Sunrise Over Niadon

Ruby: Heya, folks. I’m Ruby Shanley again, and this is my cousin Ginger —

Ginger: Hi there.

Ruby: And we’re here to tell you what happened after we escaped the shackles of Sim State University.

Ginger: Wait — we escaped the shackles of Sim State? Are you sure about that?

Ruby: Well, maybe that’s not the best way to phrase it…Anyway! We left Sim State and returned home to Niadon, which had been completely rebuilt, yet again. Our moms weren’t home to greet us, but my dad was there. He’s always there.

Shanley Family

Ginger: Yeah, and he wasn’t very happy to see me.

Ruby: What did he say to you again?

Ginger: Something to the effect of, “Oh, YOU moved back in, too? I thought Ruby was going to be the Legacy heir!” Only he said it in an angry zombie voice.

Shanley Family

Ruby: I’m sorry about that, Gin. My dad was never the nicest guy on the planet, and being brought back from the dead made it even worse.

Ginger: It’s OK, Rube. I’m used to his insults by now. Although I got really upset when he made fun of The Hat.

Shanley Family

Ruby: He made fun of The Hat? Oooh, bad move, Dad.

Ginger: Yeah, that’s what started our little rivalry. Whenever he was on the computer upstairs writing his novels —

Ruby: — which is pretty much all the time —

Shanley Family

Ginger: — I would go downstairs to the music room, right below where he was sitting, and play piano.

Ruby: And sing!

Ginger: And sing. As loudly as possible.

Shanley Family

Ruby: You sounded pretty good.

Ginger: Thanks. But I think it annoyed your dad.

Ruby: Yeah, he was threatening to kick you out of the house! I had to intervene.

Ginger: Yep. You dragged me downtown before your dad could give me the boot. We had so much fun downtown, we started going there all the time. It’s like…we were in search of something.

Ruby: I was looking for someone who was “Legacy material”.

Ginger: And I was looking for…well, I don’t know what I was looking for. But we found Spencer.

Shanley Family

Ruby: Yeah, I can’t believe I was actually looking for someone else, when Spencer was right in front of me.

Ginger: Literally and figuratively.

Ruby: Yep. And it was like I had never left Sim State. We picked right up again.

Ginger: Yeah, while you guys got all lovey-dovey, I was feeling lonely, so I went outside and talked to whats-her-face…the gypsy matchmaker lady.

Shanley Family

Ruby: Imelda.

Ginger: Imelda. I gave her some money and asked her to fix me up with someone. Someone really cool. So she sends me…her BROTHER.

Shanley Family

Ruby: Oh, no!

Ginger: Oh, yes. Lee Lewis.

Ruby: Isn’t he the guy who fixes our dishwasher and leaky shower faucets and stuff?

Ginger: Yes. And he’s a nice guy and everything, but I was expecting someone a little younger, you know? I feel really shallow saying that, but it’s true. I’m not into the grey-haired guys like our moms were.

Ruby: Me neither. We’re more into the redheads.

Ginger: Yeah. Imagine that!

Ruby: So what happened with Lee?

Ginger: Oh! I told him this wasn’t going to work out, and he got really stern with me and said I shouldn’t have asked his sister to fix me with up someone if I wasn’t serious about it. He scolded me like he was my dad or something!

Shanley Family

Ruby: Sheesh.

Ginger: Yeah, so much for my first post-college date. You had much better luck that night!

Ruby: (dreamily) Yeah…Spencer came home with me, and I gave him a tour of Niadon.

Ginger: Did you show him everything? The Mausoleum? The…Enclosure?

Ruby: Of course. If he was going to be part of this family, he had to know what he was getting into. I gave him ample time to run screaming.

Ginger: But he stuck around.

Ruby: He did. And that’s when I knew I couldn’t pick a better man to spend my life with. So I asked him to become a Shanley.

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32 thoughts on “Sunrise Over Niadon

  1. I vote Florida for the heir! She seems to have better odds at being nice rather than grumpy like monsieur bovine. :D
    And yay Shanleys! Yaaaaaay! I recently reread all the old entries, aaaaaall the way back to Nia. You write good stuff, ma’m.

  2. Oh my goodness! Fabulous update-BRAVO! I actually agree with Kay, Florida should definitely be the heir to the Shanleys. I really do hope that Florida and Kamea become best friends just like their mothers, Ruby and Ginger. Uh…I would die to play your sims!

  3. Florida’s such a cute name! Hopefully both girls won’t have the cursed Shanley “weird-looking” genes! And hopefully Florida will be the better heiress, since she’s further down the Shanley line as far as generations go.

  4. I love the Ruby/Ginger narration. Their relationship just comes through so well with it! Spencer is a hunk. And I love watching sims interact with the Llama and Cow mascots. One of my sims is currently woo-ing (and woohoo-ing) the cow mascot (among others).. and it’s amusing to watch them kiss, lol. Florida and Kamea are both gorgeous names. Here’s hoping they’ll get along as well as their mothers do. Hooray for Shanley updates!

  5. What lovely names. Are they randomly chosen or is there a “deeper” meaning? And are you planning to do a 2 line type legacy thing? I’m sure the 2 new redheads will be the best of friends.

  6. Hey there Jen! Glad to see you’re still updating! Things have gotten quiet lately in the blogging world, my own blog included! But I am very glad to see you’re back! I have been so busy lately and was finally able to write and post the next update in my Victorian Era saga! I hope you’ll like it! Stay happy and simming!

  7. Great update Jen!I am thrilled to no that Spencer and Ruby got married, i was really suprised when ginger proposed to the cow! Anyway great update, keep it up!

  8. I love how Ruby and Ginger are telling the story together. And from a Legacy point of view, I think the girls are doing more than OK!

  9. Niadon is the house that they live in right? and thats it, the last picture on the last page right?

  10. Well, of course Juan is always home. He’s too slow to make it to the taxi. And the /meter/ is /running/. I’m willing to bet one to three sim items that the last time they waited for him, they had to pay as much on the cab fare as they did on their hot tub. Yeeeesh. It was not pretty.

    Sheldon looks like he’s sniffing her necklace. No, really! I’m sure it smelled like roses.
    Or pine trees.

    I had a cowplant cake, once. I actually managed to evade the cowplant! Probably because I don’t have the EP, so there was no plant, just cake! Who knows?
    It was a sporking good cake. (That reminds me, I’ve got to go make my mom’s birthday cake when I get offline.)

    Hrm. Well, I guess if she fell so much for William, it’s true about girls marrying their fathers, or something, right? :D

    Aw, he has SMILEY BOXERS! They’re the happiest underpants around. I don’t know why. Then again, they’re blue. Maybe they’re not as happy as they let on! Aw! Oh, no! CRYING CLOWNS! CRYING CLOWNS!

    Wait a minuuuute. She proposed, but said nothing as to whether or not he accepted. Suspiiiicioussss. DEADBEAT DAD! HE’S A DEADBEAT DAD! *points and sets off alarms* Man, when Juan catches wind of that, he’ll probably drown him with water balloons! *cackle*
    I mean, uh, that’s, uh, too bad.

    …razzlefrazzin’ mootleflootlin’ dagnabbed cows

  11. I love you Blu! -agrees with Kay-
    you should have Ginger and Ruby try to get either two of their kids or two of their grandkids together. I’d love to see them talking about the wedding and stuff. Or if Florida and Kamea end up being as good friends as their mothers, I’d love to see the wedding from their point of view. Because, you know, at that point they probably won’t even remember how they’re related. D’you know what I mean by that?

  12. It would be nice if the two, Florida and Kamea, ended up getting along…but wouldn’t be awesomely interesting if they ended up being rivals? *dramatic music* who will be the next legacy heir? will the family fall apart? what happens when it comes to romance? find out on – hehe, I’m all better now. Just and idea, :)
    Jen, your updates make my day.
    My own blog is finally happy again, btw, because I found my CD case, in case anyone wants to check it out. Meanwhile, I’ll be checking back here hourly…;)

  13. Jen inspires us all, I think. ;D Hers was the first Sims blog I came across and it inspired me to not only start a Leagcy challenge but start my own blog as well. We love Jen! :D And I left a comment for you over at your blog, Channe. n_n

  14. Wow Jen! More Shanley’s, what a treat! I love the dual lines. There’s nothing like putting off the decision for awhile, heck, maybe you can do it indefinitely?? The pictures are stunning as always. I love how you can make so much happen in a short period of time. The dialog is great and your characters so believable. Makes me want to go update… Another A+++ :)


  15. Yay, it’s another update on the Shanleys! :D *happy* I love the conversation style. Oh yeah, and Florida is a nice name. Reminds me of where I live…LOL, anyways, great update and I love Ginger’s hairdo with the hat and everything. :)

  16. hey Amy if your reading I have to say I loved the heiress wedding! it was beautifully done I can’t beleive what a great job you did! it was so cool, and when Caliopie came with Robi home and seeing her parents having fun… it was hilarious. fantastic job, and I want to say you are a real inspiration!

  17. Just letting you know I’ve started a new Legacy family. :D The old one got fubared by bugs and glitches. So I decided to be a bit different from my regular families: instead of making a custom neighbourhood I started it in Pleasantview, and I’m really going for the points this time! Point in fact (no pun intended) I had my founder (Alice Penny, Virgo Fortune) go after one of the local male Grand Vampires, count Andrerjz Williamoff. He moved in, she got pregnant (vamps count for NPC points), and then I had him take a walk in the sunshine so I could get the ‘burnt by sun’ ghost color. After that I moved in an Elderly lover of hers so the kid will be taken care of whilst she’s out chasing her lifetime want of the top of the Athletic career. :D I’ll probably have them get engaged and married before he dies so there’s maximum money coming in.

  18. Hello Jen. I started reading your very first entries and couldn’t stop reading until I had read of all them! (Which was quite a lot, I must say.) I have to give you credit. You’re a wonderful story-teller and really keep me hooked. I love your style of writing. Somehow you manage to keep it interesting even though we all know legacies can get repetitive. (Marriage, birth, growth, college, job, marriage, birth, growth, college, job…..) Anyway I just had to compliment and thank you for your wonderful stories! And I love the Ruby/Ginger narration, it’s great!

  19. *attack* >[
    It’s sad. I walked into the videogame store yesterday.
    Sims2 for ps2, Sims2 for Xbox, Sims2 for Gameboy DS, Sims2 for Psp!
    I should just get one of those and forget about the computer version,
    which, mine is broken ;o;

  20. I hear the PSP version is pretty lacking, so I’d steer clear of it, Mieko. *nod*
    My brother says he misread “Sims2 for Psp” as “Sims2 for Pepsi”. Maybe he’s thirsty.
    But, yeah. They release Sims for every system that’s out. I wonder if there’s a Sims 2 N-gage?
    Who knows, maybe they’ll make a PC version!

    OH, wait! :D

    I once remember watching a show about Will Wright. When they got to the section about The Sims, one of the people they were interviewing said, and I quote:
    “Having the license to The Sims is like having a license to print money.”
    But it’s the funnest money ever! :D

  21. Hi Jen, I just have one question: What’s Juan’s neatness and etc. scores? My legacy sim wed a Connor LeTourneau that’s Juan with a different name, but I always curious if their stat’s were changed game from game too. Thanks!

  22. I have Sims 2 for the gamecube. It’s not the same. My neice (who is living with me at the moment) has it for her pc. I love it. Don’t bother with the console games. Enjoyable update as always Jen.

  23. Hello everyone! I know I’ve commented already but I have started up a blog and I’d like to leave the link if anyone wants to read it:

    Thankyou! Oh and sorry about the changes of pace in it, I got so caught up in the game that by the time I updated I was already almost ready to start the third generation, so I kind of rushed near the end. Also, it’s not actually a legacy according to the rules, it only follows some of them…I just like the idea of a legacy. ; )

  24. Simply Sims? Catchy name! – pokes at her own name “Surely Sims”- That’s cool though…maybe once my site gets started up, we could become “sister sites”! -goes to check out Simply Sims-

  25. heh awesome update! I really like your conversational style of writting. so ginger and ruby as actually sharing the jo of the heir? that’s pretty neat.

  26. ROFL! Juan and Sierra don’t get along, and now Juan and Sierra’s daugther don’t get along! Anyways great update!