Come What May

Well, my layout is still a bit hosed up, but I’m sick of fighting with it. When I upgraded to the new version of WordPress this afternoon, I had no idea it would end up spending my whole evening messing with my templates. And I’m not even finished! Anyway, I figured this was good enough for now — at least I can post. I can’t believe it’s 10:00 PM already — where did the time go? I wanted to play tonight! OK, enough of my whining…on with the update!

Last we left the Shanleys, the 8th gen twins had grown into children, and Cleo the alien baby was still a toddler. Within a few days, she had grown up, too. No one seems to notice that she’s an alien, but despite her high Outgoingness (9), she ends up spending a lot of time by herself. I don’t think the twins actively ignore her, but since very few interactions involve three Sims at a time, she ends up being left out sometimes.

Scottie and Lennan play while Cleo looks on
“Do you guys have any alien dolls?”

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I managed to get all three kids into private school without the headmaster glitching out on me. Huzzah! Here’s Cleo on her first day of school.

Cleo on the bus
“Hey guys! Anyone have any good alien abduction stories?”

As Pao was nearing the end of his life, he wanted to make as many friends as he could, so I had him strike up a conversation with the new mailman, Berjes GilsCarbo. He looks just like a darker-skinned, darker-haired Robi! He is so going to be in my next Legacy family…

Pao talks to Berjes
“So you’re telling me that Goopy is your third cousin, twice removed?”

In the meantime Cort, my 7G spare heir and a Knowledge Sim, wanted to flirt and smooch, so I had him woo Christy Stratton. He had way more luck with her than Liam did four generations ago. Part of me wishes I could get them married (doesn’t “Cort and Christy” have a nice ring to it?), but I have no room in the house and I refuse to start yet another satellite house that I can’t even play. So I guess they’ll just remain lovebirds. Alas and alack!

Cort kisses Christy
“Cort! *smooch* my arms! *smooch*”

After a rather speedy childhood, it was time for the twins to grow into teens. Lennan went first and ended up being rather cute — at least he is in THIS picture.

Lennan becomes a teen

Not so much in this next picture. His brows are quite Mr. Spockian. And he looks a little zoned. Maybe he’s concentrating really hard?

Lennan as a teen, Part 2
“Let’s see…147 plus 658 equals…805…take away 77…divide that by 5.82…”

Scottie was next. I had them both grow up in the study without a cake. My poor Sims don’t even get real birthdays anymore! They don’t seem to care much, though.

Scottie grows up
“Happy Birthday to meeee…”

As for their aspirations, I rolled Popularity for Scottie and Romance for Lennan. D’oh! I thought about making Scottie the heir since it can be tough to get Romance Sims married without inviting aspiration failure, but ended up choosing Lennan anyway (mostly because when I had Cort call the police, a policewoman showed up).

Scottie wanted her First Kiss, though, and she had already befriended Alon the paperboy, so I had her invite him over one night. They had a sweet first kiss and ended up falling in love.

Scottie and Alon
“Look into my eyes…you’re getting very sleepy…you will buy me pizza…”

Unfortunately, Gary doesn’t like the paperboy too much. Come to think of it, Gary doesn’t like ANYONE too much. He’s just not a very nice Sim.

Gary scolds the paperboy
“And if I EVER catch you kissing my daughter like that again, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll cancel my newspaper subscription!”

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14 thoughts on “Come What May

  1. I’m am SO enjoying your simblog. I have no idea what I will do for entertainment when you are done with your challenge. I suppose I’ll actually have to PLAY rather than read sim legacy stories :).

  2. Gethane – Heehee, maybe you could start your own Legacy family? Or have you already tried that? :-) (D’oh, never mind that — I recognize your name now, and I know you’re already doing the Legacy Challenge! Sorry, brain is fried. :-))

  3. Cool update Jen. It was worth the wait. Here’s to hoping your layout turns out well and you finish the Legacy Challenge on time! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. oh new layout. It looks good at the moment so I’m looking forward to when you finish editing the template^^ anyway, comments on the post. I totally didn’t recognise Lenna with the new make over! lol. Looks good idea, like a Blues musician. I generally don’t like bif nosed sims, but the nose on Lenna actually matches him. looking forward to G9!

  5. oh wow. fab update. definitely worth the wait! liking the layout, bit different. ditto what jessica and janice said. its gonna be interesting once university comes out and the legacy is over for now. i am looking forward to the new stories about other families around then. from dustyn. p.s.- has anyone heard from blu/miranda lately? i need her for my website which lornaly is trying to update for me, the darl. oh and i am starting to update my site with sims 2 stuff now. :) cya

  6. Maybe Demi’s needs were too low for her to be in good mood and accept the kiss (when playing non legacy smi I have sometimes reloaded after a similar event and it often goes better if you let the visiting sim go to the bathroom/eat/play before trying to kiss them. Even if their social need and relationship are high, they often refuse the kiss if their mood is bad (beware of environnement score too)
    By the way I really love your blog, and it is easy to follow, even if english is not my mother tongue

  7. I just love that last caption…it had me spitting out my morning cup of joe :)

    I had to end up starting a new legacy family in a new neighborhood…long story but can you imagine how peeved I was at my hubby last night? UGH!

  8. Hi Jen. Great update! I love the emotional scream Lennan did. That was almost human.. pretty cool. I also think Cleo having babies will be a fun addition to your family but you’re just so close to finishing, it would probably slow you down. Thanks for the great update. Have a great weekend and i’m very much looking forward to your next update!

  9. BURNED! No, seriously though, poor Lennan, such a cute kid. Maybe it’s the clothes, Demi could probably see through the ‘i’m a cool romance sim, heyyyyy’ look he was going for. I think Scottie should marry Benji! How adorable would their babies be? Nice post and hope you manage to finish the site and get it looking all sparkly! :D

  10. Hey everyone and Jen! Get ready for a LONG post:
    Great great post Jen, defenitely worth the wait. Also, new layouts are like new haircuts. When I see the new haircut on someone, for the life of me, I cannot remember to old one (unless I look at pictures). So, good layout!
    Now, I have an idea. This does not have to happen with the Legacy Challenge, but don’t you think it would be cool if in your families (or for the legacy with every new generation) a faithful follower (like everyone posting here) can make a Sim on the Sims 2 Body Shop, upload it to the Sims 2 Resource or the likes. Then, you can look at those sims and choose your favorite to become to spouse/best-friend/lover of the spare heir (or just a character in any other family). I dunno, the idea occured to me when I was fooling around on body shop…and still clutching my Sims 2 Box. Dumb little blue bar that won’t finish loading!
    Lol, well please consider this Jen, and I look forward to your next post!
    Also, anyone esle please feel free to tell me what you think.

  11. Great great job! I just love the last caption! LOL! Cleo’s shirt looks interesting… reminds me of the disco fever! It’s weird, I have someone in Veronaville who’s name is ALSO Demi Love… those Maxis people aren’t too creative, are they?

  12. pioupiou1717 – Good point, I didn’t even think about Demi’s mood affecting her desire to kiss Lennan (or lack thereof). I was just too impatient!

    PRMami – I said this on the Yahoo! Group, too, but it just really sucks that you lost your Legacy family. :-( Has your hubby apologized profusely? You should make him buy you University!

    Vivi – I think that’s a cool idea, if people are interested. Maybe when I’m done with the Challenge (hopefully in a couple of days!), I can post a request for custom Sims for my next round of stories. By the way, did you find any info on TSR or anywhere else regarding your video card problem?

    Mieko – Sure! I don’t think I’ve used one of your names yet…