Free Site of the Month: June

My free site for this month is Parsimonious. (And since I missed April and May, they are getting three months’ worth of my donation money — they deserve it.)

I can’t say enough good things about this site. Aside from having a ton of great, imaginative downloads, the owners of the site are some of the nicest, most generous people in the Sims 2 community. I had the pleasure of creating houses for them for a short time (before my game went belly up), so I’m probably a little biased, but it was awesome to see how their staff works together to create such a unique and creative site. The whole thing is worth exploring, but here are some of the highlights:

– The huge array of walls and floors (some of which I could not live without in my Victorian homes)
– Kate’s Eponymous Garden (so beautiful and useful!)
– Christine’s lots (so inspiring)
– The “Theme” pages — content sorted by several different time periods and themes
– The Community Finds pages — I have found some great free sites through these pages!

I’m donating to Parsimonious this month because I would hate to see them disappear (and from the sound of it, running that site is quite expensive). I’d also hate to see them start charging for items, but I doubt they’ll go that route. I would love to see them stick around and stay free for everyone.

Also, they just had their 4-year anniversary (and offered 400+ items to celebrate it), so…Happy Anniversary, Parsimonious!

11 thoughts on “Free Site of the Month: June

  1. I know what you mean, Jen! Parsimonious is a fabulous site, and I spent ages picking out downloads from their anniversary collection. Aliens and sci-fi stuff is just the most awesome theme ever – and I had actually been looking for stuff like that for a while now. Cool choice, Jen! :D

  2. I’ve been visiting Parsimonious since I first found the link via your site, and I have to say, it’s one of the best free sites out there. If nothing else, they are one of the most organized, and finding things on their site is much easier than on some. Even better, some of their items are better than those that can be found on many pay sites.

    You’re right Jen: They are a generous lot to provide such high-quality downloads for free!

  3. Oh a very deserving site Jen! Good pick. Did you know MaxoidMoonBelly works at that site too?

  4. Hi. I haven’t been to this site before so I thought I will have a quick look round before I make a comment and I think it really does deserve to get site of the month and the money. I love the Chinesse and the Indian clothes they have.

    Keep simming!

    See ya

  5. I love Parsimonious for its variety; you’re bound to find something that you like there. Excellent choice for a Free Site of the Month! They’re really generous for doing all of that work for free. It seems that it would be just as easy to charge for everything, but they haven’t done that (and I hope they won’t). So…Go, Parsimonious!

  6. Hey, I have a question related to custom content. I can download build mode stuff fine, but for some reason, buy mode is causing me problems. See, I double click on a custom content object and a thingy pops up saying please double click on a custom content thingy or something like that. So I double click again (thinking I might not have), and I get the same message. It’s really irritating, because I’m pretty sure it does this with hair and outfits too. :(

  7. simlover – Are you having trouble with the actual downloading? Or does it download fine, you just can’t get it to show up in your game? Also, where are you downloading stuff from?

  8. I’m having trouble with some buy mode downloads too actually. They just aren’t all showing up in my game, which is really frustrating! Not sure what’s going on with that as I’ve reinstalled the particular objects three times now, but I guess I’m just going to have to go without :(

  9. Sorry, I meant installing(always get them confused). I’ve tried installing from several sites, including Parsimonious.