Whew, I’m Done!

10th generation of the Shanley Legacy is HERE! I played nonstop from about 7:30 to 12:30 tonight, most of the time on double-speed. Triple-speed was slower than double (sometimes things would freeze completely!), so I didn’t use that much. Poor Kyle spent less than a day as a teenager, gulping elixir until I could transition him to adult. Anyway, I’ll save the full update and pictures for tomorrow night. I’m pooped! Here’s my final score (not as high as I hoped it would be, but oh well. Stupid Sim Shrink…)

Generations: 10
Family Net Worth: §650,386
Platinum Graves: 9
Family Friends: 11 (3 pts)
Impossible Wants: 10
Shrink Visits: 6 (-6 pts)

Obtained all career reward objects: 2 pts
NPCs in bloodline: 9
Ghost colors: 2 (white, pink)
Ghosts are free to roam: yes, 2 pts
Visitor Deaths: 0
Alien births: 1
10th gen twins: 0
Social Bunny Romance: 0
Children, toddlers, & infants taken by social worker: 2
Platinum graves of all five aspirations: 1 pt

Total score: 48

According to Pinstar’s score rankings, I’m a “Legacy Llama”. I can deal with that. Here are the ranks:

0- 9 points: Legacy Loser
10-19: Family Fumbler
20-29: Portrait Pusher
30-39: Ten-Gen Gem Miner
40-49: Legacy Llama
50-59: Outstanding Overseer
60-69: Dynasty Crafter
70-79: Legacy Lord/Lady
80-89: Power Patriarch/Magnificent Matriarch
90-99: Legacy Legend
100+: Quintessential Sim Deity

Maybe I can make Dynasty Crafter next time! ;-)

14 thoughts on “Whew, I’m Done!

  1. Oh wow. You are done. Wow. I am speechless. Wowee-kazaabunga! Um… that’s not a word by the way! Hope you sleep well and happy. I can’t wait to see the updates leading up to that moment when the 10th generation was born! Wow. Jen, I am so happy for you!!! Good night! Sleep well!

  2. You did it. That’s great!

    Now what are your plans? Do you have Uni EP in your hot little hands yet? :)

    I figured I’m picking it up this week , yeah I’m a Sim addict – oh well :/ . Since I’m playing in a brand new neighborhood now and updated all my recolors and stuff I guess I’ll just jump into the Uni. band wagon soon.
    I’m at g.2 with my 2nd L.family so I’m going to take my time , play and save this family like heck.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stories :)

  3. HI Jen, way to go! You did it. I knew you would. I hope you were able to sleep. I’m looking forward to your update of the Shanley family. What i’m really looking forward is to your stories. I think you should get a nap during the day as a reward. :)

  4. Way to go Jen! Got the EP yet? I have to wait 10 more days for the darn thing to come out in Belgium. Could order it via Amazon.com, but then the delivery might take me a long time as well. Probably will pre-order it trough Proxis.be or something.
    That reminds me: I have to go and pre-order the next harry Potter book as well. Yep, I kwow, it’s pathetic, a 23 year old law-student completely psyched out over the release of a children’s book and a kid’s video game expansion pack…

  5. Congrads, congrads! that’s pretty good… speeding through Kyle’s childhood/teenhood and getting him married in 4 hours! record-breaking I’d say. cna’t wait to read the update^^ congrads once again

  6. You’ve really made an impression on me, standing through all that sim-chaos ;)
    Congratulations! ^^

  7. I don’t have the EP yet, but I’m going out at lunch right now to reserve my copy at my local EB Games shop. They said they should be unloading it this afternoon, so I can pick it up after work. I HOPE. Lots of preparation to do before I install, though — I heard that a lot of people are losing ALL of their families when they install the EP, so I want to make sure I back up my neighborhood before I install. I also have to check on some of my recolors to make sure they’re EP-compatible. But then I can play!

    Yannick, you’re not pathetic at all, I’m much older than you and just as psyched out about the EP and the new Harry Potter book (I need to pre-order that one, too!)…. ;-)

  8. I got it! WOOT! When I went to reserve my copy, they already had it unloaded, so I got it on the spot. I’m at home for the rest of my lunch hour backing up my files. I’m going to try and post my Legacy family update this afternoon (provided I don’t get TOO terribly busy), then install the EP when I get home. *does a little dance*

  9. Oh, Congrats on finishing the Legacy Challenge. You Did it! :) I hope that you will either do another family in a similar way or continue the Shanley’s. I have grown quite attached to them. Now you can breathe and relax for a bit. Whew! HUGS and have a great day!

  10. Wait to go!! I couldn’t get past the sixth generation even with this blog as an example. Should be interesting. I came to check out your blog while backing up my files. I am astonished at how long they are taking to be backed up. This game is big. I can’t wait for the “final” update with the Shanleys. It has been quite interesting. I am very excited about what you will do with your blog with the new University EP. I’m sure you will come up with something good.

  11. I was wondering if you were all done yet!!! Great job!! I’m so proud of you :)!! I love you!

  12. Lani – I’ll definitely be continuing the Shanleys in some shape or form! Hugs to you, too!

    jenni120 – Bummer, what happened with your 6th generation? You sure are right about the files taking awhile to back-up…geez louise. Plus I found out I need to install the 2nd patch! Hope you enjoy University!

    Alex – Aw, thanks, sis! Don’t tell Mom how much I’ve been playing the Sims…just kidding. :-D