I’m still here…really!

And Simming more than ever, actually…I just haven’t been blogging. I’m bad. I keep meaning to post an uber-mega-update, but it’s been easier just posting a few pics at a time over at The Sims Daily forum. So I don’t know if anyone is even reading this blog anymore, but if you are, then…hi! And come on over to The Sims Daily — everyone is super friendly there, and there are all kinds of things to do — challenges of every flavor, sharing pics and stories, and mostly just yapping about anything Sims-related (that includes Sims 1 and 2 as well as 3).

I hope to post something here soon…I was working on a re-do of Hidden Springs (now called Mt. Geneva in my game!), and I have a ton of pics to share (there are some here on TSD if you want to take a peek). That project is on hold for the moment while I explore Appaloosa Plains and the Pets EP (which I am LOVING, by the way…here’s my thread for that).

By the way, if any of you remember my Franchesca Diaries stories from TS2 — I’ve re-created the rest of Fran’s family and put them in Appaloosa Plains. They’re a hoot…I’ll have to post a story of them here. (Sorry to tease and not share any pics…but the ones I’ve taken and uploaded are all too wide for this blog, and I really felt the need to finally post something here…so it’s just words for now until I make some pics that are the right size!)

Hope you’re all having fun Simming or whatever you’re doing! Let me know what you’ve been up to! :)

16 thoughts on “I’m still here…really!

  1. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeenbaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


    We miss you in LegacyLand! I’m so glad you’re still playing! I look forward to your shenanigans!

    • Caaappppppy!!! :D I’ll try to visit LL more often…I am bad that way when I get sucked into something new…everything else falls by the wayside. :-p Thank you for visiting!! *hugs*

  2. I’m still here too! In fact you’re the only Sims blog I still read. Your posts are always worth the wait, and I love being surprised by one of them like I was today. I’m loving the pets too.

    • Hi Brandy! Thanks for still checking my blog — sorry it’s been so barren the past couple of months… :( Glad you’re loving Pets, too…do you post pics anywhere?? :)

  3. JENBA!!!
    I’ve been missing you and your blog, so as you can guess I’m still here and reading too :) in fact i missed you a bit to much and read back though some of your old posts and stuff, or is that a little too weird :P
    So i pop back on here hoping you’ve posted and to my delight you had and there were links to whole new threads, so i’ve just been through and read them. I love what your doing on the new Mt Geneva it looks fantastic, you convent is amazing it must have taken sooo long to do, all that detail, i don’t blame you for wanting it to be a main part of you Sims lives after all the work your put in to it! The rest of the town looks stunning too, liking the promenade. Oooo and i so want Pets now I’ve seen it, the sceenery, the animals and what was that in the woods? I just can’t wait till Christmas anymore it looks real fun Eeeek :) x

    • CALLUM!! :) Aww, thanks for missing my blog! Hehe. I don’t think it’s weird that you read old stuff — I do that with my favorite blogs all the time! And oh man, you have to wait till Christmas to get Pets?? That’s a bummer! But it’ll be worth the wait, I think, especially if you love animals! And the new town is wonderful. That thing in the woods was a sasquatch — but he’s just a wooden cut-out that you can get in buydebug. :D And ooh, I see you’ve been writing about Betcy! I gotta go check it out…

  4. haha I’m glad other people do it too :) The new town does look amazing, and the animals seem to bring a whole now dimension and life to it. I know i really cant wait till Christmas but hopefully i’ll get Pets and Generations so it will be worth the wait :P

  5. Hey, but I didn’t know you were recreating Fran’s family in Apple-Loose-a Plains! (see how I learnt my lessons from you!) How exciting!!!! *yahoo*

  6. Jen! :D Glad to see you’re enjoying Pets. I enjoyed it when I first installed it and was waiting for mods and things to update (playing vanilla), but then I noticed my Store content wasn’t staying installed. Countless uninstalls/reinstalls/deleting files/forcing the game to recreate files later and still nothing is working, so I’ve been sulking and not playing (it sucks when 90% of the stuff I used regularly was Store stuff that I now cannot access!).

    I did attempt a blog update – on my new(ish sort of) non-LJ blog: http://audreylegacy.wordpress.com/ – which is mostly just my poking around with the vanilla game before discovering my Store content was gone. Looks like we both found Bigfoot, haha!

    • Oh geez, I was so excited to see you were posting, that I went over there, read your post, and asked for more, then came back here to see it was from BEFORE you had your troubles with store content. :( Guh, I’m sorry to hear about all that. This game can be monumentally frustrating sometimes. I haven’t heard of this store content issue before — have you contacted EA? Not that they’ll necessarily do anything, but you never know. Gack, I really hope you can get it fixed!! *hugs*

  7. Dude, I got so worried! D: I thought something had happened! You should at least post monthly “still alive, don’t call the cops” or something.

    I’m working hard for the holidays, but on the other hand I hope to also get enough money to catch up on all the new Sims 3 stuff. :D

    • Kayyyyy!!!! You are so sweet to worry about me, and you’re right, I should have at least posted to let people know I’m alive. LOL. Are you still playing Sims 3? Weren’t you working on a world of your own? Let me know what you’ve been up to!!

      • I was! But I’ve been having issues between the game, the world maker, MATY, patches and the fact that I am currently only running the base game. Plus my work schedule is pretty harsh right now. :( But that’s why I’m hoping to get more time to play and also the money to get all the EPs after the holidays.