Shanley State of Mind

Last we left the Shanley family, my 8th gen heir Lennan had just married Demi Love the policewoman and produced a son, Kyle. That update focused on Lennan and Demi, but what have the rest of the Shanleys been up to?

Soon after the birth of Kyle, proud grandparents Tebbany and Gary were due to become elders. Before that happened, however, I had Gary paint a portrait of Tebbany. So far I’ve managed to get portraits painted of all my Legacy heirs except for one — Patrick, my 5th gen heir. He died unexpectedly before I managed to capture his portrait, darn him.

Gary paints Tebby's portrait
“My painting…it’s so lifelike!”

Poor Cort, my 7th gen spare, contracted food poisoning and spent two days pretty much living in the bathroom. Those Sloppy Sims just don’t care if they eat disgusting rancid food. Thing is I can’t remember if I directed him to eat it (before it went rancid) or if he was just hungry and grabbed whatever was around. I’ve seen visiting Sims sit down to eat already-rancid food — that’s a little disturbing.

Cort ralfs
“Why on earth did I eat those pork chops…*moan*”

Meanwhile Cleo was going through the usual trials and tribulations associated with those awful teenage years — gigantic pimples, first kiss fever, homework stacked to the skies. I was hoping her special alien DNA might grant her immunity from zits, or at least make other Sims react strangely to her, but no such luck. She lived a normal teenaged life.

Cleo applies acne cream
“Aw man, why don’t they make concealer in my shade of green?”

Here Gary, now an elder, takes a break from building skills to tuck in his grandson Kyle. I’m a big old sap, so it thought it was cute.

Gary tucks in Kyle
“Maybe someday you’ll have a gigantic head, just like Grandpa…”

I had my four Knowledge Sims (Tebby, Gary, Cort, and Demi) working ’round the clock to build their skills to fulfill the Max All Skills impossible want for each of them. Cort was the first to max his skills, even though Gary and Demi already had a few skills maxed when they moved in. Here’s Cort making candies to get his last skill point while Tebby the Elder shows the punching bag who’s boss.

Cort and Tebby build skills

Meanwhile Gary was out in the living room working on his Mechanical skill (Demi was using the surgical dummy to do the same thing in the skill-building room). Behind him, Cleo plays the piano in her underwear, and in the foreground Scottie chats on the phone. Being a Popularity Sim, she also wants to hold parties, but I seem to have a bug on my lot with the “Throw Party” phone interaction — it no longer works. I had multiple Sims try to throw a party, but all they did was dial the phone and then “jump” out of the interaction. So between that and the “Find Own Place” interaction not working, I’m starting to worry. I can’t wait to move my family off of this slow, buggy lot!

Working hard
“Oh, Goopy, you’re such a goof. Wanna come over for some rancid pork chops?”

Finally Kyle’s birthday rolled around. His aunt Cleo helped him blow out the candles.

Kyle becomes a toddler

A couple of days later, Scottie became an adult. She had a job as an EMT when she was a teen, so when she grew up she was promoted to Nurse. I don’t know why, but I have a ton of Shanleys in the medical profession. It makes sense for Gary and Tebby, since they’re Knowledge Sims, but why was Scottie the Popularity Sim in that career? I have no idea. I also had Demi in the medical field for awhile until she found a job in — what else? Law Enforcement!

Anyway, here’s Scottie as an adult.

Scottie as an adult
“Doesn’t ‘Dr. Scottie Shanley’ have a nice ring to it?”

Moving right along, I raced through Kyle’s toddler years — actually, I didn’t really race since I was busy micromanaging all of the Knowledge Sims, but I didn’t take many pictures, so it looks like I raced — and he became a child. At this point I had 8 Sims living in Shanley Manor, which I hate (tooo slooooow!!!), and they’re ALL in the picture below (along with Goopy GilsCarbo, who was visiting Scottie).

Kyle's birthday
“Congratulations on growing up, honey. Have you thought about who you want to marry yet?”

Yep, I have Kyle’s future wife all picked out for him — Maura Simpson, the firefighter. It’s never too early to start becoming friends with your future spouse, is it?

Kyle plays chess with Maura
“So Dad tells me you’ll stay 25 years old until somebody marries you? That’s weeeeeird!”

The funny thing is that I had Lennan become friends with her first, before Kyle was even born, and now he wants to flirt and fall in love with her. Darned Romance Sims! Of course, he has no idea she’s meant for Kyle, but ewww. That’s your future daughter-in-law, buddy! I’ll just have to make sure I don’t accidentally click on a romantic interaction for one of them, or it’ll be jealousy city when Kyle grows up.

Speaking of weird, the relationship between Cort and Cleo has reached new levels of closeness. I found him sleeping in bed with her one night. She’s a teenager, so there’s no funny stuff going on between them, but their relationship score is 100/100, and they seem awfully fond of one another. They’re not blood-related, so I’ll have to be careful with them when she becomes an adult, or they could very easily fall in love. All it takes is one slip of the mouse-button!

Cort and Cleo sleep
*snoring noises*

For the longest time, Tebbany had a want to see the ghost of Pao, so whenever he was haunting, I had her chasing him around the house. It took about three separate nights of chasing, but she finally got to see him, i.e. be frightened by him. Hooray!

Pao frightens Tebbany
“Haha, I have more best friends than you do! And I’m not even alive!”

Here’s a portrait of Kyle after I gave him some new hair. I can’t figure out who he looks like. He has his dad’s nose for sure. Possibly his mom’s mouth. Or is it his dad’s mouth? Eh, who knows. All I know is that he looks a little bit weird. I can’t figure out if he’s cute or not. We’ll have to wait and see how he looks as a teen.

Kyle as a child
“So what’s this Elixir of Life I keep hearing about? Does it taste bad?”

One thing I should mention before I wrap up and go play — the household was getting to be so slow with 8 Sims in it that I decided to move some of them out. I had gotten the Impossible Want point from Cort for maxing all his skills, so I switched over to Autumn House and had his mother Vesta ask him to move in. He brought with him Scottie and Cleo (who had become an adult the day before). I can’t really get any points from them anyway since they’ll still be alive when the challenge is over (so no platinum headstones), and there’s no way I was going to go for their Impossible Wants (Have 30 Best Friends and Have 10 Kids, respectively). I couldn’t kill them, either, because I have a tough time doing that to Sims I like. So now Autumn House is completely full. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back and play them.

Here’s the rundown of who’s left in the house:

Tebbany – 7th gen heir, Elder
Gary – 7th gen, Elder
Lennan – 8th gen heir, Adult
Demi – 8th gen, Adult
Kyle – 9th gen, child

So I’m off to play now, need to reach 10th gen tonight if possible! Thanks for reading, and wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “Shanley State of Mind

  1. Good luck Jen I know you can do it! I’m sooooo much farther behind you in my legacy family. Own my 4th gen heir has 1 kid and it is a toddler! Well if thts the case I better get to work(he he he he)!

  2. Go Jen! Huzzah! You can do it chica!
    Meanwhile, I had yet ANOTHER idea. Maybe when you are done with the legacy family you can show the first heir (Nia), and the last heir (??). Then we can compare them easily. It would probably also help you wrap up the entire wonderful and ever so addictive blog. ;)

  3. HI Jen. I’m glad you’re able to play tonight. I know you will be done tonight.. and can’t wait to read the ending of your challenge and the beginning of new story to come with the new expansion pack. Since i don’t have the game.. and won’t have it till i move out have my own computer. So i look forward to all updates. Thanks for sharing.. Happy simming

  4. Good job. I love all your pics. and captions. I can’t believe you managed to get so far in the challenge. I am on my 6th gen currently as teens and I don’t think they are going to be continued. It gets boring after awhile. Probably send them to college when I get University tommorrow. Anyways good luck. It will be interesting to see what you do next with your sims.

  5. Wehoo Congratulations You’re nearly there! Good luck with the last few sim weeks and keep up the good work… Don’t ever leave us Jen! lol. Cya later! Great update btw.

  6. You can do it! Just express Kyle’s teen years all the way :p lol… but I had to admit, Kyle has a very odd look about him. I think the eyes are too big for my liking and it seems like he’s got high cheekbones. Anyhow… Scottie looks pretty as an adult as expected… since sims really stop growing in the face when they’re teens.

  7. Janice, you were so right about Kyle. I haven’t posted the pictures yet, but his eyes are way too big and he does have weird high cheekbones. And his dad’s Spock brows. I’ve seen NPCs better-looking than Kyle is! Heh. Oh well, I hope his kid turns out to look OK…

  8. Vivi, that’s a great idea. It may take me awhile to age my 10th gen heir to an adult, but when I get to that point, I’ll do some comparison shots!

  9. The quality of your pictures is out of this world! Fabulous update. :O) Are you going to start playing University right away?

  10. Angelia – Thanks! Yeah, I’m hoping to play University tonight, provided I get everything up and running! *crosses fingers* How about you?