Nachos and Warm Fuzzies

Hi all! It’s Fran again. Thank you for your comments — they gave me the most awesome case of warm fuzzies!

I needed it, too. I had gone to the Area 52 Test Labs, where my pal Josselyn works, to see if I could get a job, but they didn’t have anything for me. Total bummer.


But then I checked my phone and saw your comments! It gave me the little boost I needed to submit some more job applications online. (That’s hard work, you know?)


As much fun as it is being Josselyn’s Unofficial Assistant and getting paid in nachos, I have to make some REAL Simoleons soon, or I’ll get kicked out of The Palacio and have to move back home. I’m not ready for that yet!


Speaking of nachos…Josselyn and I spent some good quality time at La Plomada last night. We might as well just roll out our sleeping bags and live there. (Hmm, I wonder if they’re hiring? No, Fran, no…imagine if you had unlimited access to cheese sauce?? THAT WOULD BE BAD!)


I don’t know why, but that place is always dead. I guess because Salty Springs is a bit of a dead town itself — if people want night life, they just zoom on over to Lucky Palms. But I think La Plomada is so excelente that the Lucky Palmians should be zooming on over here!

Besides, you don’t have to fight anyone to play any of the games. Whack-a-Gnome is always open!




I’m waiting…



I hate it when I whack myself in the nose with the mallet. At least Josselyn takes pity when I do that and refrains from laughing in my face.

She pretty much rocks at the slot machines. I guess that’s how she can keep buying me Mexican food.


I know it’s all luck, but I seem to have none. FRAMMIT.


I went to bed last night feeling both optimistic and apprehensive. I love it here, but I’m still getting used to the place. And sadly, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’m starting to feel like I may never know. Not to get all dramatic or anything, but it does bug me a bit.


Also, my bedroom is SO boring! I can’t decorate with just postcards (although I love my little collection – one from Lucky Palms when my parents visited vacationed here, which is what made me want to move here, and one from my Uncle Manny, who owns a horse ranch in Appaloosa Plains.)

I need some knick-knacks. Cheap ones!

6 thoughts on “Nachos and Warm Fuzzies

  1. I wanna Whack-A-Gnome! Er, yeah, that came off a bit bratty, didn’t it? Great update!

    • LOL, didn’t sound bratty at all to me! I wanna Whack-A-Gnome, too! :D Thanks for your comment, dear Scally!

  2. Aww, my Fran, here’s some hugs for you! Well, working at La Plomada might be a good idea! (cheese sauce? OMG! Have you said “cheese sauce”? *drooling* You’ll keep some for me, right?!
    Oh, Joss has a job AND she earns money at the slot machine!!! That’s unfair! *more hugs for you* But she’s really a good friend for not laughing when you smacked your nose at the Whack-a-Gnome! *chuc…. nod*
    Best luck with life, Fran! *hugs* (and see you soon! ;))

    • Fran said thank you for the hugs, and she’ll be sure to save you some cheese sauce! :-D (Thank you for your lovely comment, Sandy-dear! *HUUUGS*)

  3. Gosh I want a desert-y (or desserty ;P ) world. Such a beautiful background for the test lab!
    And Fran is very brave to ride her bicycle in the desert heat… I wish I could try but we are a bit short on desert around here (though we have desserts! So I might try on that one ;D )

    D’awww Fran looks so sweet checking her phone <3 <3…Ooops she reads what we write?! ….Well…. Hey Fran! *wave* you're very fun to read! *sends virtual smooches*

    *giggle* @ the unlimited access to cheese sauce with a job at La Plomada . I used to work for a chocolate shop and we had unlimited access to chocolate . Chocolate all day long! Aaaah good times *drooool* …*hmm* I wonder why they didn't call me back after my contract ended … ;P

    Oh my ! LOL That 'subjective' (?) whack-a-gnome pic. Looking at it I feel like a gnome about to be hit…. Gaaaah Gaaaah I'm no wack-a-bear! Oooh yeah, I'm no gnome but Bear . Pfuffh! That was close ….both are hairy kinds so I guess so it's easy to get mistaken, but it if goes *Grrrrrr* then it must be a bear *nod* …Or maybe gnomes go *Grrrr* too?

    • LOL, if you want a dessert-y world, I suppose you could always get the Katy Perry Stuff Pack! :-D (or if you have it already, then you could use it! Hehe) Then you could (or your Sims could) ride their bicycles in the dessert! *nodnod*

      Unlimited access to chocolate???? *drooool* I’d eat so much chocolate I’d turn into a giant cacao bean! :-p

      And awwww, Fran would never whack-a-bear!! Well, unless it was rampaging towards her and wanted to kill her…I guess you’d better not go “grrrrr’! ;-p

      Thank you, Tedhi! *huuugs*