Thinking Ahead

I’ve been playing my Legacy Challenge family every chance I get, but those chances have been relatively slim lately, and my weekend is filling up with non-Sims-related activity. However, I still think I can finish the challenge before March 1st — if I don’t update my blog as often. Don’t boo yet! I still have a big update planned for either tonight or tomorrow. But since it takes me 3-4 hours to post an update (yeah, I’m slow), I won’t be posting as much until I’m done with the challenge. You know, posting every few days instead of every other day or whatever. Hope that makes sense.

As I’ve mentioned before, I hate to rush things with my Legacy family, but here’s what I’m thinking of doing once I finish the challenge: as with most of my Legacy generations, I’ll have an heir and a spare in 10th gen. The heir will move onto a completely new lot and continue the Shanley legacy. It won’t be an official Legacy Challenge house since they’ll be starting out wealthy, but they’ll have to work to gain the career rewards back, and I’ll still be going for platinum tombstones and impossible wants. They’re also going to marry NPCs and townies — for me, that’s one of the most fun aspects of the Legacy Challenge, so I’d like to continue that tradition for the Shanleys.

The Shanley spare will go to college with some of the townie teens (and maybe some CAS-created ones). This way I’ll be able to play both a Legacy-style family and explore the possibilities of the new expansion pack at the same time. The spare heir won’t be bound by the rules of the “Shanley Legacy”, so he/she will be free to marry whomever they want. Or not get married at all.

As Pinstar, the creator of the Legacy Challenge, is still working on details for a couple of University-related challenges, I’ll wait and see what he comes up with before I start a brand new Legacy family. He posted on the Yahoo! Group that he’s working on a Legacy Challenge with modified rules for the EP (cool) and something called The Greek Challenge which involves building a fraternity/sorority house from the ground up (which doesn’t appeal to me just yet; maybe it will after I play the EP a bit). Pinstar got to visit Maxis headquarters and play University for a couple of hours, which is totally cool. I have no doubt he’ll come up with some fun twists on the Legacy Challenge.

So, the bottom line is — I am rushing through my family now, but I want to take my time with them once the EP comes out. And who knows, I might start a whole new Legacy family at some point. As for my current Legacy family satellite houses (Uncle Liam’s, Shanley Cottage, and Autumn House), I have some ideas as to what I’ll do with them, but I’ll save that post for another day.

In lieu of a real update today, I have a picture of the three 8G kids sitting in the study:

The 8th gen kids

From left to right, we have Scottie, Cleo, and Lennan. Cleo isn’t bad looking for an alien, but her black eyes kind of freak me out. They have no life in them or something. She’s still way cool, though. Anyway, check back tonight or tomorrow for a full-fledged update! Until then, Happy Simming!

12 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead

  1. Hiya!
    Well I have decided not to get the Uni.EP UNTIL I finish this current Legacy family,I know myself and if I get it before I finish the challenge I will get really sidetracked on the L. family.

    At the moment my g. 7 heir is still a teen, but I’m waiting for his mood to drop to have him drink the elixir.
    Anyways, I have a true alien kid born on another lot and his eyes are just like his mom’s/dad’s ? eyes brown, guess I got lucky but he really doesn’t seem alien-like except for the green flesh tone.
    Well toodles..have fun!

  2. That sounds like a great idea. I’m working on a bit of the same thing with my own legacy family, since I’ve had to reformat my harddrive a few times, and got started waaay too late to actually join in on the challenge. In my game, all the ‘extra’ kids (not the actual heir) in all of the generations move out on their own, and I shift from house to house every 24 hours, at 6 PM. It makes for a lot of variety without having to make completely new families. The only downside is that… God, the time it takes to build homes. And I’ve only got two sattelite houses right now. Pkus, it’s not really a Legacy challenge anymore at that point.
    It’s a great opportunity to mix storytelling with Legacy Family work, if you feel like that.
    In any case, I really look forward to the the University upgrade as well. I’m sure those crazy teen sims can come up with some really crazy things to do…
    I’m crossing my fingers for you!
    Good luck.

  3. That’s pretty cool. I have become quite attached to the Shanley’s. I am still going to continue my legacy family. I am not officially playing the game as it is. I am doing it for my own amusement. So, I am continuing whether I get the EP or not. LOL! I may even revise my own rules eventually. LOL! Your alien girl is cute, I agree too.

  4. PRMami – Hi there! It’s cool that you’re waiting until you’re done with the Challenge before buying the EP — I don’t think I’d have that much patience. ;-) Good luck with aging your 7G heir!

    Alexander – That method of gameplay sounds cool, although I’d probably have to FORCE myself to stop playing a given house at 6:00 PM — I always want to get to that next birthday. But maybe that’s just because I’m trying to get through the Challenge. I might just try that for my next round of houses — it’d be nice to age everyone simultaneously and have variety. Of course our college kids will have that extra life stage, too, so I’m not sure how that will work. :-)

    Lani – That sounds like a good plan; I’m glad you’re going to keep playing your Legacy family!!

  5. Very cool idea, Jen. I just hope we don’t all go into withdrawl from the fewer updates. But I’m looking forward to that big update your promising us very soon! hehe. Keep it up, you’re Superwoman in my books! Love Dustyn.

  6. Hi Jen. I’m going to miss the everyday updates but i understand it’s the only way for you to meet the dateline. I’m looking forward to the completion of this challenge. I really miss your stories and your other families. I know i’ll go through some withdrawal… but i’m sure i’ll survive. ;)

  7. *crawls under rock* *withdrawal*
    no, just kidding! its ok Jen, when real life gets in the way of the ever so much more interesting virtual one…well, we wait for the virtual one! I’m just reading about your other families, reading other blogs, and still checking this one daily!

  8. Jen? What happened to your pretty template??? Now I get the same problem I used to have with my old template: the pictures are to wide, so the menu just comes way at the bottom of the page! Just trying to set things right? Or is it a permanent change??

  9. Yeah, if things look funny it’s because I upgraded to WordPress 1.5 today and have to fix my stylesheet. It might take awhile, but I hope to have it somewhat back to normal by this evening! :-)

  10. um, your site has gone wierd. are you aware of that jen? it doesn’t look like your blog very much anymore. just thought maybe u should know if u dont already. :) see ya now, i am off to my swimming carnival! from dustyn.

  11. I love Cleo’s hair! Where did you get it? (She’s also soooo cute!) Scottie, Lennan, and Cleo look so cute! Good luck with them!

    Larissa F.