Free Site of the Month – March 2007

Ever since I started waving my “free sites!” flag around, I’ve been wanting to do a feature on a free site every month. I kind of missed the boat on January and February, so I’m kicking this off by honoring THREE completely free sites. I’ve donated money to each of them as a thank you for everything they’ve contributed to the community (and to my downloads folder, naturally). The first two are pretty obvious, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention them right off the bat. The third is a small site which is lovely and free, and I threw some moolah at them in hopes that they remain so.

  • Mod the Sims 2 – The premier site of the Simming community. Home of the CEP, countless hacks, mods, helpful tutorials, and of course, custom content. When I have a Sims-related question I need answered, I go here first, whether my game is crashing or I need to find that really cool couch I saw in a picture somewhere. Many of the game’s most popular creators got their start at MTS2 and have benefitted from its atmosphere of teaching and sharing. What I find most amazing is that, as the most popular Sims 2 site, it manages to remain completely free. If MTS2 weren’t around, my downloads folder would be half the size, but my game would be a lot less fun.
  • – Another thriving and generous Sims 2 community offering awesome goodies for your game. There’s so much nifty stuff here, and I’ve barely skimmed the surface of what’s available. But I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t live without Eric’s Insimenator object — it makes telling stories sooo much easier by giving us easy ways to manipulate our Sims. For that alone, I decided to donate to this site. They’re having a donation drive right now, so if you like and use this site, and you can spare a few bucks, consider tossing ’em their way.
  • Siluettasims – This is a tiny site compared to the two above, but it contains some lovely clothing and objects, and most importantly, REALLY NICE EYES. I love her 9-color eye set so much that I’m using it on most of the Sims in my new ‘hood. It’s a great middle ground between the very blah Maxis-eyes and the overly realistic ones which are so popular at the moment. If Siluettasims started offering donation sets, I’d have to give up those eyes, and I don’t want to! So I donated. Please stay free, Siluettasims!

Ooh, and this is cool — both simsbaby at Insimenator and fanseelamb at MTS2 have released mods that enable the appropriate pre-Seasons clothing to be used as outerwear. I don’t know why Maxis didn’t do that in the first place, but that’s why we’re lucky to have such wonderful modders in this community. And hey, now my Sim dudes can wear the long winter coats outdoors and not freeze to death! Excellent.

9 thoughts on “Free Site of the Month – March 2007

  1. I love MTS2 and the Insimenator. As for Siluettasims, I’ve never been there, but I’ll go check it out. Thanks!

  2. cool! I find that if you go to one of your favorite downloading sites, there is usually a links or credits page, and you can find some great stuff on those sites. i found through a website, rather than googling sims 2 downloads. they have great hair on i think it is page 2 and there are also some nice links at the bottom of her page. Bu i think its cool that you’re putting up good websites every month! (this was just a suggestion)

  3. InSim… is like… air. I can’t play without InSim. Not because I cheat, but because without that safety blanket of teleportation there… I don’t think I could handle simming. :b That and it is FABULOUS (ack, too much Phoenix Wright..) for storytelling/movies/etc.

  4. The eyes were amazing, I downloaded them right away. Thanks for the tip! Even though we haven’t heard any of your stories in a while I enjoy even your “non-story” updates. A Thatcher update has arrived, the first with the new SEASONS ep! (YAAAYYY!!!) Claire makes a desperate decision and fall sets the stage for a blooming relationship.

  5. Reagan: Thanx!
    Rose: Love the Siluetta eyes!
    Reagan: Too cute!
    Rose: We are starting a new legacy (our first) where the founder is a twin, and we are having each heir be a twin.
    Reagan: Or two twins! There will be 2 heirs per generation. Twins ONLY!!
    Rose: The parents have to keep trying until they get a set of twins.
    Reagan: How cool is that?
    Rose: We gotta go, post more plz Jen!!

  6. Hi. Yeah I’m glad that Mod the sims 2 are on this list as I’ve been on there and found some useful cheats like for example if you’re in the neighbourhood view and open up the cheat box and type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then when you go into a house you can do anything from having the sims max out their skills to changing their personity and improve reltionships between sims.

    if your not sure how to do this here’s an example lets say you want to max out a sims cooking skill so they can run their own bakery you open the skills panel and you drag the mouse over the cooking skill until it’s where you want (you can use it to take skills away too)

    Oh yeah and don’t forget to SWITCH IT OFF as I’ve heard it can mess up your game if you want to switch it off go back to the neighbourhood view and open up the cheat window and type
    boolprop testingcheatsenabled false don’t forget to include the spaces.

    Sorry if you already knew that one Jen but I thought it might be handy for those who don’t know that cheat.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what new stories you have for everybody.

    Keep simming!

    See ya

  7. It might just be a bug, but the last free site is bnow showing up as like a german website. I’ve used it before, but now its gone nuts. Anyways, I luv your stories!