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Now for Dawn’s Dance World, where Sims can take ballet lessons, do stretching and yoga (thanks to Kitabalibar’s Yoga Mat at MTS), or just freestyle dance.

The door to the studio is at the back of the comic shop building, up a flight of stairs. It’s like a workout just to get there.

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

The front desk area, where people sign in for their lessons.

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

The giant spray can is a prop from a past dance recital; Dawn was proud of that show, so she kept the can as a souvenir.

Another view of the front desk, where you can see the studio’s dance trophies on display. This is also where some make-up and costumes are kept, since there isn’t really a storage room.

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

Alyce helped me test out the yoga rugs. Strrrrrrretch!

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

If the space looks a bit elegant, it’s because this room has to serve a dual purpose — in addition to being the rehearsal and training room, it’s where recitals, contests, and mixers are held.

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

The fancy-shmancy dance floor…

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

Dawn and Dino tested out the dance floor for me…

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

If they look a little young to be parents of a teen, it’s because they are! Dino and Dawn are still Young Adults — they got married and had Alyce right out of high school. So I imagine them in their early-mid 30s or so.

Some semi-close-ups…

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

Dino’s one of those guys who dresses like a hipster but has no idea the term even exists. He’s just a laid-back, cool, artistic guy.

Random artsy-fartsy moment I had while decorating the dance studio:

Comic Shop and Dance Studio

That’s it for now! Next up I’ll probably finish up the business lot next door (I just have to finish decorating the newspaper office) and post a tour here. I also need to build a house for the Fortmans (probably another Sears home) and then start on my next lot, which will be food-oriented again. What can I say, I love building restaurants! My Simmies will never lack for places to eat.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Simming!

9 thoughts on “Dino’s Comics and Games/Dawn’s Dance World

  1. Wow, looking good, Jen! Dino reminds me of someone, but I can’t place just who. I got everything working brilliantly now, thanks to my external HD, but I ditched University. The gameplay didn’t do much for me, made my system whine like my mother’s dog, and the items were, with the exception of the science station doodad, pretty blah. I am having fun with all the rest though, and some of the field trip notices from Generations make me laugh :-) I saw some pics from Sims 4 yesterday, but, well, nope, don’t think I’ll be adding that.

    • Hi Scally!! Glad you’re still having fun with Sims 3 despite University being a bust for you. Heh. I haven’t done much with Uni gameplay, but I do like the objects (good cheap furniture and great clutter!). I haven’t played enough to have my Sim kids go on field trips — I’ll have to remedy that. I’m intrigued by Sims 4 — I’m definitely going to try it out, but it remains to be seen whether or not it will make me want to ditch Sims 3. Although I wasn’t all that impressed with Sims 3, and I left Sims 2 for it, so…I guess I’m easy to please. :-p

  2. Wow, Jen!! You might think you’re a slow builder, but even after YEARS of work, I would build anything so lovely as your town! Awww! That comic shop is so adorable! I love how it contains everything to please a geek’s heart, including the “silly plastic dolls”! :D
    Oh, hello Alyce!!! Aahaa, that’s so perfect for the daughter of a comic book artist to be in cosplay!! That’s too funny! (and you managed to use the last Stuff Pack, then? Congratulations! :D)
    Aww, that street view!!! It does look a movie! The park is so beautiful! *sigh*
    The dance studio is amazing! I love how it’s very artsy and yet very chic!
    AWWWWWW, Dino!!!! (dee-no is absolutely the way I pronounce it in french!) I love him already! Dawn seems to be a pretty cool lady!
    Ohhh, le swoon at that last picture!
    You never fail to amaze me, my friend! *sigh*

    • Sandyyyyy!!! Awww, thank you so much for your lovely comment, but you know that Sandy Valley is my biggest inspiration! *nod* Half of my ideas are stolen from you, and my lots just wouldn’t be right without your creations in them! And LOL about the stuff pack…I wasn’t going to buy it, but then I watched LGR’s review (which was pretty negative, actually), and I got the idea for Alyce’s character! So it’s her fault that I bought it! ;-) Thank you for stopping by, my friend!! *hugs*

  3. Oh my !! A Comic Book Shop!! Wait…where can I drool safely? Wouldn’t want to spoil any of the goodies in there. That is such an AWESOME store!!!! <3<3
    Love the mix of dinosaurs, toys, tee-shirts, comic books, doohickeys…….. The T-Rex on the wall is perfect – ROOOAAWWR to it and to the super cute one on the counter <3-
    Oooh is there even a bell near the cashier to call the clerk? How cool is that! Lol I love the Teddy-bot and its flashy eyes and the Voodoo doll! And how adorable is Alyce in her costume. Oh she is reading Llama Man # 67 ….wait…you mean it's already out! *puts on costume and flies to nearest Comic store* ;P !

    Such a pretty view from the street. I love that picture from the Town green with the lovely bench and the very autumnal colors *sigh* . The building is super nice too. That's such a great idea to have divided the place that way with the inner windows on the first floor, and that gorgeous dancing studio upstairs. Halloo the 2 Dancing Ds ! The lighting is so pretty in the studio and I adore the different mirrors !

    Waah so much cool stuff, I wanna live in there!! In the comic store I mean because as I have two left feet I'm not sure the mirrors of the Dancing Studio wouldn't break just 'reflecting' me 'dance' *rolleyes* ;D!

    • TEDHI!! It’s awesome to see you! :) I see you’re back at TSD, too…I need to get caught up! :D Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m so glad you like the comic book store! :D I thought of you while I was decorating it! Hehe. And darn, I should have named it “Dino’s Doohickeys”…although with “Dawn’s Dance World”, maybe that’s too much alliteration…*hmm* Thanks again for stopping by! *hugs*

  4. I hate you. I’m all green. I hate green. It does not look good on me. I’m not talking to you until you send me your save game. That is all. :p