The Adventures of Captain Mia and LlamaMan

Mia Shanley stood over the slumbering form of her little granddaughter Ruby and let out a sigh. She knew she should be zooming through the skies, seeking out injustice wherever it festered in SimNation, but how could she leave Ruby’s side? The infant was so fragile, so helpless. And there were bad guys out there, seriously messed-up dudes, just waiting for an opportunity to take Mia down, to strike her where it hurt the most. She had to protect her most valuable asset.

Feeling restless, Mia wandered over to the windows and took up her sponge.

Mia washes windows
“I might as well get some cleaning done while I’m here. Great scott, look at all of these fingerprints!”

As she scrubbed the vast windows of the nursery, Mia decided that being a superhero wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Sure, she got to fly, and beat the tar out of bad guys, and wear an awesome supersuit, but all of SimNation knew who she was – including the bad guys. She had never thought to conceal her identity by using a fancy nickname or donning a mask as other (smarter) superheroes had done. Nope, she was just Mia Shanley, Captain Hero, going to work like everyone else. Well, except for the flying bit.

But things were getting dangerous out there – people knew her family, they knew where she lived. Maybe it was time to come up with one of those fancy nicknames. But what would it be? GeezerGirl? The Grandma? The Bad-Guy-Beater-Upper?

Scrub scrub
“Hey, I know! I can be SPONGEWOMAN! Stand back, foul fiend, or I’ll ABSORB you!”

Mia chuckled to herself and rubbed extra hard at a stubborn fingerprint that simply refused to disappear. Suddenly it hit her – these fingerprints weren’t on the inside of the window – they were on the outside! Someone had been trying to get into Ruby’s room – someone with really greasy fingers! Mia dropped her sponge and whirled around, but just as she did so, she felt something large and fluffy go THWAP against her head, sending her flying across the room.

Sierra thwaps Mia

Shaking out of it, Mia opened her eyes and glared at her daughter Sierra. “You’re lucky I can’t shoot laser beams out of my eyeballs, or you’d be dead right now!” she whispered, so as not to wake the baby.

Sierra opened her eyes wide. “Geez, Mom, I was just having a little fun.You used to love pillow fights.”

“I do, but you don’t just sneak up on people like that!” Mia grumbled. “It reminds me of that pesky Juan!” She plucked a feather out of her belt and threw it to the ground. “Now keep an eye on Ruby. I have to talk to your father.”

She found Marcel in the music room practicing on his new bass, completely lost in his cool, funky groove.

Marcel plays bass
“Bompa bom bow bow bow ba-bow bow”

“Marcel!” Mia shouted, but he didn’t seem to hear or see her. Frustrated, she strode to the other side of the house, where she found Juan and Professor Thomas Day, Sierra’s new beau.

Juan and Thomas
“Hey Tom, how do you spell ‘ventrilofart’?”

Juan glanced up as Mia entered the room. “Hey, Granny. Pull up a chair! I’m about to buy two-dozen doohickeys.”

“You know, Mia,” Thomas said quietly. “If I were you I’d cut off his internet privileges. He’s up to no good.”

“Oh, hush, you old egghead,” said Juan over his shoulder. “You wouldn’t know fun if it bit you in the bow-tie.”

“I’m here on serious business,” said Mia, crossing her arms. “Do either of you happen to know why there are several dirty, smudgy fingerprints on the outside of Ruby’s window?”

Juan thought a minute, then laughed. “Oh yeah. That was me. I was outside doing my morning calisthenics and thought I’d check on the little tyke. She was sitting up in her bed, just a playin’ away, so I made funny faces to get her attention.”

Mia stared. “You made funny faces all over the glass?”

“Yeah. And I did that thing where you fog it up with your breath and then make little footprints with the side of your hand—”

Mia sighed heavily and left the room. Why had Delaney insisted on marrying such a ridiculous lout?

Well, she mused, at least no one’s trying to get into Ruby’s room. Still, the very idea that someone could – and possibly would, considering Mia’s occupation – nagged at her for days, until she came to a decision:

The Shanleys were moving to another house.

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20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Captain Mia and LlamaMan

  1. Aw. Ruby’s kinda cute.
    Anyway… I say Mia is totally The Grandmia. Yeah! CAP’N Grandmia.
    Man, though. x_x Really stinks about the object. I guess it just goes to say: “Hey! Back me up every day! No, do it more often. Little more often. Yeah. I guess that’s enough.” (“But I’m backing you up every other day, and that takes ages!”) “And it’s enough!”
    …>_>; Anyway! I can tell Ruby the one about the Rabbits, even though she probably forgot all about the rabbits.
    Poor rabbits.
    Alone and forgotten. *weep*

  2. Supergranny to the rescue!!

    Where did you get those goregeous stone floors Jen?? I have great resources for clothes now, but my “constructionmaterials” are still low…

  3. I second the motion of the grammanator.

    And too bad about the buggy lot. How odd.

    Wonderful update! :D I always love hearing about the Shanleys.

  4. The new place looks great! In case you didn’t know, though maybe you just forgot or decided not to take them, the person whose diploma it is can click on it and “Take Diploma.”

    Always love reading your updates.

  5. Loved reading ’bout the Shanley’s again.
    Grandma Nia is too cool.
    Once again the house looks great, interior decorations look like something I would buy LOL….. any chance you’ll be uploading it.

  6. I had that bug happen to one of my Sims on a University lot, the odd thing was that even though I had about 6 or 7 other people in the lot, only one of my Sim’s needs wouldn’t diminish…eventually it just sort of went away though.

  7. Awesome update! :D
    I love that Juan’s such a jerk to everyone except his wife and daughter. Heeheehee.
    I demand pictures of Ginger! Baby pics! Baby pics!
    .. I’m still working on the next update for the Prosperity-Legacy challenge.. x.x

  8. Sorry to hear about the lot issues but this update was great, quite cute actually. I love Ruby she seems like a sweetheart, thank goodness she’s not like her father. The new house looks great from what I can tell, I’d love to see a full view picture of it.

  9. Eep. Forgot about the whole “chance of inheriting meanness” thing, too. x_x; I’m glad it didn’t happen to Ruby. It happened to three of my Sims, but I Encouraged two of them out of it (the third, I didn’t really care about too much).
    But, yeah. Hopefully if they have any other kids, they’ll be just as nice! Aww. Yay, nice! :D

  10. Hey Jen!

    First of all, I didn’t know they could wash windows!!! That was a first for me to see that. Second of all, you will lose your diplomas when you move. It’s a bug with University and it pretty sucks when you earned it and you can’t take it with you. However, there is a downloadable collection that includes the diploma so you can just buy it back. Also there is a hack that prevents the diploma from going away, I’m more than certain there is.

    I wonder if you got the “slow aspiration hack” which usually piggybacks itself onto lots. If you haven’t already, you might want to run through your downloads with Clean Installer and see if shows up. It should (because I have it and I’ve seen it listed in red). If you have any additional questions, let me know. I’m sure I can get you an answer. :)

  11. Oh wow..i was gone for so much has happened. Yay! Haha i loveee the May Green family..even more so than the Shanleys..sorry! haha My computer was having problems..i got it fixed..and it is still having problems.. I hope it fixes itself though before school because i gotta whole lotta stuff to do. I love your was all i could think about while i layed in my home..bored with nothing to do because the computer broke. Haha anyway keep up the good work! I hope you had updated on the Braytons. =( but i settle for anything!

  12. I love the Shanleys. I am so happy to find your website once again. The link stopped working about four months ago and i did not know it had been changed. Awesome blog as always. I can’t wait to see how the cousins compare to one another.

  13. The Grammanator! That’s awesome! Can I use it, lil? :-D

    Yannick – I think I got most of those stone floors from the following sites:

    Casa D’Arte
    BluetesSims2Ecke (updated link)

    I might have missed one — I’ll doublecheck the next time I boot up the game.

    Gethane – Doh. I didn’t know that about the diplomas. Guess I was a little hasty. Good to hear from you again, by the way! :-)

    PRMami – Glad you like the new house — I’d upload it but it’s in half-finished state at the moment. This crop of Shanleys isn’t yet rich enough to finish building their mansion. :-)

    Heidi – That IS weird — it was happening to all of the Sims on my lot except for Professor Thomas, who moved in after the bug took effect.

    Kathy – Thanks for the info! I actually booted up Clean Installer and deleted any hacks I didn’t want to keep, but the problem didn’t go away, so I’m not sure what the deal was. The hack I accidentally downloaded and installed was one of those mailbox hacks. The Shanleys and Braytons were the only lots I played while the hack was installed, so I figured that’s how the Shanleys got hosed, but I could be wrong. I haven’t checked the Braytons yet.

    *waves to Eva and jenni120* Welcome back!

  14. The grammanator is what came to mind when I saw Nia.. I suppose then it was made for her :)

  15. Just letting you know I updated my site again. :) With both Prosperity /and/ Legacy! Woot! The latter’s got about 25 pics to it.