Love is the Answer

Last we left the Shanley family, the 8th gen heir Lennan was trying desperately to receive his first kiss from Demi Love, the policewoman. Unfortunately Demi wasn’t having any of it, which caused Lennan to have a nervous breakdown. The Sim Shrink set everything to rights, and by the next morning Lennan was ready to try again. He invited Demi over and flirted with her shamelessly in the front yard. After some backrubs and romantic hugs, he decided the time was right for their first kiss. He leaned in, but she turned away just like before. Did he have bad breath or something?

Oh well, he could only keep trying. He invited Demi into the tub o’ love thinking the warm bubbles might help her relax and make her more receptive to some kissing. It seemed to work at first — Lennan was able to pull her close for some cuddling, but he just couldn’t work up the courage to try a kiss again. Her rejections were still too fresh in his mind. Losing his nerve, he climbed out of the hot tub and stood behind Demi, crying silently. Why was this so difficult for him?

Lennan cries over his rejection
“I just…can’t…do it! *whimper sob sniff*”

Without saying anything, Lennan slipped back into the house and changed out of his swimsuit. Why was he so upset over Demi’s rejection? Maybe she just wasn’t right for him. Maybe someone else would be a better match. While Lennan pondered that possibility, he watched the SimStationDance channel with his half-sister Cleo. He was still lost in thought when Demi entered the room and walked up to him.

“Where did you go, Len? I was waiting for you.” She looked at him expectantly, the corners of her mouth turned up in a slight smile. Lennan gulped. Was he imagining it, or did she want him to kiss her? What had changed her mind? Had the soothing power of the Love Tub worked its magic?

Lennan stood up and wrapped his arms around Demi. This time she didn’t turn away.

Lennan and Demi kiss
“Oh boy, here we go…”

The next day Lennan invited Demi over for lunch. After a hearty meal of chili con carne, the two lovebirds watched TV together for a few hours. “I have to go,” Demi said after awhile, giving Lennan’s hand a squeeze. “See you tomorrow?”

“I hope so,” said Lennan, lovestruck. “I’ll walk you out.”

They left the study and headed out into the foyer of Shanley Manor. As Demi turned to hug Lennan goodbye, Lennan sank down onto one knee. He grinned as he presented her with a black velvet box. Demi opened it and gasped, excited to see the sparkling diamond ring inside. She had never thought anyone would want to marry her — she was so painfully shy and geeky.

Demi slid the ring onto her finger and admired the way it glimmered in the candlelight.

Demi puts on her ring
“Ooh, can I keep it even if I say ‘no’?”

Lennan was ecstatic to hear Demi say “yes” to his proposal. He ran right out to where Cleo was playing piano and swept her into a hug. “I’m getting married!” he cried.

“When?” Cleo asked, laughing.


“Isn’t that a little quick? You just got engaged!”

“We have to get married before I change mind.” Lennan winked at Cleo and ran off to find his tuxedo. Cleo just shook her head and went back to playing piano.

That night everyone gathered in the family chapel for the wedding ceremony. Demi and Lennan sealed their vows with a kiss while the rest of the Shanleys applauded.

Demi and Lennan get married

Since the wedding happened so unexpectedly, there was no reception afterwards. After congratulating the happy couple, everyone went about their business. Demi and Lennan made their way upstairs and relaxed on the bed for awhile, talking about the wedding and what their future together would hold.

Lennan and Demi relax on the bed
“I can keep wearing the ring with the big rock on it, right?”

Eventually the talking led to snuggling, which led to the traditional wedding night hanky panky, also known as “baby makin'” or “woohoo”. Lennan knew his parents were counting on him to provide an heir for the family legacy, so he didn’t waste any time.

As night faded into morning, Demi arose early and spent a good hour or so in the bathroom lightening her hair. It was a whim, pure and simple — she felt like a new woman and thought she should look like one, too. When she went back to the bedroom, she found Lennan awake and making the bed.

“So what do you think?” she asked, striking a pose.

Lennan glanced up. “What?”

Demi sighed. “Don’t you notice anything different?”

“Yeah, you look…married.” Lennan smiled.

“Oh, you’re hopeless,” Demi said, turning away from him to look in the full-length mirror. Even if Lennan didn’t notice the difference, she was pleased with her new look. There was a twinkle in her eye that she hadn’t seen before…

Demi looks in the mirror
“He may be clueless, but at least he makes the bed.”

Within a day, the twinkle in Demi’s eye had turned into a bulge in her belly. She called her boss at the hospital where she worked and told them she was going to take a few days off. She spent most of that time meditating and resting in the nursery, saving all of her energy for the birth of the baby.

Demi is pregnant
“Hey, this isn’t so bad…”

The day the baby was born, Lennan was at his new job and everyone else was busy working on their skills. Demi wished she could be working on her skills with the rest of the family, but she knew she had to wait until the baby was older. Nothing was more important than making sure her child had good start in life.

Demi gave birth to a baby boy she named Kyle (suggested by Mieko and Lauren). He had blonde hair and brown eyes, just like her, but he seemed to have his father’s nose and mouth.

Demi holds baby Kyle
“He’s like a mini-version of me!”

When Lennan came home from work to find his new son lying in his crib, he was overjoyed. 9th generation of the Shanley family had finally been born. He hadn’t messed it up! Now he could rest easy, work on his career, and try to ignore his desire to flirt with other women…

(NOTE: I’ll go back to my usual commentary for the next post, which should be up soon since I’ve already taken the pictures. I just did a short update for now because it’s so darned late already. I’m so relieved 9th generation has been born…now I just have to grow him up, get him married, and get him to make a baby. Once that baby is born, I’ll be done with the Challenge. I hope I make it!)

17 thoughts on “Love is the Answer

  1. Wow, Jen! It’s like a race! Only 2 more days now. I hope you make it, too! Demi is really pretty once you made her over. And poor girl, her husband doesn’t even know her well enough to notice the difference. Lol. Congrats on the 9G Shanley and get going on getting that kid grown up!! ;-)

  2. Good luck! I hope you make it, personaly, I decided to do it at my own pace. Lots of things to do besides simming (yeah, RL can get in the way big time) so giving myself some time feels good. Raising him to adulthood might prove tricky, but with some elexir, you will definetly succede!!!

  3. Firstly I want to say that I have been reading your blog for a very long time (but I just forgot or didn’t have time to comment) and I just love your writing style! I also hope you make it and finish your legacy in 2 days; you are so close to ending it.
    Poor Demi, her husband didn’t even notice her new look :). It also happened to me, I have been recently growing up my hair and my friend who returned from the hospital asked if I had a hair-cut ;).

  4. Oh, Jen! Kyle ish so adorable! You’ll make it-for sure! Good luck anyways, and enjoy the Shanleys while you have ’em XD

  5. …KYLE *snugs baby* ;__; so.pretty. Lookit him. He’s like like…a what is it…flaxen haired angel xD Yaay.

  6. Awwww…baby Kyle is too cute. He will be a handsome 9th gen heir. YAY! You are so close to finishing. Woo Hoo! Have a great Sunday! :)

  7. Hurrah! Only one generation to go! Are you going to get them to try for another baby or just leave it as Kyle? Who is adorable, by the way! What’s happening with Scottie and Cleo these days, are they adults yet? Looking forward to your next post and good luck in finishing! :D

  8. Mieko, eh? I like that name…I suggested it for one of Jen’s sims…he he! Ah well, my neighborhood that I ALWAYS play on TS2 is Lake Mieko! XD

  9. Kyle is so cute! I love the new look–it’s way cool. The story form puts it together nicely too–whenever I try story form, I switch back into narrative and it’s confusing.

  10. You are so lucky! My legacy challenge is only at the 5th gen. Well i’d better shut up and get to work lol.

  11. Hi Jen, Great update. You’re almost there. I’m rooting you on Jen. I love Demi’s outfit she was wearing when she was holding the Kyle. So very cute. I hope you had a great weekend. I’m really really looking forward to your next update. Can’t wait to see what Kyle looks like as a child, teen, & adult. BTW i guess after you finish your challenge you will get the protriat of your hiers.
    Thanks for all your hard work. I know you will beat that dateline and finish in time. :)

  12. Hey guys, thanks for the comments! As soon as I get home from work tonight I’m going to post an update, and then I’m going to play until I finish the challenge or my eyeballs fall out of my head, whichever comes first. I think with judicious use of elixir and double- or triple-speed gameplay, I’ll be able to do it. *crosses fingers!*

    Hi Helen, to answer your question: I haven’t had a spare heir yet for 9G — we’ll see how that goes. Up until last night I had a full house, so I couldn’t try for one yet. And Scottie and Cleo will definitely be in tonight’s update, so stay tuned!

  13. Sorry I have not posted in some time. That’s because….I FINALLY GOT MY SIMS2 WORKING! Thank you so much Jen for recommending the Sims Resource. Even though they didn’t directly help me, because of the site I got to the site help section…and wala! I have my first family! *Hugs* And now I don’t have to go crazy staring at the dumb little bar. YAY!
    Ok, personal happiness. However, I also want to congratulate you on this family. I knwo you can finish them and make them the coolest Legacy family ever!
    Oh, one more thing. Is there another round of the Legacy challenge? As in is there another one that can be over later on in the year or not?
    ;) :) ;)

  14. *begs* I just need you to make another family! I feel like the Shanleys are real people and that they are my best friends and I’m apart of the family *ish crazy* I know, weird huh? But, this might sound a little obsessive, I’m attached to my sims and I feel, erm, loved by them XD
    Anyways, Jen, make another family like the Shanleys and have another Legacy challenge. Maybe throw in some names you’ve used in this family for ‘old times sake’.

    I’m weird, yah, I know O.o

  15. Vivi, that’s AWESOME! I’m so glad you got it to work. You’ll have to keep us posted on how your families are doing! As for the Legacy Challenge, there are tons of people still playing it and some who have just started, so I think you can jump in any time. The TS2 Classic Legacy Yahoo! Group is going to be running until people lose interest, which could be years. There are a lot of other Sims bloggers, too, who are still doing the challenge and not rushing to finish. I mainly wanted to finish because I want to be able to play the University variants on the challenge. Plus it would be hard to stick to the original Legacy rules with all the new University stuff to tempt me. :-) Anyway, have fun Simming!

  16. QF — That’s not weird; I get attached to Sims, too. The Shanleys aren’t going anywhere, though! I think Pinstar is going to start up a challenge where we send our 10th gen heirs to college — if so, I’ll definitely be participating in that! And I had already thought about keeping one Shanley in the house and playing them Legacy-style. So some form of the Shanley Legacy will continue on. Plus I want to start a brand new Legacy family once Pinstar posts the rules for the University Legacy Challenge. Should be fun!