The Long-Awaited Arrival

While my 9th gen heir was still a child, there wasn’t much I could do but wait for him to grow up. So I tried to keep my Sims happy and productive in the meantime. Gary and Tebbany had maxed all of their skills, so they didn’t have much to do except sit back and enjoy life. Gary was still working, though his hours weren’t long, and he made it to the top of the medical career track. Lennan and Demi also made it to the top of their careers, becoming a Business Tycoon and a Captain Hero, respectively.

When Kyle’s birthday finally rolled around, Lennan wanted to throw a birthday party, so I obliged him. The “Throw House Party” option was buggy and hadn’t been working, but the “Throw Birthday Party” option worked just fine. Huh! He invited past inhabitants of Shanley Manor over, including his uncle Cort, his sister Scottie, his half-sister Cleo, and his buddy Abhijeet, who strangely enough lived in Shanley Manor way back in 2nd generation. That guy should be long gone by now!

Family gathering
“You know, Lennan, you really should get dressed for special occasions.”

Kyle became a teen wearing Lennan’s pajamas. I didn’t bother changing them because he wasn’t going to be a teen for very long…

Kyle as a teen
“I blame my weird looks on my grandpa.”

I’m all for Sims looking interesting and not like Barbies or Kens, but Kyle’s face is just so oddly proportioned! He’s not hideous or anything…just strange-looking. And he has this bizarre indentation between his eyebrows, like a worry wrinkle.

By the way, I rolled Fortune for Kyle’s aspiration, making him only the third Shanley to have perpetual dollar signs in his eyes. Or at least above his head.

Anyway, I wasted no time in moving his future wife, firefighter Maura Simpson, into the house. She was best friends with Lennan, so that wasn’t too tough. I was delighted to discover that she’s a Family Sim (which I should have known from reading Shana’s blog, but I have a crappy memory). Here’s Maura after the customary NPC makeover…

Maura Simpson
“I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. Not that I have any choice…”

Now that Kyle was a teen, I could start the premature aging process. First I had to get his aspiration into low green or worse. He had a fear of seeing a ghost, which made things easy — the ghosts were in full force, haunting nearly every night. I had Kyle wander around downstairs where the ghosts of Nia and Kaylynn were roaming. For some reason Nia is a very angry ghost and just LOVES to scare my Sims, so she scared him right away. He barely had time to recover before Kaylynn appeared unexpectedly and frightened him, too. Poor kid. He was in middle red now, so I hurried him upstairs before any other ghosts popped out of the woodwork.

As I had done with Lennan, I had Kyle alternate sleep with drinks of elixir until it was the next day. While I was busy with some of the other Sims, he decided to smash the dollhouse in Scottie’s old bedroom. I think he was trying to tell me something.

Kyle smashes the dollhouse
“You think you can control me? Well, THIS is what I think of your little dollhouse game!”

Eventually Kyle drank his last drop of elixir and spun around, becoming an adult.

Kyle grows up
“Hey, that felt good! I like it!”

It was only a matter of time before he was proposing to Maura. Thank goodness they had compatible personalities.

Kyle proposes to Maura
“I bet you weren’t expecting THIS!”

I was tempted to have them get married on the spot, but decided to wait until morning and have them use the family chapel. I didn’t want Maura to get pregnant until Tebbany had passed on (so I could get another platinum gravestone), so I had to wait anyway.

Kyle and Maura get married
“I promise to love you forever…or at least until you pop out a few heirs for me…”

And of course they did the traditional woohoodehoo mating ritual after the ceremony…

Kyle kisses Maura's hand
“Kyle! I didn’t know you could be so suave!”

I have to admit I danced around in my chair a little when I heard the lullaby sound. 10th generation was on its way!

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17 thoughts on “The Long-Awaited Arrival

  1. Actually Pinstar’s Uni Challenge turned into the Greek House challenge or whatever and it’s already out… You could prolly find it on the BBS without too many worries.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s a separate challenge, he said there’s going to be an updated version of the Legacy challenge for Uni as well as the Greek challenge.

  3. Hey Jen! This is so wonderful! I knew you would do it. I can’t wait to see how little Mia Shanley turns out. And I must say, I’m so excited to see what else you have in store for us! I probably won’t get University until this weekend, but that’ll be okay. I won’t install it until I’m done with my challenge anyways, however tempting that may be. Well, congrats! I’m off to picj up my video card!! It’s at the FedEx place right now! Huzzah! Finally! Lol. Can’t wait to see more of your amazing sims, Jen!

  4. *whines about how fast Kyle’s life went*
    Looking forward to the story telling style again… t_t *misses it*

  5. Yeah! Way to go Jen. Glad to see you beat the clock. I’m so looking forward to reading new stories. I really miss your other stories. Happy simming.

  6. CONGRATS, JEN!!! i knew you could do it!!! :D

    i got University tonight… and played around with the interface. if you have a TEEN, you can immediately send them to college. looks like they don’t have to go to high school at all. okay, i’m not 100% sure about that… but when you get the game, you’ll see what i’m talking about. i have yet to try that out (i’m going to create a new Sim of myself)… but when you click on the button for University, you’ll get a listing of all the teen sims (including NPCs). you get to select them and give them a household name, which is like the name of the house they’ll be living in… not necessarily their last name. i’ve made several teens but never played those houses, so they’ve never been to school. so i’m guessing my hunch is correct. i need to get the Prima Guide, but it’s lumped together with the official guide. i wish they kept it separate. anyway, i’ll be posting more information on my blog as soon as i find out.

    congrats again! i hope to be able to join you in the next edition of the legacy challenge.

  7. Oh I’d love to hear more about the Shanleys actuallY! Sicne now that you’re officially done with the challenge, you’d be able to play the family more slowly and tharoughly enjoy it^^ and I can’t wait to see what Pinster’s new legacy rules are actually.

  8. Yay!!!! Awesome job. I love the name Mia. It was weird to see Abijeet (from first g.) and Maura (from 5th g. who I actually killed after she became rather annoying). I cannot wait to see the stories of the Shanley’s continue.

  9. YAY JEN!!!!! Congrats on getting through all ten generations! I’m looking forward to seeing more storytelling, too… now that University is out, you can continue your old stories because everyone was about to head off to college and such… weee, I can’t wait!

  10. *cheers for Jen and breaks out the grape juice* Yea! *blushes* I JUST started my own challenge and just made it to third gen already…I’m enjoying it though XD Good luck with University! *rushes out to go get a copy for herself!


    You called your last legacy baby Mia! Squeeee! Hehe.

    Seriously though, well done on your finishing! It’ll be weird to come onto your blog and not see the legacy family. Now I’m off to read your university story! :D

  12. Congrats, Jen! That’s so great that you got to the tenth Gen! I’ll never get there! I don’t know why but when I saw you used my suggestion I got all excited! Yay! Too bad Aurora is just a spare heir… lol ^_^

    Great job!

  13. Can someone help me? The guy in one of my families has a teddy bear going through him and his hands are all twisted…defenitely a bug. I cannot making him talk through it and set it down, and it is literally though his midsection. I tried rebooting but it didn’t work…where can I fix it? Does anyone know? Tis very sad…its my first family!

  14. Hi Vivi – Yeah, those teddy bears are evil. Did you have the afflicted Sim go to work or take a shower or anything? Try to have him do that, or change his clothes, to see if the bear will go away (or jump out of him, weird as that sounds). If that does work, do a Control-Shift-C on your keyboard to open the cheat window, then type “moveobjects on”. Then you can click on your poor Sim and delete him. It sounds scary, but if you quit out of your lot (don’t forget to save) and go back in, he should reappear. Hopefully he’ll be back to normal at that point. Let me know if none of those things work!