Farr and Away

Woot! I finished my Seasoned Traveler Challenge. That’s right, I actually FINISHED something. This doesn’t happen too often, folks. ;-) But I wanted to get it done before I got completely sucked into Simsville, and thankfully it wasn’t all that hard to complete (not compared to a 10-gen legacy, anyway). While I’m at it, I should probably finish Plumbridge, too. And all those other projects I’ve started and not finished over the years… *sad laugh*

Anyway, I thought I’d share some more pics (of stuff you’ve all seen if you’ve played World Adventures, hah). I have a ton of them, so I’m splitting them into two posts. In the next one I’ll talk a little more about my thoughts on the project and list Felix’s post-challenge stats.

Felix went back to Egypt for his second trip…and finally got to visit the Sphinx.

Felix Farr
“Ahh, the Sphinx. Majestic, eternal, mysterious…just like me. OK, I’m kidding, but you can see a resemblance, right?”

Felix Farr
“Wait, did I sign up for this? I think I felt something brush against my leg…”

Felix Farr
“Never mind, that was totally worth it. These are the fruits I’m looking for!”

Felix Farr
That’s right, Felix. Show those fire traps who’s boss.

Felix Farr
A nice toasty place to sleep for the night.

Felix Farr
“Man, this is so undignified!”

Felix Farr
“Dude, bugs are nothing compared to being roasted alive.”

Felix Farr
Felix had another brief stint at home before going on his third trip. I took this picture just to show he was, indeed, at home for a bit, and even built his own bathroom. But he needs to work on that visa level, so it’s back to Egypt!

Felix Farr
Tents are sooo handy.

Felix Farr
This was one of my favorite tombs — it had a very pretty water theme. I do appreciate the variety in tombs. Every single one had its own theme and challenges. And Felix finally got to visa level 2 in this one!

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14 thoughts on “Farr and Away

  1. Grats on finishing! I love the details here. I dont have WA so I live vicariously thru everyone that does. *claps* Yay for woohoo like kings! You go Felix!!

  2. Great pics, as always!

    Oh, whoa, I’ve never seen that visa symbol above their heads when they go up a level! I have to pay closer attention!

    In my experience, there seem to be an awful lot of flirty people in the vacation destinations!

    Felix looks so proud of himself outside the bistro.

    Is that tent a custom object? I’ve never seen it before!

    • The tent is the Sultan’s Tabernacle, which Sims can buy from the special merchants in France, China, or Eqypt. It costs 2500 ancient coins and gives them the “Slept Like a King!” moodlet, which is considerable!

  3. It looked like you (and Felix) had a lot of fun. So he ended with Visa level 3 in all locations? And he even got his Pengu’s Axe. ROCK ON!! :) So … what was the deal with his “Friend” from Egypt? Was it her or not? Maybe the sun gave her freckles or sumfin? Hehe! Looking forward to more of all your stuffs.

    • Yeah, I still don’t know if that was really his friend or not. Had the same name, so I guess so? But it really didn’t look like her! Oh well. Weird bug maybe. :)

  4. Way to go, Jen (er, and Felix)! I’m still learning WA, so there’s a heck of a lot I’ve yet to experience, but it’s fun!

    • Enjoy the experience! Even after doing this challenge, I still have a lot to do in WA. Many tombs to explore, still have to try to summon a mummy, haven’t done much at all with nectar-making, etc.

  5. Stop making me want to cave and go buy a copy of WA! I have been holding out so well! But the pictures you take look so pretty…

  6. I love your pictures and captions, as always. The pictures always capture the action so well!

  7. Oh wow, congrats on finishing the challenge Jen! Lol I didn’t even know half of these things about WA before I read this (like the fruit in the tomb in egypt) and my sims have been on vacation multiple times! I guess I’ll just have to explore more ;) I can’t wait to see the second half of Felix’s adventures. Lol and I’ve been trying to be less obsessive over controling my sims – major fail! (your right though, they can be kind of boring when everything is perfect).

    • I got all caught up doing a new challenge so I haven’t posted Felix’s last bunch of pics yet…will have to do that soon! Hope you’re having fun with your Sims! It really is tough to not micromanage…