

She was glad to have her aunt Aurora around, though. Since Aurora was only a little older than Mia, they could hang out and play together. No one seemed to mind if they had pillow fights and littered the floor with feathers (especially since the feathers seemed to magically disappear moments later).

Pillow fight

Aurora even taught Mia how to make muffins in their little oven for breakfast. Since everyone was too busy to cook for them, those muffins came in pretty handy.

Muffins for breakfast

Sometimes Mia’s grandmother Demi would lecture her about “building her skills” and send her off to the reading room in order to study weird books on cooking and housekeeping. Why was learning how to make chili con carne so darned important? Mia didn’t understand it. Especially since Aurora got to do whatever she wanted, like play chess with Kyle (Mia’s dad, Aurora’s brother) all the time.

Aurora plays chess with Kyle

One day a terrible thing happened in Shanley Hall. The patriarch of the family, Gary, was standing in the kitchen with his son Lennan and grandson Kyle, telling them for the 58th time about his alien abduction and subsequent pregnancy, when he got a sudden chill.

Gary talks to Kyle

It was the old Grim Reaper, coming to claim him. Kyle and Lennan knew immediately what was about to happen and began to sob and wail. Gary put up a good fight, but his time had come, and nothing was going to persuade the Reaper otherwise.

Gary struggles with the Reaper

The Reaper took Gary off to a better place and left a stone urn in the kitchen to mark Gary’s passing. Everyone in the family gathered around it to mourn the loss their beloved family member — except for Maura, who was still busy attending to the twins, and Mia, who barely knew her great grandfather and seemed oblivious to his death.

Things were rather somber in Shanley Hall for a few days after, but thankfully a series of birthdays livened everyone’s spirits. Lennan was the first to suffer a birthday as he went from spry adult to slouching (but still smiling) elder.

Lennan as an elder

Then it was time for the twins to become toddlers. Jacinda went first and grew into a lovely toddler despite the green, stinky haze surrounding her head. (I thought I got a pic of Jacinda as a toddler, but I guess not. Darnit!)

Maura blows out the candles for Jacinda

Cute little Parker went next…

Kyle holds Parker

And grew into a very shy, very serious, and not very nice toddler. (So much for him being the heir to anything…drat it all.) Still cute, though.

Parker as a toddler

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12 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit

  1. Awesome! Another update. Yay! Can’t wait for the next one already! Good work Jen. And it’s not blah at all.

  2. Looks like everything is going well with your families jen. I can’t wait to see what the girls get up to at University. That should be interesting.

  3. The two blonde girls, Mia and Aurora, will be interesting to follow through college. I missed whatever happened to the alien Shanley girl, though. n_n And the sattelite houses-are they all deleted forever?

    Howell. Good update. ^^

  4. Wow, awesome update again, Jen! I think it’s a wonderful idea sending Mia off to college. She is a beautiful popularity Sim and one that sure will be known on campus. Parker and Jacinda acctually looks like twins! (Except for the hair and eyes) Their facial features look identical! That’s awesome! ^_^

    I understand how you feel, Uniiversity is wonderful! It’s so much fun!

    By the way, I loved your update. Are you going to play Mia in college? If so, I can’t wait for that! Acctually, I can’t wait for any of your updates! ;_;

  5. Way cool, Jen! I can’t wait to see Mia’s life in college. She’s a great person to be starting off your University Challenge with! I agree with what Leslie said about Parker and Jacinda looking like twins. That’s pretty neat! Enjoy playing and I hope work turns out okay for you!

  6. Hmmm…you might want to remember to lock the door when good ole Mia is woohooing and fulfilling her impossible want. Can teens woohoo in the EP? If so, can they get pregnant? I just wanted to know! XD Good luck and happy simming!

  7. I’ve spent most of the past few hours reading the long history of the Shanleys. It’s so much fun to watch the line continue through the generations :)

    I bought Sims University last weekend and it’s kind of rekindled my obsession with the game. I don’t know that I have the RAM to attempt a Legacy Challenge, but I love reading everyone else’s!

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I played Sims until my eyes fell out last night, so I’ll have a new update (either a realllly long one or two semi-long ones) for you very soon. To answer some questions…

    Mieko – The alien Shanley girl ended up moving out with Scottie (Lennan’s twin) and Cort (Lennan’s uncle). I know that’s probably really confusing. I’ve been burning myself out on University, so this weekend I might take a break and go back to some of my old satellite houses. (They haven’t been deleted or anything.) I’d love to send Eleanor Shanley (5G) to college, but then, that’s University again. Maybe I could send her to the Academie La Tour instead of Sim State, just for a change of pace…

    Leslie – You asked if I’m going to play Mia in college — the answer is yes, and she’s actually a junior already. I hope to post about it sometime today (probably when I get home from work)!

    QF – Teens still can’t woohoo or get pregnant as far as I know. Young adults can woohoo but are unable to get pregnant. I think there’s a hack somewhere on Mod the Sims 2 that will allow teens to woohoo and have babies, though.

    Daria – Hi and welcome! Glad you enjoyed reading the long, rambly history of the Shanleys. Have you tried starting a Legacy Family? If you don’t do the crazy “Have 10 Kids” want and just have one baby every generation (although twins do happen occasionally), it might not get too crazy/slow!

  9. Aw, Mia is so pretty! And the twins are adorable! Aurora’s drum playing is also very cool! Am looking forward to seeing Aurora and Mia at university and see how they get on. Mia’s going to have a fun time. Can you really get the uni sims to woohoo with faculty? If so you have to get Mia to do that! Hehe. Nice post :D