The New Servant

Charles Dunnavant carried his wife into the foyer of their new home and looked at her expectantly.

“Well?” he asked, his eyes luminous.

Lily Dunnavant released a murmuring little laugh and slid gracefully to the floor. “Are you going to say that in every room?”

He ignored the question and simply watched her, not wanting to miss her reaction.


Lily glowed with pleasure as she looked about the entryway. Ornate staircases rose on either side, and through the second story windows above she could see the sky turning purple-orange.

“Lovely,” she breathed, as Charles took her hand and led her into the parlor. Room by room they went, examining everything from the first floor to the attic and back again, until they returned to the largest room in the house, the kitchen.


“I believe this is my favorite room,” Lily said, surprised at herself. She usually preferred parlors – the more sumptuous, the better. But this clean, white kitchen gave off a gleam that mesmerized her. “You’ve thought of everything, dear. An icebox, two sinks – with spouts! – and this tall stove…it’s all so modern. What a shame I don’t know how to cook!”

Charles was surprised, too. “But I thought cooking for oneself was unheard of!” he said in a gently mocking tone. “What would your mother say?”

Lily smiled, relishing a rebellious amusement in the thought. “She would be shocked! ‘Only the poor cook their own food’, she would say. But I must say– in a kitchen like this, I could feel quite comfortable.”

“Well,” said Charles, taking her hand, “you know what they say about the way to a man’s heart. Perhaps you should learn to cook!”

“Are you saying I have yet to win your heart, my dear? Shall I learn how to make a strawberry pie? Or fish with sauce tartare?”

Charles gazed admiringly at his wife. She never looked more beguiling than when she was teasing him. “You know you already have my heart,” he said, leaning closer. She faced away from him, playing the innocent ingénue.


At that moment, Charles’s stomach launched into a series of loud rumblings. As he patted his protesting tummy and said, “There, there now,” Lily laughed.

“Your stomach is tired of your heart getting all the attention! Shall we make some supper? I know how to slice bread, at least.”

Charles kissed his wife’s hand. “Very well. You slice the bread, and I’ll cook the noodles.”

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30 thoughts on “The New Servant

  1. I feel a conflict coming here!!
    It’s just marveleous to see how you find all those decorative pieces and furniture and stuff! I downloaded about everything in your “timely finds” list, and some more of my own, but I don’t have enough to decorate so nicely as you do Jen!!

  2. I love your old fashioned stories like these. These, and the Braytons. One question though: How do you get into families like these? Whenever I make them, I find them boring, and too rich. I hate my families to have so much money they they don’t need to work. xD I like my simmies to be poor.

    I can’t wait to read more! And maybe some more Maud’s Tales sometime too? ;)

  3. I LOVE the inside of the house. And OOooooooo What’s up with the child comments. Trouble in paradise aye? Can’t wait to find out.

  4. This is looking to be quite an interesting story. I’m impressed with the decorative flare you have going in the house and I like how you build the relationship between husband and wife so nicely. They are really sweet together, so far at least, but I do feel a bit of a conflict coming. Keep it coming Jen! :D

  5. No children you say? Im sure that will change sometime..maybe. Why else would you mention it? Pulling our legs a little eh? Haha anyway this update was fantabulous and i love the storyline a lot. Oh and i got a new video card.. *cheer* its so nice and wonderful haha. The only thing is my game crashed…bummer. I dont know what is wrong with it. Is that typical? like when you installed your new video card? Anyway thanks much.

  6. JEN – so great! And dito to all above comments – I honestly have nothing more to add. A wonderful story so far, and I am eager to see how this will develope! The ‘maid’ has a pretty eyecolor ;) I am sooo sad that I can’t read for the next two weeks, but oh well, I think going to Italy is not that bad *lol* – until then, have fun simming!

  7. Wow, the house looks lovely. Hope’s eyecolor is so pretty– and I can’t help but love Lily’s bed. Man. Such nice houses you always seem to make, and the perfect furniture you find. :D
    I half-hope (no pun intended! …which reminds me of a funny joke, I’ll tell that later) that Hope’s stay works out, but I kind of get the feeling she’s going to move out sooner than later. Not that I think that the Dunnaways are having kids right away or anything– and it’s not like I think it’s a definite that they’ll have a bushel of kids (who live to adulthood. Er… am I being too cynical?), or anything. I just have this feeling. It feels like paper in my kneecap! Don’t hit it with a baseball bat!
    Anyway, as for the pun joke: There was a joke contest. There were ten jokes that won. What kind of jokes won? Well, for starters, no pun in ten did. *drum thing*:D I know. It’s bad.
    I especially like the picture where Lily is messing with her hair, though. Just something about it… Ah, well. :D

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :D
    I always manage to find inspiration in your stories, Jen, even when I’m feeling a bit burned out on Sims! Woot!

  9. Indeed, I managed a small update of my own! I think my main problem is that I’m suffering from a bit of expansion pack burnout. Want Niiiightliiiiiife. Want it nooooooow! *stomps feet*

  10. I can’t believe I missed these updates! Stupid school!!!!!!! This looks like it’s going to be an interesting story and I’m sorry but I don’t feel like saying more.

  11. This is the Royal Kingdom Challenge, isn’t it? 8D
    I like this idea lots.
    “NO KIDS”
    I wonder, if that could possible change? :o

  12. You do know that Maude will be very angry if you ignore her like you did with the Shaneys. Don’t forget to check the Kilmans and all the rest of them! I kind of wanna see what the other Mt. Geneva families are up to!

  13. Jen! I have posted on my blog about a new Challenge idea that I’ve had, I’m kind of excited about it. :D When you have a moment, please let me know what you think? *bounces* I think it will be fun!
    This is the first time I’ve actually been able to eye Sims 2 with longing WITHOUT thinking about Nightlife! Yaaaaay!

  14. Hey guys, sorry so quiet here — I’ve been working on my RKC families and trying to figure out the best way to proceed. In the meantime, I thought I’d answer a few questions I had neglected to answer.

    Yicke – You didn’t really ask a question, but I thought I’d address your comment — I’m glad you’ve gotten some use out of the Timely Finds list. I download so much stuff that I forget to put some things on the list. I’ll have to update it more thoroughly one of these days.

    kath – You asked how I get into rich families. Normally I don’t — there has to be some kind of challenging element to play (as in a Legacy Challenge) for it to be interesting. I prefer to start out in no-cheat houses and have them work their way up. The Dunnavants are filthy rich, but there are some challenging elements to gameplay that are holding my interest so far. For example, I stupidly made Lily a Fortune Sim — well, according to the rules of the Royal Kingdom Challenge, royal and noble women can’t work. So she can’t earn money the traditional way — she’ll have to sell paintings or something. And since I can’t buy (or won’t buy) a lot of the “modern” items, like stereos and TVs, I’m finding it hard to fulfill her wants and keep her happy. That keeps it challenging.

    Eva – I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I didn’t have any video card trouble, but I can try to help you fix the problem. Is your game still crashing?

    Nita – Maude is tapping her foot at me as we speak. I’m sure with the release of Nightlife (if not before) I’ll go back to Maude (and create the family of Sims you guys requested) since I’ll want to have some modern Sims who can go to night clubs and run into vampires and such. :-)

    Kay – Hi Kay, your challenge sounds like fun, I left a comment on your blog!

    Oh, and I wanted to say something about Hope’s eyes — I downloaded them from Lyran’s site. She has so many nice eyecolors there that I decided to use them for all of my RKC Sims. So everyone in the neighborhood for generations to come will have Lyran eyes! (unless I marry some townies/NPCs into the mix, which remains to be seen, since I’m sick of those townies/NPCs!)

  15. Yes it is Jen. Its ok it took you a while to respond. I am sure you have a life outside of answering my questions. Haha i dont know what to do because i downloaded drivers and did disk defragmenter..its irritating. Thanks for the help.

  16. I don’t know what to add besides the things that have already been said and the fact that I just love your timely stories. This RKC story is already one of my favorites.

    Would you mind taking advantage of thiese comments to ask Eva what kind of problem she has? My game crashes only when building community lots. Have already written some about it in the Legacy group and the Challenges group. I have yet to contact EA. A total reinstall didn’t do the trick.

  17. Well catootje..i will answer myself if you dont mind. =) My game crashes about 3 to 10 minutes after i start playing and its in all lots that i have played. I dont know that the problem is, but it has go to be fixed. I have contacted EA but they havent contacted me back. I send the dxdiag thing too.. I reinstalled also and it still crashes.

  18. Yesterday I send the dxdiag thing too. I’m curious how soon they come up with something, if they come up with something at all…..

  19. You may have already tried most of these things, but I did find some helpful-looking advice at the Unofficial Sims 2 Tech Guide, specifically under “Game Has Unexpected Problems/Crashes/Freezes“. You could also try doing a search or posting on the Help forum at The Sims Resource — when I was shopping for a video card, I posted there, and they helped me out. Otherwise I hope EA gets back to you SOON and is able to fix the problem. I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to play. :-(

  20. Thanks so much for your help Jen. I really appreciate it. I will try the link, it has some suggestions that i havent even tried yet haha. Thanks so much and just thanks. I will try this weekend because i have loads of homework haha. Thanks again.!

  21. Hi Jen! Wow, I love your stories! You are an amazing story-teller. I bet you have sooo much fun playing your sims! I would love it if you could check out my website. I’m new to the whole sims 2 blogging community (my sister got me hooked on it!). And do you mind if I add you to my blog links list? =)

  22. Hi Paige, thanks for your comment, and welcome to the Sims 2 blogging community! I’m sure you’ll have a blast with your Legacy family. I haven’t had a chance to delve too deeply into your blog yet, but it looks great so far! I’m adding you to my links list, and I’d be honored to be listed on yours. :-)

  23. Jen, thanks so much for directing me to this Unofficial tech guide. It solved my problem within less than 30 minutes, where EA support was unable to give one useful hint.

    Eva, you should definitely try this step-by-step check on the crashes and freezes. It worked for me.

  24. I didnt try yet but the thing seems helpful. I will try and do it sometime. Thanks so much again for the help.

  25. I deleted that groups.cache thing..i think that is what it is called…and renamed the sims 2 folder to sims backup and i worked..