Free Site of the Month: July

I’m a month late, but I have TWO wonderful free sites to showcase for July. Only one is getting my donation money for the month, because the other doesn’t have a donation button. But they’re both awesome and deserving of praise!

The Strawberry Patch
This is like one-stop-shopping for kids’ clothing. The site’s sole owner and creator, Purplepaws, released a huge update in June with everything from toddler outerwear to lovely formal dresses for girls. She also has a few hairstyles for kids, teddy bears wearing tie-dyes, and cute child models for download. Another cool thing is that if you donate to her site, it goes straight to her webhost, so you know that your moolah is being put to good use. Start your back-to-school shopping early and head over to The Strawberry Patch!

Moune’s Neighborhood
Moune is a member of the Juniper Sun forum (where you can also find tons of cool stuff) who has started up her own site. She has exotic furniture and loads of deco items in colorful textures. I love her Le Morvan shelf collection, the Nyemo deco items, and her paintings. It’s like shopping at Pier One Imports, except for Sims…and it’s all free!

Happy Simming!

2 thoughts on “Free Site of the Month: July

  1. I can hear my poor game groaning now as it watches me download a whole bunch of new clothes for sim kids. :D They’re both wonderful sites; thanks for the links!

  2. Cool! Hope you enjoy the new stuff and your computer doesn’t complain at you too terribly much…